How To Make Dryer Smell Better? 5 Best Ways!

Are you wondering how to make dryer smell better? There are ways to make its smell better: clean the trap and the lint filter, use soapy water, use some vinegar, use baking soda, use essential oil, and more.

While your dryer is an appliance you have wanted to operate for years, you still won’t agree with it having a musty smell. It is never efficient when you get your clothes suitably dried. So, learn how to get the scent in a dryer using household tools and ingredients.

how to make dryer smell better

The smell can come from a dirty dryer drum, gasket, dryer vent, and lint trap. Throw a pile of clean and freshly washed laundry into a smelly dryer, and sooner or later, they also have a foul odor. It is best to clean the dryer to free your clothes from nasty odors and mildew. Let us discuss more on this below. Keep reading!


Ways To Make Dryer Smell Better

Below are ways how to make dryer smell better:


#1. Clean the trap and the lint filter

Check the trap and the lint filter and remove the smell coming from the dryer. The dryer will remove the damp fibers in the clothing that accumulate inside, resulting in a musty odor. Move the screen outside the trap and remove the lint in the net. Use a vacuum cleaner hose attachment or a brush that removes debris and lint in the web. Next, fill water in the sink while you squirt dish soap in drops.

Put some soapy water into the screen and soak it in afterward. When loosening and removing leftover lint, use some scrub brush and rinse it entirely right below the faucet; allow it to air dry thoroughly. Replace it with a lint trap and never place a damp screen in the dryer, or it causes mildew growth.


#2. Clean the dryer with soapy water

Soapy water is enough when wanting to clean the dryer of faint smell as it easily removes the odor coming from it. Place hot water inside the bottle sprayer to add liquid laundry detergent in drops. Shake it gently to combine the solution to create soap suds. Afterward, spray the drum’s interior using soapy water and old towels or rags.

Next is to spray the dryer door’s interior, including the gasket, using the cleaner as you wipe all the residues away. Rinse the clothes with cold water, wiping the interior surface down; thus, no soap will be left behind. If there’s a gum residue or stain inside the drum, eliminate the gum using water and soap. If it does not still solve the issue, apply a small amount of vinegar, alcohol, or ice.


#3. Get the smell out of the dryer with vinegar use

Vinegar makes a perfect solution when deciding to clean the surfaces. It helps break up the greasy residue to kill mildew and mold. It’s also particularly beneficial when you want hard water deposits removed. Fill vinegar onto the bottle sprayer as you spray the sides using old towels.

See that the towels are damp before you toss them inside the dryer and until they dry. This ingredient kills mildew and mold while cloth tumbles through the drum interior. Wash the clothes after adding vinegar to the laundry piles, thus eliminating different odor types.


#4. Remove odors by using baking soda

Vinegar and bleach make a perfect lingering scent after you clean the dryer.  Baking soda makes an ideal alkaline powder absorbing odors in a dyer, like the smell coming from cleaning products. Grab a towel and dump it onto the water as you sprinkle a small quantity of baking soda on the surface. Put the cloth onto a dryer as you dry it with the lowest drying setting, removing residues and odors. Remove the smell in the clothes with a baking soda sprinkled on them. Allow it to sit and brush, while adding them to a dryer for several minutes.

You may also be interested to know about the benefits of adding baking soda to your laundry routine.


#5. Fresh a dryer using essential oil

Essential oil is one excellent way of giving a dryer a unique scent between regular cleaning. This oil freshens the dryer leaving your clothes smelling as fragrant as possible. Squeeze a couple of drops onto a cotton and clean washcloth, tossing it into the clean clothes of your dryer. Set the machine in a fluff cycle that freshens the lint tray, clothing, and drum. The citrus scent is promising in its fresh and clean scent, or if you want lavender, as it brings a relaxing fragrance.


Few Tips In Preventing A Dryer Smell

Below are a few tips that help prevent a dryer smell.

  • Remove dirt from a lint tray after using a dryer, preventing damp lint from accumulating on the screen
  • Do not leave wet clothes inside the dryer or washer
  • Avoid it drying and washing huge laundry since an overloaded dryer takes up too much time to dry
  • Run the dryer in a usual wash cycle with baking soda, in a half-cup, remove bad smells
  • Use a vacuum cleaner wand to remove old lint in a vent, trays, and lint screen.


It’s A Wrap!

Now you learn how to make dryer smell better, clean the trap and the lint filter, use soapy water, vinegar, baking soda, etc. Moreover, follow a few tips when wanting to prevent dryer smell, such as not leaving damp clothes inside the dryer, running the dryer in a normal wash cycle, etc. Please share this info with your friends, too, so they will know what to do about this problem! You may also want to read about what is permanent press on a dryer and who to call to disconnect gas dryer.

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