How To Make Door Panel Curtains? 2 Easy Parts!

Do you want to know how to make door panel curtains?

Some small spaces in your house do not allow the standard doorway option, just like bi-fold doors, for example.

how to make door panel curtains

And, of course, you wouldn’t want your bedroom closet, linen closet, or pantry to be seen by everyone because of the absence of a standard door.

With that being said, it is best to conceal any of them with the use of curtains. This is an economical and straightforward way to solve this issue.

Through this, you will also be able to add color and texture to the room’s design scheme.

You can use any fabric from dramatic and heavy curtains to airy and light ones.

But ensure to choose a fabric that you can clean easily.

That is because you will be handling this more frequently than window curtains.


Steps To Make Door Panel Curtains

We will divide the procedure into two parts.

The first one will include measuring the fabric, while the second one will be for the sewing.

So, how to make door panel curtains?


Part #1. Measuring

Before you go to the fabric store, get the measurements of your door opening first.

Then, jot it down on a piece of paper and use this as a guide later on.


Step #1. Measure the width

In measuring for the width, do not include the trim because the curtain will not be hanged like in a typical window.


Step #2. Measure the height

Decide whether you want to use a tension rod or simply hang the curtain on top of the trim.

Then measure accordingly to get the desired height.


Step #3. Marking for the curtain width

Get a chalk and mark the fabric to its desired width.

Then, add an inch allowance to the side edges for the hemming.


Step #4. Marking for the curtain height

Also, mark the fabric for the height.

Finally, add a six-inch allowance for the top header and rod pocket.

Then, add another four inches for the bottom hem.

If the curtain rod’s diameter is bigger than 1 inch, increase the curtain pocket size.

To calculate the final length of the fabric, multiply the rod’s diameter by two and add an inch allowance for the header.

Multiply the amount you get by two once again to get the required fabric allowance for the top pocket.


Step #5. Cutting the fabric

Now, get your scissors and cut the fabric along with the marked areas.

You can also iron the fabric after.


Part #2. Sewing the curtain

After you have cut down the fabric to its desired size, it’s now time to sew your door panel curtains.


Step #1. Folding for the hems

Now, lay your fabric on a flat surface with the wrong side facing towards you.

Fold the edges and iron them to hold the hem in place. Then, pin them.


Step #2. Sewing the hems

Sew along the folded edges. Then, backstitch the seams ends to further secure the hems.

Do the same on all the edges of the curtain and trim any excessive threads.


Step #3. Folding the edges

Fold about 3 inches on top of the fabric with its right side showing.

Then, fold another three inches to create a double fold.

This ensures that not cut edges will be showing—press and pin to keep the fold in place.


Step #4. Sewing the top pocket

Now attach the top pocket onto the folded edge by sewing it. Position it at the center of the curtain.


Step #5. Making the header of the curtain

Measure an inch across the curtain’s width from the top and mark it using chalk.

Then, sew along the marked line to create the curtain header.

This will be positioned right on top of the rod pocket.

Sew the seams with a backstitch and then trim the excess threads.

But you might as well proceed to the next step if you don’t prefer a ruffled look for the header.


Step #6. Folding for the bottom hem

The fold for the bottom hem must be about 2 to 3 inches.

It can also measure one-half the seam allowance.

Iron the fold into place, then fold it again to ensure that the cut edge will be hidden completely—iron again and pin.


Step #7. Sewing the bottom hem

Use backstitch in sewing the ends of the sem. Then, trim any excessive threads.


Step #8. Finishing the curtain

Start ironing the curtain. And that’s it!

You can finally hang the curtain you just made onto the curtain rod.


How To Hang A Door Panel Curtain? 

Now in hanging the curtain, simply slip the top curtain rod to the top rod pocket and then hang it in place.

Next, do the same with the bottom rod.

As you hang the curtain panel straight, mark the bottom racket location.

Both the curtain rod and the bottom brackets must be positioned so that they will be able to hold the curtain panel in place.


It’s A Wrap!

Finally, you now know how to make door panel curtains and how to hang them.

You can now hide all the secrets behind those curtains and maintain the appearance of the room appealing.