How To Make Curtains Longer? 3 Easy Steps To Try! 

Are you wondering how to make curtains longer? Worry not! I have some steps to share with you.

When you see great drapes hanging into your home, you feel so much comfortable and appreciated as the view it produces.

As a starter in these kinds of things, I recently discovered you could maximize your draperies’ size without sewing.

It is done by removing the hem, pressing the previous hem, and adding the new material.

Well, I won’t stop you right now. So, without further waiting, scroll down and enjoy reading the article!


Steps To Make Curtains Longer

If you moved to a new home or noticed your drapes are not in their appropriate sizes, you might be needing an extension.

I have done the steps that I shared where my room had shorter curtains, producing an unpleasant look.

In this guide, you will need to gather these materials:

  • Short curtains,
  • Extension cloth (maybe lace or similar material to your curtains),
  • Bonding sewing web,
  • Stitch unpicker/ seam ripper,
  • Flat cloth iron,
  • Ironing board, and
  • Damp fabric.

Now, let’s delve into the steps on how to make curtains longer:


Step #1. Removing the hem

Start this method by removing the bottommost hem of your curtain. The hem is the side of a cloth that has been turned over and sewn.

Commonly, it is the area where you can find the stitches of the fabric. Remove the hem by using the seam ripper.

Carefully do this step as it can damage your curtain if done incorrectly.


Step #2. Pressing the hem

After you had carefully removed the stitches using a seam ripper, place your curtains on the ironing board and prepare your flat iron.

Make sure your iron’s setting is on the appropriate material to protect the fabric. I recommend you use an iron with a steam setting.

When the iron is ready, carefully flatten the hem where the stitches are removed. Make sure the curtain is not burnt or rugged.


Step #3. Adding the new material

As you had the edges of the hem flattened by an iron, measure your extension fabric and relate it to the width of your curtain.

You should need to measure how long you need to attach your extension fabric to your short curtain.

After you had measured appropriately, take your bonding sewing web and put it on the edges of the curtain.

Then, lay your extension fabric on top of it. Now, take your damp cloth and apply it to the surface of the extension.

Using your iron, press the damp fabric on the extension for about ten seconds. I strongly advise you to press only the iron, not moving it sidewards.

Finish this initial step in ironing all the areas that you had placed your bonding web.

Next, repeat the entire step if you need a second layer of extension fabric.

If so, layer each fabric appropriately and follow the ironing step with the bonding web.

Finally, place your curtains on the desired window you had chosen. You will see the difference as the curtain is longer than it was before.

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Tips In Hanging Your Curtains

As you finished extending the length of your curtain, I would like to share with you some tips in perfecting their location in your home.


Standard curtains

Drapes of regular sizes should be placed on the side of your windows. Please take note that their heights are somewhat in the middle of your window.


Cathedral ceilings

If you need to hang your lovely curtains to your taller cathedral ceilings, you should dedicate at least 4-5 inches of space on top of your window frame.

This tip will act as a guide in perfecting the position of your drapes.

Also, any height of a ceiling makes the standard distance of 2 inches in placement.

The placement distance is the minimum distance from the summit of your window to its pole.

Finally, if you want to create an impression of a tall window, place the curtain poles closer to your ceiling.

This tip will work for most ceilings that hand low in houses.


Curtain length

Your curtain should hang above the floor about 1-2 inches.

This one will prevent your drapes from damage and any casualties that may happen.

Also, forbade your drapes to hang a vast space from your floor.

Someone might find your room unpleasant as this makes your ceiling shorter in height.


Let’s Sort Things Up!

Great! Now you learned how to make curtains longer.

It would help if you had your desired curtains, extension cloth, bonding web, iron and ironing board, seam ripper, and damp fabric.

First, you should remove the hem at the bottom of the curtain, consequently press it with your flat iron.

Then, apply your extension fabric with your bonding web then iron it out with a damp cloth in between your iron.

I also shared some tips for you in finding the best placements for your home curtains!

Hoping this article will help you! Thank you very much for reading!