How To Make Curtains Glide Easily? 4 Best Ways!

How to make curtains glide easily? Stay tuned because we will be addressing this particular question.

Whether you install curtains to block off the sunlight that enters your windows or simply want to spruce your living room up a bit.

How to make curtains glide easily

It would be best if they glide easily when you open or close them. Otherwise, you will have to question if it is worth it to install them.

Believe me, I know how frustrating it is if the curtains rings keep on catching and get stuck onto the rod.

If you are in the same situation by now, do not worry because your problem is ultimately flexible.

We have done our research and now we will walk you with the different ways in getting your curtains to glide more easily.


Ways To Make Curtains Glide Easily

A few things can help in making your curtain panels glide easily.

Here is a quick list before we discuss it further.

  • Using some type of lubricant
  • Drapery slide tape
  • Curtain rod with a custom cut
  • Tape measure

All of these products can be used easily. They can do great for your problem.

Just keep on reading to know how to make them work.

But wait, before anything else…


Common Reasons Why Curtains Do Not Glide Smoothly

Your curtains not gliding easily can be driven by several reasons.

For one thing, it can be due to the curtain rod that you use or to the connection to the telescoping.

Some rods are designed in such a way that you are allowed to extend the length by extending the interlocking short rods.

In some cases, the spot in which two separate rods connect is not even.

With that being said, it often resulted in the ease of sliding the rod from one direction.

However, it ends up catching up from the other direction.

Perhaps, you use painted or wooden rods, curtain rings moving along the surface of your curtain rod regularly can damage it.

It might be due to the wood or paint chipping making your curtain rod uneven and jagged.

With that being said, there will be a lot of areas along the top of your curtain rod for the curtain ring to catch.

More so, we often forget to clean our curtain rod.

Or even if you do clean it, you will realize how cumbersome it is to clean the top portion.

Dust and dirt can build up leaving a sticky coat on top of your curtain rod.

As you attempt to move your curtains over it, the rings might get stuck.


Solving The Issue

Now, let us discuss the methods we mentioned earlier that can be of great help in making your curtains glide easily.

So, how to make curtains glide easily?


#1. Using a dry silicone spray

This supply is a drying and non-sticky kind of lubricant.

If you apply this onto the tension rod, the surface will become smoother so the curtain rings can easily glide across.

Since the spray is not sticky, it will not attract dust and dirt so the curtains ring will not get stuck.

In terms of a wooden curtain rod, frequent temperature change can also cause it to become uneven and splinter.

That is because the moisture will also change as the temperature does. The wood will react to these changes by contracting and expanding the entire day.

You will realize as you apply this method that using dry silicone spray is the simplest solution to your problem.

It will be going to adhere onto the surface without causing the wood to expand as well as adding moisture to it.

To achieve optimum results, sand the surface lightly for it to have a smoother base before spraying.


#2. Curtain slide tape

This is also applied to the top of the rod.

Just as with the dry spray silicone, it will also help in creating a smooth surface for your curtain rings.

But unlike the silicone spray, it will further let the curtain rings glide over the connector joints.


#3. Custom-cut curtain rod

In case your primary problem is the extender joint at the middle of the rod, then you might want to acquire a custom-cut curtain rod.

They are cut according to your exact length requirement.

Meaning to say, you are not allowed to extend it further.

This is a single piece of curtain hardware, so it does not have a connector joint at the middle where the curtain rings will be caught up.


#4. Measuring tape

You can fix your problems with your curtains easily by using any spare measuring tape.

If you intend to avoid its connector joint, cut about six inches from the tape measure then attach it into the gap just like in a ramp.

Use double-sided tape or glue for this.

Since the tape measure is often rounded, it can be laid on top of the curtain rod easily.


It’s A Wrap!

Now that you know how to make curtains glide easily using four different ways, your problem in opening and closing your curtains will be solved.

All the solutions are practical and simple to do, so applying them won’t be a chore.