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4 Easy Steps On How To Make Curtains From Sheets! 

Hi my dear readers, have you ever taught of how to make curtains from sheets at home? or are you looking for a cheaper alternative for your curtains?  

If your answer to the questions above is yes, this article is for you. Here, we will be looking at how you can make your curtains from sheets. It is not a difficult process at all. You don’t need to be a professional to be able to do that.

All you need to have is a basic sewing skill and your curtain will be ready in a jiffy. So if you are ready and excited to learn about this, I am also ready. So let’s get started right away.


How To Make Curtains From Sheets

Steps On How To Make Curtains From Sheets

Step #1: Getting Materials Ready

Can you guess the first thing we need to make curtains from sheets? Well, it is getting all our sewing materials ready for the process. What do you think we will need? We need the sheets. That’s the main material.

There are different types of cheap and very easy to use materials that you can buy from eBay, Amazon or Walmart, or even from your local retail shop. 

I do personally recommend the Twin Sheet, I got mine from eBay. These sheets come in different sizes and are about 96 meters long. So it is long enough for curtains.

Aside from the sheet, we do also need scissors, your measuring tape, a sewing machine, an iron, and a hanging rod for the curtain.


Step #2: Measurements, Cutting and Sewing

Next, you need to know the length of your curtain and then cut it out from the sheet. The sheet we are using in our illustration is about 96 meters, you may not need such a long length for your curtain.

So you have to use your measuring tape and measure out the length of the sheet in such a way that it matches the length of the place you want to place the curtain. Make sure you take the measurement of your window and doors and then use the measurement when cutting out the curtain from the sheet.

After you are done with the cutting, you need to cut open the edge of the sleek. You have to repeat this process for both sides of the curtain. Cutting both sides open will provide a space where you can pass the rod through when you are hanging the curtain. 

Fold the bottom of the curtain (after cutting it from the sheet). If you don’t do this, the downside of the curtain will be rough and this is not good for aesthetics.

Therefore, if you want a nice curtain, you will have to use a sewing machine and fold the end of your curtain to make it look good. Sewing today has been made easy with so many handheld sewing machines available in the market. You don’t need to have a big machine before you can do your sewing.

Step #3: Ironing

Next, you have to Iron the curtain. Usually, the sheet is always very rough and so it is not advisable to hang the curtain that way without ironing it. You don’t want your curtain to look ugly, do you? So at this stage, get a good Iron and iron your new curtain to look good and unrumpled. 


Step #4: Hanging Your Curtain

By now, your home-made curtain is ready and you have to hang it now. Get your curtain hanger and pass it through the hole you made at the sleeves of the sheet. You can now hang your beautiful curtain there and you will be so amazed at the ambience and beauty it provides.

Why are Curtains Made From Sheets Important? 

Curtains are generally important for several reasons. A home without a curtain will probably have a funny semblance of an unclad human. The interior and exterior decor is one of the reasons most new residents in a building go for curtains made from sheets first before every other property. 

It can as well be used to separate the sitting room from the dining. Such that one can have visitors entertained in the sitting room while the children are served food on the dining table. 

During hot weather, the curtain can be folded up to let a gentle breeze into the room. In cold weather, some sheets are made in such a way that they trap cold from the outside and help in stabilizing the room temperature. 


Who Should Have Curtains Made From Sheets?

Anyone can gather these materials and make curtains from sheets. Some people are specialized in making these sheets for themselves, their loved ones, and even commercially; and they earn a living through the production of these curtains made from sheets.



Yeah, I hope I have been able to guide you on how to make curtains from sheets. The steps are quite easy and inexpensive. I will like you to try it out and see the outcome.

If you are confused about any of the steps, you can put down your questions on the comment box. And if you have your curtain from sheets, I will like you to share with me how easy it was going through the process.

Did you like the curtain you need? I will be waiting for your answers. 

How to sew curtains with grommets

How to Sew Curtains With Grommets? 5 Easy Ways!

People who admire fashion know how much of a necessity it is to fix nice and attractive curtains. Curtain gives the room an exquisite appearance compared to rooms without curtains.

Curtains need additional materials to give them a better fitting and balancing on the rod. One of such materials is the grommet. How to sew curtains with grommets and make them available for use is not a difficult task.

You will only buy few items like the curtain materials, grommet panels, rod, scissors, pressing iron, measuring tape, etc.

Curtains made with grommets appear rich and sophisticated in rooms. Sighting a well-placed curtain with grommets, you would derive immense satisfaction from the shape and comfort it gives to the room.

There’s every need to make a house a home. To attain this clamor for a beautiful home, the need and desire to fix up curtains with grommets becomes unavoidable.

Curtains with grommets provide a kind of cozy atmosphere within the room’s space, especially as it prevents penetration of the sun into the room. Also, curtains with grommets make the room look classic and admirable, bringing a great deal of reputation to actual users. Curtains with grommets are a requirement for a home. 

Steps on How to Sew Curtains With Grommets

To make a good curtain with grommet, follow these steps on how to sew curtains with grommets, get your materials ready and follow the steps below.

Step #1. Measure the door or window where you will fix the curtain with grommets. You are to measure the width of the window.

Step #2. Measure both the curtain and the curtain rod from where it should begin and where to end, based on the door or window size.

Step #3. Measure out 44 inches from the firm edge of the curtain to the other edge of the curtain and trim, and if possible, use iron to press to make these selvage areas firm.

Step #4. Hold the curtain and by the side of it, turn it under by one inch and press. Turn again by one additional inch and press.

Step 5. This is the last step on how to sew curtains with grommets. Refer to the seam allowance guide to stitch the measured layers of the fabric.

Use appropriate stitch length to fold and stitch both sides of the curtain and the edges, then use a pressing iron to press. Adequate space is left at the top of the curtain to provide an allowance in fixing the grommets.

How do you Put Grommets in Curtains?

Grommets are the eyelets found at the top of the curtain. These eyelets are fixed into the curtain rod in the form of forwarding and backward arrangement or via front side and backside as the case may be.

Clamped together to become one to each grommet are two equal half sides. The following are required to put grommets in curtains;

First, put one-half side of the grommet beneath the marked and perforated top of the curtain.

Then, use the other half side of the grommet to cover the one beneath the curtain. Tightly clamp the grommets to hold the curtain firmly. Do this in all the marked templates on the curtain where you will fix grommets.

Finally, slide the curtain rod through each of the grommets in forwarding and backward order. Then hang to the wall. You use the exact process for either the plastic or metal grommets.

How do You Make Grommet Curtains Look Good?

To make grommet curtains look good, you need to first follow the steps on how to sew curtains with grommet, then you slide the metal rod through the grommets in a forward then backward manner, as if it is a kind of zigzag movement.

The grommets allow the curtain’s free movement or make it static; you would need to put the bracket in between the first two grommets. In doing all these, it is necessary to remember that the metal rod you provide has to correspond with the length of the grommets on the drape.

The well-measured curtain that is appropriately folded and pressed, then professionally stitched at both the sides and edges, which in turn has a well-fixed grommet, would showcase an elegant decor in the room.

How far Apart do you Place Grommet Curtains Evenly Spaced?

The recommended spacing for grommet curtains is 6 inches apart, which you do on the center.

Whatever appears behind the rod is the window frame or the kind of shades that occur at the window; the grommet curtain spacing clears all that.


How to sew curtains with grommets is technical but easy going at the same time. Anyone who peruses through this simplified article would find it easy to buy and sew curtains with grommets.

Initially, curtains do not come with grommets, but you attach these grommets to curtains to make them look organized and beautiful.

There’s no doubt that people can now make out time, sit, measure out appropriate curtain length, fold and stitch the material to form a unique and awesome curtain with well-spaced grommets adequately fixed at the top of the curtain.

The decor provided to the room will be sufficient to show that the task of sewing curtains with grommets is worth it.

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