How To Make Curtains For Arched Windows? 6 Easy Steps!

If you are enthusiastically looking for ways to dress your shaped window, you might also ask yourself, how to make curtains for arched windows?

Arched-shaped windows are one of the most elegant forms of windows that are easy to treat if only you knew the proper techniques.

how to make curtains for arched windows

This type of window will surely add a classic touch of style and architectural design to your place.

Arched windows also add a graceful style of Victorian architecture, contemporary design, and modern touch.

This timeless beauty and geometrical form will surely make your home a lot more pleasing and desirable.

But this beautiful silhouette is also the main reason most homeowners find it difficult to dress or cover.

You’ll be confused about whether you’d pick blinds, draperies, curtains, or none. Do not panic; you are not the first one to suffer from this problem.

We’ll give you the hack that won’t overpower the Victorian beauty of the window at the same time, fashionably address your privacy and light control concerns.

You can do all of these without letting your wallet suffer, unlike when you opt to purchase custom-made curtains. Just keep on scrolling for the surprise.


Steps To Make Curtains For Arched Windows

A sophisticated arched window will add curiosity and feature to any home though opting for custom-made curtains can be very expensive.

But a clever person like you can make curtains that will surely suit this type of window and improve the overall look and functionality.

So, how to make curtains for arched windows?

Here are some steps you could follow to achieve the desired result.


Step #1. Gathering of measurements

The first thing to do is get the measurement from the top of the window’s arch up to where you would like your curtains to fall.

You can make use of a tape measure.

Take note of these measurements.

Next, get the width of your window by measuring from the widest part with a left to right direction.

Then take the arch length through measuring from the start of the arch up to the edge of the window frame, take note of this measurement.

Know that if you prefer to hang the curtain rod above the window frame, you must add the needed length to your pattern.


Step #2. Sketch the arch curve

In this step, you will need thin paper and tape these papers together to create a wider length that would entirely cover the arch.

Tape the papers unto the wall, then trace the circumference of the arched window.


Step #3. Pattern making

Place your arch pattern on a flat surface and, using a scissor cut the pattern following the traced line.

Next, sketch vertical lines that are perpendicular to the bottom end up to your arch.

Remember to give a 1-inch allowance across the pattern.

Cut your curtain’s pattern with your allocated allowance.


Step #4. Prepare your fabric

In estimating the length of fabric needed, you must double the measurement of your window.

For example, if your window is 30 inches wide, the total fabric you must prepare is 62 inches.

The 30 inches of fabric for every two sides and half an inch per edge reserved for the hems.

Therefore, 31 inches width of fabric per side of the window.


Step #5. Sew the fabric

First, cut the needed lining and fabric according to your gathered measurements.

Add enough length to perfectly fit the entire curtain with its hem.

Carefully sew the curtain’s hem on both the fabric and lining.

During the sewing, the process adds half an inch of allowance for seams.


Step #6. Hanging of curtains

After cautiously sewing the fabric and lining, flip the curtain with the right side out.

Sew 1 ¾ inch from the top seam across the curtain’s panel to create the rod’s pocket.

Then, insert the curtain rod through the pocket you had sewn. And finally, hang your curtains.


How To Hang Curtains In Arch-Shaped Windows?

With redecorating your arched windows, there is a wider range of ideas to choose from.

One sample of that is through the use of flexible and bendable curtain rods.

These types of curtains rods can be utilized to hang curtains from the upper part of the arch.

But some of us find it unnecessary to cover the entire part of arch windows, for they are usually very high to reach.

If you prefer this setup, you may opt to cover only the lower portion of your window.

Don’t worry; this will also provide you the privacy you needed from the people outside.


Final Words

I hope your questions on how to make curtains for arched windows have been thoroughly answered.

Decorating your already sophisticated arched window is such an easy and simple task to do.

Just follow the steps mentioned surely it will save you from spending an unnecessary amount of money.

At the same time, this will give your home an added touch of style and privacy you will need.

Know that your dedication to reading the article up to this point is greatly appreciated.