Easy DIY on How to Make Color Block Curtains

Curtains are a great way to add color to your room while also providing privacy. However, they can be expensive and time-consuming to buy from the store. This is where an easy DIY comes in! Follow these simple steps for how to make color block curtains in just 10 minutes.


how to make color block curtains

Steps on Making Color Block Curtain

Step #1. Gather your materials: A sewing machine, scissors, thread in coordinating colors for the color blocks of your curtains (we recommend using an 80/20 blend), a pencil to mark measurements, and draw lines on the fabric. Make sure you have enough fabric for what you want your finished product to look like!

Step #2. Decide how long you want your curtains to be. You will need to measure the length of how wide you want them and then double that measurement. For example, if you want a 40″ width, your curtain lengths should be 80″.

Step #3. Draw lines on fabric using a pencil in coordinating colors for color blocks: Draw measurements from one side of the fabric with seams at top and bottom and then cut along those lines. You will now have two pieces of fabric for every color block you want in your curtains with seams at the top and bottom.

Step #4. Sew lengths together: Sewing them lengthwise from one end to the other, turning it inside out so the right sides are facing each other.

Step #5. Put the two pieces together and sew one final seam that is from top to bottom. Again, making sure the right sides are facing each other so seams stay put.

Step #6. Hem fabric: Fold over a desired width of the fabric on all four edges and then iron it down in place. You can do this by sewing along your hemline or by using a serger.

Step #7. Tie and tie again: After sewing, trim the hem to the desired height. Then for double protection against unraveling or coming loose, use one overhand knot and then another on top of it about an inch away from the first knot.

Step #8. Sew the top and bottom together: Find where you want your curtain rod to be. Sew a seam from one end of the fabric to the other, making sure it is on the opposite side as your hems are facing each other for them not to unzip or come undone if pulled on too hard.

Step #9. Hang your curtain: Hang your color block curtain rod, then put the fabric over it and pull it down to make sure that there are no wrinkles in your design.


What are Color Block Curtains?

Color block curtains are a type of window covering that has several colors used within the design. They can be made using various types of materials like cotton or silk, and they typically have one color in each panel with blocks cut at different heights to create an interesting pattern.

Color block curtains are often hung on windows horizontally but also sometimes vertically for variations in design.


Types of color block curtains

There are many types of color block curtains. They can be made with a variety of different fabrics and they always have at least two colors in the design, although some designs use more than two colors for a unique look.

Punk: This style is geared towards those who want to add a touch of a punk rock edge to their interior decorating. The curtains will often have mixed materials, such as mesh and lace combined with cotton for a unique look that is perfect for those who want something different from the norm.

Carnival: These curtains are typically made using two contrasting colors – one light, one dark – to create an interesting pattern in the curtain itself as well as its design.

Geometric: This style is perfect for those who want to use a specific color in their design but don’t want it to be too dominant. Using geometric shapes created with the color of choice, such as triangles or squares, can create an interesting pattern without being overly loud and overwhelming.

Floral: Floral curtains are often very feminine and perfect for those who want a more homey, welcoming feel to their windows.

Silk: Silk curtains are luxurious and elegant at the same time, making them perfect for formal installations or those looking to make an impression with neutral color palettes.

Mermaid: These curtains can be made using fabric or felt and are often the perfect pattern for those who want to feel like they’re living in a fairy tale.

Chevron: Chevrons have been popular for quite some time now, with their classic stripes making them just as good today as when they were first introduced by Paul Poiret over 100 years ago.

Boho: Bohemian patterns are often inspired by the wild, untamed beauty of nature and are perfect for those who want to create a bohemian atmosphere in their home.

Bold and Bright: Bold colors like these can be used as a way to inject some festive cheer into your decor during the holiday season or all year round if you’re the type to love the color.


How to care for block curtains

  • When your curtains are not in use, they must be stored away safely and properly.
  • For long-term storage, you can fold up the panels carefully to avoid wrinkles or creases before putting them in a quality fabric bag with inside zipper closure
  • Be sure to store them flat on a wide surface where they won’t get bent or squished by something else.
  • For short-term storage, hang curtains over a rod in your closet so that the fabric can be kept upright and free from wrinkles while not being used.