How To Make Christmas Chair Covers In 5 Easy Steps

If you want to go festive and feel the essence of the holidays, why don’t you start with learning how to make Christmas chair covers? Doing this is easier than you think! You will have to find a pattern that you like and make sure that it complements the style of your home.

Getting ready for Christmas doesn’t just end with the tree and some colorful flickering lights. Wouldn’t it be adorable to have some little reindeer or Santa chair covers? Let’s get you into the latest holiday chair coverings as we teach you how to do it right and why you should get one!


Why Use A Chair Cover?

A chair cover is a covering material used for style and protection. This slip-on has various types, from the pattern to fabrics that you can use to update your plain-looking chairs to fun ones. Playing around with chair covers doesn’t only upgrade a dull room, but it can also protect!

Depending on how much it covers your recliner, using it can help you protect expensive upholstery from food spills and dirt. Instead of getting a vacuum or getting your furniture professionally cleaned, just put some cute chair covers to prevent that from happening.

If you want to know what to keep in mind when choosing a chair cover, read here to learn more!


How To Sew Holiday Chair Coverings Yourself


Step #1. Look for a pattern

The first step when making Christmas chair covers is always the most exciting one. You get to pick how you want your chair to look like. In this step, you have to make sure that you’re picking a chair cover that will look good with your other Christmas decorations.

Please avoid just tossing in random designs, as it can ruin the whole holiday vibe. The colors and style of your walls and other decors should match the pattern of your chair covers.


Step #2. Measure your chair

If you found the pattern that you like, now is the time to measure your chair. It depends on you on how much you want to cover up your chair. If you’re going to use your chair cover for dining chairs, it would be best to cover the backrest instead of covering it all over.

If you have other chair coverings, it would also help if you refer to them to get the perfect measurements. This will make sure that your chair cover will fit the chair you intended to decorate.


Step #3. Prepare the fabric 

Now that you have your pattern and measurements ready, it’s time to get the fabric prepared. When it comes to selecting material, you can follow your design if it indicates a specific fabric. However, this is your project, and if you want something else, then it’s entirely up to you!

You should also consider the skin sensitivities of people in the same house as you. If they are allergic to a particular material, it would be best to stay clear of that type of fabric. Refer to this fabric guide to know more tips when deciding which material would be the best to use.


Step #4. Sew the material into your preferred design

Get your threads and needles ready because we are going to sew! If this is your first time, it’s alright to go slow so you can prevent mistakes and the risk of doing it all over again. You can use your hands or have a little bit of extra help with a machine.

Some patterns may also require you to use both. At this point, you would also have to cut the fabric. Make sure that you provide just enough extra material on the sides for seam allowance.


Step #5. Attach the new cover to your chair

This step is probably as thrilling as the first one! Now that you have your chair cover, all that’s left to do is attach it to your chair. However, before you do that, you would want to iron the covers first to ensure that everything is nice and smooth.

Then, carefully place your new chair cover. Also, this would be a great time to check whether you made it too tight or too loose before doing it again for other chairs. Congratulations, you’re done!


What Are Some Safety Tips When Sewing?

In speaking of sewing, you have to know some safety tips on how to sew safely. The first thing you’ll want to do is to tie your hair up. There are times when hair gets tangled in the fabric, and trust me when I say that that is not a good experience.

It would also be best if you sew on somewhere safe and free out of children’s reach. You should also keep your sewing things that can cause harm when mishandled. It will help if you sew on somewhere quiet to ensure that you stay focused on your project.



Show your holiday spirit by learning how to make Christmas chair covers! Just remember to measure your chair correctly, find the correct pattern, and use appropriate tools. You can finish it off with some cute embellishments to give them pop and add a touch of character.

This would also be a great gift to a loved one or a good friend! We all know that Christmas is the season of giving. Why don’t you go ahead and create some for them?

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