How To Make Chalkboard Wedding Signs In 2 Easy Steps

If you want to learn how to make chalkboard wedding signs the easiest way, simplify the process into two steps. This tutorial will teach you how to DIY the easiest signs for weddings using a chalkboard, some chalk, spray paint, and a frame. 

You will also find out what to put on the signs to ensure that your wedding will be easy to navigate. But if you prefer something more contemporary-looking, you can try another easy guide on how to make acrylic wedding signs

how to make chalkboard wedding signs


How To Make Chalkboard Wedding Signs: Easiest DIY Wedding Signs


Preparation for the chalkboard signs

  • List the signs you’ll need for the wedding to know how many frames and cardboards you’ll need
  • Prepare the spray paint and chalk colors that match your wedding theme
  • Pre-cut the chalkboards as different wedding signs can come in various size frames; make sure that you’ll still have enough space to write on so the words are easy to decipher by the wedding guests
  • Paint each cardboard as needed and allow it to dry
  • Some chalkboard signs can be two-sided, so remember to paint both sides if you plan on having them this way
  • Put the cardboard on each corresponding frame and remove the glass to begin writing 
  • After the initial paint on the cardboards has dried thoroughly, you can begin writing on them with chalk
  • Remember to ensure one cohesive design among your wedding signs, so the venue looks neat 


Writing on the chalkboards

  • Put the cardboard face down over the frame and flip it over to begin writing
  • Start with dipping the chalk quickly into a cup of water for better thickness and color of the letters
  • Write slowly with the prepared information for the signs to ensure that whatever you’ll put on the chalkboard will be correct
  • Continue wetting the chalk as needed in between writing to get brighter color from it
  • Wipe your errors on the wedding signs with a mixture of 30:70 vinegar-water solution
  • You can also use a chalkboard cleaner if you’re having trouble erasing chalk
  • Experiment with colors, font styles, font sizes, and decorations on your wedding signs to make them stand out more
  • If you want to make the wedding signs permanent or you want to secure the writings throughout the day, you can spray them thinly with hairspray; if your frame has a glass, you only need to return it


What Do You Put On A Wedding Chalkboard?

Before you start writing on a chalkboard sign, here is a list of the most crucial wedding signs. Then, modify them according to your wedding and make sure that you’ll write them legibly. 

Besides aesthetics and decor, wedding signs are meant to guide the wedding guests. Therefore, keep them beautiful but simple for easier understanding. 

  • Pick a seat: Any welcoming phrase at the entrance of the wedding venue
  • Names of the couple in hashtag format: It is a trend nowadays for couples to take advantage of social media and have guests use a hashtag for their wedding photos
  • Here comes the bride: The ring bearer, flower girl, or even the couple’s dog can carry a sign announcing the bride’s arrival for a unique processional 
  • Ceremony, reception, cocktail party, food station, photo booth, dance floor, and wedding bar: Don’t forget directional signs, especially if you’re using a sizeable wedding location
  • Menu signs for the cocktail party, desserts, and meals: You can also immediately guide the guests on what to expect in each section of the reception
  • Wedding gifts here: If your wedding has a gift table, don’t forget to use a sign on it to notify guests
  • Take a wedding favor: If you are not distributing the favors yourself, dedicate a signed section in the venue by the exit
  • Mr and Mrs: Add a sign on your sweetheart table referring to yourselves as newlyweds


How Do You Make A Chalkboard Wedding Sign Look Nice?

  • Put the chalkboard wedding sign on a metal stand
  • Hang the chalkboard wedding sign
  • Place several chalkboard wedding signs on a decorated wall
  • Add garlands and flowers around the wedding sign frame
  • Put potted plants and sculptures beside the chalkboard sign
  • Add string lights around the chalkboard wedding sign
  • Use several chalkboards in one base 

To make your indoor wedding location look more fantastic, refer to how to transform a room for a wedding location.  


How Do You Make A Fake Chalkboard Sign?

Do you know that you can have the same aesthetics as a chalkboard sign on any surface? You only need a pen, chalk, marker, and a printed template!

  1. Prepare a template using a text editing software according to the size of your wedding sign
  2. Design the wedding sign with the font and graphics you want and print it
  3. Flip the printed sign over the material for the wedding sign
  4. Rub the chalk over the design and have the printed sign right side up
  5. Trace the design with a pen with its tip retracted up
  6. Write over the traced design with a chalk marker to finish



Was this guide helpful? To recap how to make chalkboard wedding signs, start with preparing cardboards and frames, then paint the boards.

After drying the boards, dip the chalk in water before writing for better color and thickness of the letters. But if you don’t want to use cardboard, you can also refer to the easy tutorial above for faux chalkboard signs. 

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