4 Easy Steps On How To Make Chair Sashes

In this article, you’ll learn how to make chair sashes with only four easy steps. We also have a list of different ways on how to tie your chair sash.


how to make chair sashes

DIY Chair Sash


Step #1. Cut material to the length that you need

To have a standard chair with a sash, it’ll take you about 3 yards of your material with a width of 17 inches at the back of your chair.


Step #2. Wrap the sash around the middle of the chair

Wrap up the sash around the chair so that the back will hit when you’re sitting.


Step #3. Bring the end around to the back  

Bring the end of the sash of your chosen material at the back of your chair so that you can tie it.


Step #4. Tie a knot

You can tie a standard bow at the back like how you tie your shoelace. You can also leave it that way with the fabric hanging down on your chair.


Alternative ways to tie a chair sash


The bow

You have to hold the end of the chair sash that you’ll use. Then, wrap around the sash at the front of the chair back. Then, cross the sash ends and loop the other side over the other.

The traditional bow is a chair sash that’s very common to any chair design. It’s as easy as tying shoelaces and it’s swift, so don’t worry about any complicated procedures.

Note: Tie a bow and tighten if you prefer to have a tight grip if you need to. It depends on you.


Side bow

If you prefer to have a side bow, tie the traditional bow like the first option of the sash idea. Then you can slide it to either side of the chair.


The knot

To make this knot, hold the end of the sash in each hand. Then wrap the sash all around in front of the chair back.

Next, cross the ends of the sash and loop the other side to the other. Lastly, tie the ends in a tight knot, and the ends should hang down at the back of the chair.


Side knot

If you’re to compare it to the traditional side bow, it is precisely the same. To have a side knot, you have to place the knot at the side of the chair rather than putting it at the center of the back part.

Note: Make the traditional knot before you do the side knot. Then slide to any side that you prefer.


Flip over

You have to follow the standard knot. The first thing you’ll do is the longer hanging end, and you have to flip it under and over the top of the knot. When your chair sash is a bit longer, you have to flip it over the second time to achieve your preferred length.

Note: You can straighten and smoothen the flaps if you prefer having that look to your sash.


The obi

You have to wrap the sash around the chair like creating the bow. Flip one end over the other and pull.

Instead of making a bow, hold one end in your left hand. Take the other end and wrap it around clockwise at the back around the piece in the left hand. Lastly, pull the piece with your right hand under it to tie it.



Wrap the ends of the chair sash around the chair as if making a traditional bow. Next, pull the end over the other to make a secure place.

Start by twisting one end of the sash over the other until you have a small amount of sash left at the ends. Next, wind the twisted sash in the circle around the center back of the seat until it has become rose-shaped.


Double loop flower

It’s like the rosette but much faster to make. Do the steps for the traditional bow to make sure that your loops are small.

There should be four loops and two small hanging ends. First, fluff the loops and tuck each in on the adjacent loop. Then, take each end and tuck it under.


Double wrap side knot

Take the ends of the sash, and you have to wrap it around the side of the seat. Next, cross over at the other side and loop on the other to the first side. Lastly, tie the knot or bow on your preferred look.


Double wrap knot

Start at the middle of the chair. Take each end and wrap around the chair crossing in front.

Take the ends and wrap them in front, and cross on the ends at the back. You have to finish it off by tying it (bow or knot).



You have reached the end of this article on how to make chair sashes. Remember that you can use organza, satin, or tulle for chair sash if you’re doing this procedure. As long as you follow the simple steps, you can do whatever design that you prefer for your chair.

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