How To Make Car Heater Warm Up Faster? 4 Easy Steps!

Nobody wants to get in a car that can freeze them, so people want to know how to make car heater warm up faster. For people living in cold climates, their car heater is their priority.

They want to ensure that when the winter comes around, they will not freeze when they get inside their car.

how to make car heater warm up faster

Fortunately, there are ways to warm up a car heater. In this post, we will walk you through each of them. Scroll down and know ways how to keep yourself insulated inside the car during the cold season!


Ways To Make Car Warm Up Faster

I know you can’t wait to know the answers. Below are the most practical ways ton how to make car heater warm up faster. Follow them, and you won’t have to deal with the cold as you drive. Scroll down!


#1. Remote start

Like those from your smartphone app or your car’s key fob, the remote start will allow you to start your vehicle without you getting in. As such, the car will start for about 10 minutes and will automatically shut off unless you enter during that time frame.

But the duration can vary. This depends on the start system of the remote that comes with your vehicle. It also goes across different manufacturers. Some remote starts would even turn on automatically the seat of the driver and the steering wheel when the temperature falls under 40 degrees Fahrenheit. If you are parking the vehicle inside your garage, remember to open the door before starting remotely. This is to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning, which can be deadly.


#2. Drive the car

You can warm your car faster if you drive it. With technological advancements and synthetic oils, only 30 seconds is needed to warm up the car without damaging the engine. Modern diesel cars will signal that your vehicle is ready to start. Look at the dash; you will see a glowing light there. For other diesel vehicles, they will display a message indicating that the pre-heating is not done yet. The car will then automatically start when ready.


#3. Using block heating system

You can buy a block heating fitter from a local dealer or aftermarket. Some block heaters warm the coolant while others warm the car’s engine oil. With this, you may set the vehicle on a timer or plug it overnight. Meaning to say, you can begin to warm the engine even before you leave.


#4. Thaw the windshield faster

You can thaw the windshield quicker by facing the car to the east when parking. Use an exterior windshield cover so that you can easily remove the snow. Then, drive your car to heat it.


Steps To Make A Car Heater Warm-Up Faster

Your car will be lacking warmth when its car heater is faulty. You need to check if the car heater is blowing cold or warm air. If the former is the case for you, perform the following steps to solve the problem. 


Step #1. Checking the anti-freeze

Your car heater uses a coolant, and this circulates throughout the engine. This coolant mixture must have enough anti-freeze so that the coolant will not freeze. Make sure to have the coolant checked at least once a year to ensure that it has enough anti-freeze. 


Step #2. Checking the car heater controls

Your car being cold is not always attributed to its heater. The issue can be found in the cooling system or the thermostat, so have it inspected when your car seems not to warm up fast.


Step #3. Check the thermostat

The thermostat is the one that controls the coolant. As the car engine starts, the thermostat will close. This will allow the car engine to reach the operating temperature. When it opens, the heat will be provided to the heater. But if it is stuck, the coolant will not get the operating temperature. It is simple to check the thermostat. Just leave your engine running. Then, watch the car’s dials. For about 10 minutes, you will get an accurate reading. If your engines become hot already, but the dial says it is still cold, then it is why the car does not heat properly.


Step #4. Check the blower motor

Also, check if the car’s blower motor works properly. Suppose you cannot hear its fan, then the car’s blower motor may be faulty. An electrical issue might also be the case. Some possibilities include a faulty heater switch, blown fuse, or power relay issue.


It’s A Wrap!

The above knowledge on how to make car heater warm up faster is beneficial for each driver. Even if you are not planning to drive during winter or cold weather, those tips and tricks would still be very handy. If the engine does not overheat during hot weather, you should roll down your windows. Or change your climate control to hot. Try these steps and see if they will also work for you. Best of luck!

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