10 Simple Steps on How to Make Campervan Curtains

How to make campervan curtains is not far-fetched. To make one, you must be knowledgeable and able to follow the guides in this article. Campervan curtains, like other curtains, perform a role in securing people’s privacy either at the workplace, in the camper van, or the home. 

In a camper van, we use a campervan curtain to shield the van content from afar. Materials used in making campervan curtains include; fabric material, scissors, needle, thread, sewing machine, and measuring tape. 

How to make Campervan Curtains

Steps on Making Campervan Curtains 

In making campervan curtains, there are various steps necessary to follow. Below are ten steps that answer your questions on how to make campervan curtains.

Step #1: Take measurements of the windows

The first step to take during campervan curtains making is to take the window’s measurement. You hang the curtains on the windows and doors. Therefore, it is vital to measure the dimension of the windows and doors.

Do this to ensure that there is no room for wastage. You obtain the actual length of the curtain through this.

Step #2: Take the Measurements of the Fabric Material 

The next step on how to make campervan curtains is measuring the fabric. Following the measurement of the windows and doors, measure the fabric material. The length of your fabric material is dependent on the windows’ and doors’ lengths.

Measuring the fabrics, consider the design you want to have for the campervan curtain. The style of your campervan curtain determines how you do the cutting.

Step #3: Cut the Fabric Material

Cut the fabric material using the measurements explained in Step 2. People also design these curtains with different styles. Because it is attractive and the first line of approach when a visitor steps into the sitting room or bedroom.

So, your cutting depends on the style you want to have. You also need little fashion and design skills to have a good design.

Step #4: Fold the cut Materials and Pin Them Together

These cut materials are folded, marked with white chalk, and pinned accordingly. Do this to get exact hemming and to avoid mistakes. 

Step #5: Sew the Markings to Create a Tunnel to pass the Curtain Rods 

It may be sewed once or twice, depending on how long you want it to stay. 

Step #6: Cut the sewn fabric into two equal parts (vertically)

For the first window, cut into two to support easy opening and closing of the curtains. Moreover, it may be left and opened at any side, either from the left or right. It can also be folded at intervals depending on the weather condition.

Step #7: Arrange the Edges 

The edges of the cut curtains are cleaned either by trimming or by sewing across once again. It will give you a fine campervan curtain after production.

Step #9: Thread the made curtains 

Create a hole in the outer edge of the end of each curtain. Do this such that the curtain rods will pass through without any friction. 

Step #10: Fix the Curtains to the Rods

Place an anchor at the window where you fixed curtains rods. The curtains are fixed to the rods and hung on the anchor. Hence, you have completed the steps and made the campervan curtains ready.


What is the Cost of Production of Campervan curtains? 

Just a little dollar! The production cost of campervan curtains is not too high if you follow the steps above to make campervan curtains.

Therefore, any average young person can afford the materials for its production. You will use a little dollar to buy the pieces of equipment and the fabric materials used. 

Furthermore, you do not need an industry for the production of campervan curtains. You can produce in the comfort of your home.

Getting the materials ready is the first step.

How Long will it Take to Produce Campervan Curtains?

In about 6 hours or less, you should be able to finish one and ask for more. It doesn’t take forever to produce these curtains. You must have first-hand sewing experience before you venture into production.

It will take time if you have no information on how to sew. Even at that, people still go ahead to make these curtains on their own. It will take a few hours once you’re dedicated. 

Using the steps above on how to make a campervan curtain will make the work easier for you.

Is There any Age Range for the Production of Campervan Curtains? 

There’s no age range for the production of these curtains. Anybody that can read the ten steps on how to make campervan curtains and understand it.

Applying the principles, you can make one for your personal or commercial use. It is good to know that there is no gender barrier also. Male and female of any age that can understand the steps involved can produce a curtain for themselves.

Anyone willing to venture into something new can always start up by trying new things. People who are very curious to learn new things will always go for any new development. 

Where are Campervan Curtains mostly found? 

Camper vans carry a lot of loads that they do not publicly see until they get to the market. Therefore, you use them to cover long vans which convey goods from place to place to ensure total privacy. 

You can also see Campervan curtains in the office because of the privacy provided. These curtains are easy to maintain. Homes use campervan curtains for aesthetics and shield against sunlight.


Making campervan curtains is never a problem for people who are ready and willing to follow steps. It’s vital to learn how to make campervan curtains.

Follow the ten steps on how to make a campervan curtain and make one for yourself. It saves you from the cost of buying new curtains. 

You make a campervan curtain from fabric material, you maintain it by washing with detergents, and iron if need arises.