How To Make Cafe Curtains And Valances? Facts You Should Know!

How to make cafe curtains and valances? First, you will go through the process of preparing, measuring, cutting, sewing and hanging.

These are just a few simple steps so, why not learn how to make it?

how to make cafe curtains and valances

I once wrote an article about what a café curtain is.

It is a simple way to conserve fabrics while having the right amount of privacy.

Well, café curtains can not only be found in coffee shops but also in our homes. For example, my grandma has this style of curtain.


Café Curtains And Valances

Café curtains and valances are two different types of the curtain.

Nevertheless, they are a great combination of window treatments.


Café Curtains

Café curtain is a type of curtain that differs in size from the regular curtains that we usually use.

Although café curtains are similar to kitchen curtains, they are short in size and are commonly attached at the middle portion of the window.

They may not cover the whole window, but they offer the right amount of privacy needed inside while having outside still visible.


Advantages Of Café Curtains

Café curtains may bring some advantages and benefits also. Here are some of them:


#1. Versatile

You can place it in any window of your home.

May it be in the kitchen, living room, or even the windows beside your doors.


#2. Looks good in different settings

May it is of a different genre or theme, café curtains will go smooth with the color shades provide they complement the hues of the walls and decors.


#3. Simple

Yes, it is simple yet adds sophistication and smoothness to the window.


#4. Less fabric usage

Since café curtains are smaller than regular curtains, it is a great way to save up the fabric you have.


Disadvantages Of Café Curtains

Here are some disadvantages of café curtains:


#1. UV rays

Since it will be shorter than the regular curtains, it could not guarantee 100% protection against the sun’s UV rays that pass through the window.


#2. Partial coverage

It offers less privacy than the regular curtains, but they offer the right amount of privacy that is needed inside while allowing a view of the outside.



On the other hand, valances are the piece of fabric you commonly hang at the top of the rod to hide it.

It adds a little impact and defines the window beautifully.

Simple valances are commonly used, but you can also add other styles of valances.

Well, adding valances can be done anytime and in any window as long as you have a piece of fabric that could go well with your curtain or window.


Why Add Valances

Here are some reasons why you should add valances to your window.


#1. Addition weight and dimension

Adding details and an illusion that your window is wide will leave a nice impression, especially when receiving guests in your living room.

It adds uniqueness to your curtain.

So if you are craving an interior designer for your home, then go ahead and start with this one.


#2. Less expensive than roman shades

Having valances can help you save up your expenses than having to purchase a roman shade.

I mean, let’s be practical. A real blackout curtain may cost you more than what you need.

Adding valances could reduce those expenses while providing you with the same benefit as what those expensive blackout curtains could offer.


The Making Of Café Curtains And Valances

How to make cafe curtains and valances?

Here are a few simple steps in making valances and café curtains:


#1. Prepare

Plan and prepare the necessary tools needed for the project.

That includes your fabric, rods, sewing kit and/or sewing machine, and creative minds.

Prior knowledge about basic sewing is preferred, but if you don’t have any, you could try using iron-on tape for non-sewing curtain activities.


#2. Measure

With the use of a tape measure, measure the window’s dimension.

The measurement of the café curtains will be different from the valances.


Café curtain measurement

You will have to measure from the middle half of the window crosswise down to the bottom of the window.

The length of the curtain may differ depending on the desired length. But it is usually from the middle of the window to the window sill.


Valance measurement

The measurement for the valance is just like the café curtain since they do not need to cover the windows.

Measure from the rod’s position to a fourth of the window. You could add more allowances if you want a lower valance.



The width of the valance and café curtains may be the same, depending on the curtain style.

In café curtains, a full look may require you twice the window’s width or thrice its width.

In valances, twice is also recommendable or 1.5 times the width for pleated valances.


#3. Cut and sew

Cut the fabric according to the measurements gathered. After cutting, sew the edges for a finer look.

If you don’t know or are lazy about sewing, adding hems with iron-on tape may be a good way.

All you need to do is purchase the iron-on tape.

Then, have a tape attached to one side of the fabric and place it together with the other side where it needs to be attached.

You will have to use a clothing iron to stick both sides together. After ironing the hems, it should be good now.


Hanging Café Curtains

The hanging method for café curtains is with the use of rods.

Therefore, it is recommended to use rods when it comes to café curtains and hooks to extend its usage.

On the other hand, valances will need to cover the rod above since it is the main purpose of adding valance.



Knowing how to make cafe curtains and valances may save you both budget and fabric.

Not only did you save from your expenses, but you saved up some resources as well.