How To Make Booties For Baby Shower

It’s easy to learn how to make booties for baby shower. These cute DIY baby booties can be your baby shower favor containers for the guests’ gits, or you can add them to your tables as centerpieces.

We’ve also included tutorials for other baby shower booties made from paper cups and marshmallows for various party favor ideas. And speaking of DIY party favors, why not consider DIY baby shower decorations too?

how to make booties for baby shower

Like the tissue paper booties below, here’s how to make tissue paper decorations for the baby shower


How To Make Booties For Baby Shower



  • A paper cup
  • Tissue paper in various colors to match the baby shower theme
  • White tissue paper
  • Ribbon
  • White paper
  • Glue
  • Scissors 



  1. Cut a sheet of tissue paper into 10 by 10 inches and set aside
  2. Take the white tissue paper and crumple it into a ball to use as the decorations for the baby booties
  3. Put the tissue ball in front of the paper cup and the center of the square tissue sheet so it faces one of its corners 
  4. Wrap the corner facing the tissue ball and cup over, so the excess tissue is tucked in the cup
  5. Fold the tissue corners to the left and right of the baby bootie
  6. Tuck the excess tissue in the cup and check if the back tissue section overlaps the sides
  7. Fold the back corner of the tissue into the cup, so the bootie is wrapped with tissue completely 
  8. Put another cup in the bootie to secure the tissue inside 
  9. Remove the cup 
  10. Tie a ribbon in the bootie above the tissue ball for the security of the paper and decoration 
  11. Glue details to the bootie with cutouts from the white tissue paper or any other colored paper like for the cup toe and sole 
  12. Fill the baby booties with candy or any small gift for the guests
  13. You can wrap the booties with tulle and ribbon, then print your tags for the guests in cardstock that you can hang with a piece of yarn onto the bootie wrap 


How Many Booties Should I Make For The Baby Shower?

If you’re giving away the baby booties as your gifts for the guests, then allocate one baby shower favor per guest. Some co-ed showers might have couples arriving, so you can count one baby bootie per household. 

You can always include some extra booties with your favors, as they can be your centerpieces or candy containers at the dessert table. But of course, since the baby booties are DIY, you should manage your time or have someone help you make them. 


How To Make Baby Booties Out Of Paper Cups

If you want another tutorial for cup baby booties besides the tissue-wrapped booties above, here’s another cute DIY baby booties made from styrofoam cups. They can be your gift containers for the expecting parents or as party favors if you’re hosting the baby shower. 



  • Styrofoam cups
  • Ribbons of various colors and prints
  • Hole punch
  • Scissors
  • Baby shower candy or gifts 



  1. Measure one inch at the top of the styrofoam cup and cut it off
  2. Make a slit vertically from the top of the cup measuring 1.5 inches 
  3. Make another slit 1.5 inches away from the previous one 
  4. Fold the flap between the slits inward to create the baby bootie’s tongue
  5. Make a hole close to the top of each side adjacent to the tongue for the “laces” 
  6. Make more holes for the lace eyelets 
  7. Lace a piece of ribbon through the cup holes 
  8. Press the sides of the tongue inward to reshape the cup into a baby bootie
  9. Tie the ribbon lace
  10. Paint the cup with details to match the baby shower theme
  11. Fill the baby booties with favors or gifts 


How to Make Marshmallow Baby Booties For The Baby Shower

Another idea for DIY baby shower booties is to make them edible. You can make baby booties from marshmallows and serve them among other candies at your dessert table. 



  • A small paper cup for the bootie’s collar
  • Two large marshmallows
  • Royal icing in the color of your choice
  • A small bow
  • Mini candies or chocolate 



  1. Place one marshmallow upright and another on its side, similar to creating a letter L
  2. Put the cup over the upright marshmallow, as this will be the bootie’s ankle 
  3. Prepare royal icing in the color of your choice and pour it onto the piping bag with a star tip
  4. Frost the marshmallows and cup by making stars that will fill all the spaces 
  5. Put the bow in front of the marshmallow baby bootie
  6. Pour candies or chocolates inside the cup 


How To Make Baby Bootie Cookies

It’s also easy to make baby bootie cookies. Any sugar cookie recipe will do, and then you will cut the dough with bootie cookie cutters.

Then, decorate with royal icing or melted white chocolate with gel food coloring. 



And that’s it! To recap how to make booties for baby shower, you can wrap a cup in tissue or build one from cups that are cut into the shape of booties. 

Alternatively, it’s easy to ice marshmallows into baby booties for edible baby shower decorations. And for those who want to give a unique gift to the expecting parents, why not learn how to make washcloth cupcakes for the baby shower

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