How To Make Bed Pillows? 9 Awesome Steps!

Do you want to know how to make bed pillows?

Well, you can, my friends, in just nine simple steps; these things you will see as you read along.

Indeed, bed pillows can give you a good night’s sleep. But, of course, you can always buy one from the nearest shopping store.

But then, you have the option to make one for yourself.

Without further ado, let’s start!

Before everything else, you should know first what bed pillows are.


What Are Bed Pillows?

Definitely, pillow beds are great for those who want to have a huge cushion in your bedroom or even the living room.

They’re pillows that are formed into a bed.

You have to stitch these pillows to their sides, and so you can make an excellent link between each of them.

What’s good about this kind of bed is that it’s portable.

That means that you can carry it back and from any room; this is just like your usual pillow.

I tell you that making a bed pillow is easy. There may be ones available in the market, but expect to incur a lot of cash.


Steps To Make Bed Pillows

As I said earlier, a bed pillow is portable, so whenever you want to carry it from one room to another, you can.

That’s also possible whenever you’re on a trip or camp.

I’m sure you get a nice nap with this bed pillow.

So, how to make bed pillows?

Here are the steps:


Step #1. Gathering the things needed

For this project, you’ll be needing materials to start.

Given that you’ll be linking pillows by sewing them, then you would need a sewing kit.

If you have a sewing machine at home, good news for you!

Much more, get a bunch of pins; these will help keep the pillowcases in place.

To make markings, you would either need a tailor’s chalk or a pencil.

Basically, you’ll need scissors and measuring tapes too.

You’ll need to prepare two pieces of flannel clothes; the measurement should be 2 meters each.

The design and color may depend on your preference.


Step #2. Cutting the flannel pieces

Now, you can cut the flannel pieces to a size of 34.5 x 75 inches using sharp scissors.

My friends, it’s important to get an accurate measurement of the flannel cloth.

Why so? It’s because measuring it incorrectly will result in a major problem.

In this step, you would need your tape measure.

Make markings with your tailor’s chalk.

To keep the material in place, use pins.


Step #3. Pinning each side

After you should cut the flannel pieces, pin the places that you will sew later.

It will guarantee that the pillowcases are properly positioned.

Place both flannel pieces on their correct sides and hang them up.

It would be best if you put the pins in both open positions.

When you pin, make sure to leave a space on every side.


Step #4. Sewing the sides

When machine sewing all three pinned sides, leave a half-inch of seam right where you’ve pinned.

Take notice that you should take this step with extreme caution.

When using a sewing machine, keep an eye out for your hands; you don’t want to let your fingers be trapped in the needle.


Step #5. Trimming

This is the simplest stage, but you must complete it with care.

It’s time to cut or clip the cloth from the stitching points.

Make sure you don’t cut too near to the stitching.

This stage ensures that your work is properly organized.


Step #6. Folding over

Do you remember that there’s one side that hasn’t been stitched up yet?

You should fold it over and start pinning the flannel to produce a half-inch of a seam.


Step #7. Sewing

Now that you’ve pinned a seam in the previous step, you’re going to sew that straight into the edge.

Here’s what you should take note of:

Sew it on each side rather than both sides; turn it out while machine sewing it.


Step #8. Dividing

Please take one of your short ends and draw a line parallel to it every time it reaches around 18. 5 inches.

Do this process until you reach the other short end.

There will be four sections to your pillow bed.

Begin sewing on each side.

And this will result in a total of four pillow pockets.


Step #9. Stuffing

Last but not least, fill your pillow bed with stuffing.

Make sure it’s in good shape by fluffing it up.

The other end, where you put your pillow, is open as you can see.

You can use decorations or buttons to close it in.


It’s A Wrap!

If you are persistent, the steps on how to make bed pillows are not difficult.

Yes, you can buy it in some stores or order it online, but creating your own is worth the experience.

My friends, your effort will give you comfort.

Besides, you can save a lot if you do it yourself.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab that pillows and convert them into a comfortable and cozy bed!

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