How To Make Baby Shower Wreaths In 3 Steps

It’s relatively easy to learn how to make baby shower wreaths. This tutorial simplifies the process into three steps, and you’ll only need cardboard for the wreath base, diapers, ribbons, papers, glue, tape, and rubber bands. 

We’ll also share tips on decorating the baby shower wreath to help you make a unique style for the shower. And speaking of decorations like the baby shower wreath, know what other items you’ll need to elevate your shower venue. 

how to make baby shower wreaths

Here’s how to decorate for a baby shower to know more. 


How To Make Baby Shower Wreaths Easily

For this baby shower diaper wreath, you’ll need 22 diapers, a ready-made base or a piece of cardboard if you don’t have one, some paper, ribbons, glue, tape, and some rubber bands. Depending on the baby shower theme, you can add other wreath features. 


Step 1. Prepare the wreath base

  • You can buy a readymade wreath base on Amazon, like the fiberboard ones, for only under $13
  • Alternatively, you can cut out a ring from a piece of thick cardboard
  • Mark the cardboard with a circle that’s 13.5-inch in diameter outside and 8.5 inches inside
  • Mark holes around the middle of the wreath base spaced two inches apart for each diaper roll
  • To attach each diaper roll to the wreath, cut 6-inch ribbon strips the same number as the diapers you’ll need
  • You can divide the ribbon pieces you’ll need into two groups of wide ribbon and narrow ribbon pieces
  • Alternate the ribbon sizes throughout the cardboard ring
  • Thread the ribbons through the wreath holes and create a loop on the front 
  • The tails should be behind the wreath and untied 


Step 2. Make the diapers for the baby shower wreath

  • Baby shower wreaths are distinguishable from other decorations because they are decorated with diapers
  • Roll each diaper and secure it with a rubber band 
  • Tuck each diaper into the loops of the ribbons at the front of the wreath
  • You can reinforce each detail with glue for added durability of the wreath
  • Tie the ribbon ends behind the wreath to further secure the diaper rolls in place


Step 3. Decorate the baby shower wreath

  • Add mini decorations to add to the baby shower wreath; some ideas include baby socks, pacifiers, mini baby bottles, or even stickers
  • You can tie the baby items with ribbon strips onto the wreath 
  • Make the loop for hanging the wreath with a piece of ribbon
  • Wrap the ribbon around the wreath on both ends and tie 
  • Add glue for reinforcement and let everything dry


What Size Diapers For A Diaper Baby Shower Wreath?

The wreath size will determine what diapers you’ll need to decorate it. Remember that you’ll be rolling each diaper, and the wreath would look better if there were many diapers around it. 

You should also consider the door where you’ll hang the baby shower wreath. It should be proportional in the center, but the diapers should still be sizable if you want to add a decoration inside the ring. 

Perhaps you’ll add a stuffed animal in the center of the wreath. It will need enough area from the diapers to stand securely before you glue it.


What Is The Best Base For A Baby Shower Wreath?

Baby shower wreaths are relatively light, so even a makeshift cardboard ring would work. But if you’ll add other decorations that can make the wreath heavy, consider metallic or wooden ring bases. 

The theme of the baby shower should also inspire your wreath. If it’s a woodland creatures theme, for example, a wreath with a vine base would complement the other venue decorations of the shower. 


How Do You Attach Items To A Baby Shower Wreath?

You can hang decorations onto the baby shower wreath with a piece of ribbon or string. You can also utilize the center of the ring and glue a toy or mini stroller on it. 

Some other decorations to glue directly to the wreath diapers include ribbons, greetings, flowers, cutouts, or even roses made from baby socks. The stork is also undoubtedly one of the most iconic symbols for baby showers. 

If you want to add one to your wreath, here’s how to make a stork for a baby shower


How Much Does It Cost To Make A Baby Shower Wreath?

Making the baby shower wreath is relatively affordable, but the base and diapers will dictate the project’s total cost. You can buy a pack of diapers you’ll bring to the baby shower as a gift, then take some for the wreath. 

If you have old cardboard boxes that are thick, they can also be the wreath base instead of buying a separate one. And for the decorations, ribbons and miniature toys can also be affordable, so you’ll unlikely spend over $50 for the baby shower diaper wreath. 


Who Will Be Making The Wreaths?

The host is responsible for the baby shower decorations, so they’ll also make the wreath for the door. It can also be a project by another person who wants to help with the baby shower. 

Plan the baby shower projects and decorations that use the same materials to manage time and expenses. For example, the diapers you’ll need for the baby shower cake and wreaths can be from the same pack. 



And that’s it! You learned how to make baby shower wreaths in three steps by creating a cardboard ring base with holes for ribbon loops. 

Then, roll diapers and tuck them in the loops to fill the wreath. Finally, decorate with items related to the baby shower theme. 

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