How To Make Baby Shower Invitations At Home For Free

Did you know you can learn how to make baby shower invitations at home for free? We’ll help you design and print baby shower invitations at home in only three steps using accessible design platforms. 

But more than the designs and templates, we’ve also included information below on what to write on your invitations. Then, refer to who do you invite to a baby shower to know the recipients of the cards.

how to make baby shower invitations


How To Make Baby Shower Invitations For Free


Step 1. Pick a design platform

  • Pick a design platform you’re comfortable with; most platforms are user-friendly and free, so it should be easy to find the best one for your baby shower invitation
  • Canva is readily accessible, and they even offer baby shower templates to make designing easier for free 
  • Browse the designs to know what you’ll use for the invitations; you can even filter the style, theme, and color; for example, are you designing baby shower invitations for a baby boy, or is the baby shower’s theme safari? 


Step 2. Design the baby shower invitations 

  • Explore Canva’s features to design and customize your baby shower invitation
  • Do not go overboard with the images and graphics, so the information for the baby shower is still easy to understand
  • Consider making plans on what to write to make designing easier 
  • Check the words for any potential errors 
  • Play with the texts not just for the design of the invitations but to make the wording easier to understand for the guests


Step 3. Print the baby shower invites

  • Prepare your printer and cards; remember to use standard cards to avoid additional postage costs
  • Download your finished baby shower invitation
  • Test print a design and adjust the invitation accordingly
  • Print at home for free, or you can order through Canva Print
  • Another option for free baby shower invitations is to share and publish your invitations through social media or email, as online invitations are no longer considered tacky nowadays 


What Should A Baby Shower Invite Include?

When planning the design of the baby shower invitation, you should know the wording and information to include in the print. They should be straightforward to understand, so here are the only details you need on the baby shower invitations: 

  • Name of the baby’s mom (co-ed baby showers mean you should also include the baby’s dad)
  • Baby shower hosts
  • Date, time, and venue of the event
  • RSVP details
  • Baby registry details

As you can see, it’s acceptable to include the gift details for the baby shower. Your guests will also appreciate knowing about the baby registry with the invitations so they can prepare their gifts for the party. 

A simple wording you can use is “You can find Baby [last name of the couple]’s registry at [registry link]” at the bottom line of the card. 


Whose Name Goes First On Baby Shower Invitation?

The baby’s mom will be the first line on the baby shower invitation. However, clarify with her if they will have a co-ed baby shower. 

If so, you’ll write both of the baby’s parents on the first line of the baby shower invitation. Here’s a sample wording for the baby shower invitations: 

Please come to the baby shower honoring


Sunday, October 13, 2022

At 2 PM

Davidson’s residence



Hosted by Lisa Davidson and Annie Smith

RSVP to Lisa by [2 weeks before the baby shower date]

You can find Baby Smith’s registry at [registry link]


How Far In Advance Do You Send Out Baby Shower Invitations?

You want to make and print the baby shower invitations on time so that you can send them four or six weeks before the baby shower. This way, the guests can arrange their schedules and the host has enough time to receive and complete the guest list from the RSVPs. 

If you’re making the invitations by hand or ordering custom designs, purchase everything two weeks before you send out the baby shower invitations is best. And even if you’re only sending virtual baby shower invitations, you still want to send these digital invitations four to six weeks before the event.

Will you be hosting the party? Know how many people to invite to a baby shower to manage the cards to order.


Who Should Send Out Baby Shower Invitations?

The host is responsible for the baby shower invitations, and they’ll also send them out to the guests at least four weeks before the event. It’s essential to make plans with the baby’s parents before sending out the cards so they can check the guest list. 


What Are Some Common Mistakes People Make When Making Baby Shower Invitations?

When you’re making the baby shower invitation design, here are the mistakes to avoid before you print or download the invite: 

  • Overcrowding the design with too many details 
  • Typographical errors 
  • Sending the invites without checking the guest list with the baby’s mom
  • Not including RSVP and registry information
  • Getting too carried away with the colors and stationery 
  • Forgetting stamps on the reply envelope 
  • Wrong addressing of the envelopes 



And that’s it! To recap how to make baby shower invitations, pick a free template and customize it according to the party’s theme. 

Don’t forget to write the baby’s parents’ names first, then include details for the RSVP and baby registry. And if you’re considering online invites, know that it’s acceptable nowadays, but you should follow the etiquette as with physical invites.

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