How To Make Baby Shower Corsage For Mom To Be

This two-step tutorial will teach you how to make baby shower corsage for mom to be using ribbons and flowers. It’s tradition for the mommy-to-be to receive and wear a corsage at her baby shower, but it will be more special if you make the baby shower corsage. 

We’ll discuss the history of this tradition and how to pin the corsage securely. And speaking of DIY corsages, a unique baby shower corsage to try is made from baby socks. 

how to make baby shower corsage for mom to be

Here’s an easy tutorial on how to make a baby shower corsage out of baby socks


2 Easy Steps On How To Make Baby Shower Corsage For Mom To Be


Step 1. Prepare ribbon strips 

  • Prepare a selection of different design, style, size, and color of ribbon strips for the baby shower corsage
  • Take inspiration from the baby shower theme for ideas on what ribbon to get 
  • You will need around five different types of ribbons, depending on how full you want the corsage to look 
  • For the body of the corsage, you’ll also need card stock and a clip for securing the finished corsage to the mom-to-be’s clothing


Step 2. Cut the ribbons and construct the baby shower corsage

  • Prepare the ribbon strips by cutting several pieces between 12 to 15 inches long
  • Cut a small circle into the cardstock, as this is where you’ll attach the ribbon strips
  • Make a slit in the middle of the circular card and slip the hair clip into it
  • Staple the ribbon strips to the card in the same orientation as an award ribbon; all strips should hang down in a single direction
  • Put a large flower without a stem in between the corsage to hide the cardstock and staples
  • Add other details like a gemstone or brooch in the center to finish the ribbon baby shower corsage
  • Test the security of the pin into your shirt and reinforce the details with glue as needed


Do Mothers To Be Wear Corsages At Baby Shower?

Mothers at baby showers wear corsages as they are the guest of honor at the party. The corsage can be made from ribbon, flowers, or even baby socks. 

The host usually offers the baby shower corsage to the mommy-to-be, which she can wear on her wrist or pin to her clothes. Some corsages can even be wrapped around the baby bump. 

But more than baby showers, mommy-to-bes can also wear corsages like the gender reveal or sip and see at other parties. Overall, it’s up to the guest of honor how she’ll wear the baby shower corsage. 


Types of baby shower corsages

  • Baby sock corsage
  • Floral corsage
  • Ribbon corsage
  • Fabric corsage
  • Themed corsage
  • Baby toys corsage 


Are Corsages Still A Thing For Baby Shower?

The mommy-to-be’s wearing of corsages at the baby shower is still practiced nowadays as it’s a way to honor and distinguish her at parties. It’s given by the baby shower host and can even follow the baby shower theme for a playful baby shower corsage design. 

Back then, the baby shower corsage is even used to symbolize the baby’s gender. A blue corsage means it’s a baby boy, while a pink corsage signifies that it’s a baby girl. 

But nowadays, it’s up to the mommy and host on how they want to incorporate the corsage into the event or if they would instead use an alternative. What about gifts given to the guests to show your appreciation for their attendance?

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Who Wears Corsages At A Baby Shower?

The guest of honor or the mommy-to-be traditionally wears the baby shower corsage. At some parties, corsages might also be given to the baby’s sibling-to-be, grandma-to-be, or auntie-to-be, but in different designs, as the mom would wear. 

She can also wear the piece to other parties celebrating her baby. For example, she can wear the corsage during a maternity photoshoot or at a gender reveal party. 

The corsages can even be a baby shower activity where guests have DIY baby corsages made from small baby gifts like pacifiers and baby socks. You can always modify the tradition according to the type of party you want to throw the guests of honor. 


How to wear a baby shower corsage

  • Pin the baby shower corsage to the mommy-to-be’s clothing
  • Wear the corsage on the left wrist
  • Wear the corsage on the left shoulder
  • Wear the corsage like a belt or sash 


What Can I Use Instead Of A Corsage At The Baby Shower?

Instead of a baby shower corsage, you can also have the mommy-to-be wear a crown, sash, or belt with baby items, flowers, ribbon, or anything related to the baby shower theme. The sash can also read “Momma-to-be” to honor and distinguish her from other guests. 


How Do I Attach The Corsage To The Mom-To-Be’s Clothing?

You can use a pin, clip, or tape to attach the corsage to the baby’s mom’s outfit at the baby shower. But for safety, it’s better to use a clip instead of something sharp. 



Was this DIY tutorial helpful? You just learned how to make baby shower corsage for mom-to-be by preparing ribbon strips, stapling them to cardstock, and decorating with a flower and gem piece. 

You can also use other materials related to the baby shower theme. Alternatively, why not do a baby shower sash for the mom-to-be?

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