How To Make An Indoor Tent For Adults? 7 Easy Steps

How to make an indoor tent for adults? You can surely bring the fun and thrill of using tents indoors if you know how to make one. It can also be a great place to read books or to serve as a meditation area.

Apart from that, it can even be your quiet place where you can hideaway.

How To Make An Indoor Tent For Adults

And luckily, indoor tents are commonly comfortable with making.

Aside from the basic steps on how you can make an indoor tent, I included some other ways of making one. You can choose from any of them, depending on your preferences.

Are you as excited as I am? So without further ado, let’s get into it.


7 Steps In Making An Indoor Tent For Adults

How to make an indoor tent for adults?

In this post, I will teach you the seven easy steps in making indoor tents.

Let’s start!


Step #1. Collect your materials

So what materials do you need?

It includes rope, heavy books, pillow, sleeping bag, green blanket, lightweight sheet, and night light or flashlights.


Step #2. Tie it

After you gather all those materials, the next thing you have to do is tie the rope to whichever side of the room.


Step #3. Wrap the sheet

Now, you have to wrap the sheet over the rope that you tied earlier.

Make sure to use a lightweight sheet so it will be easier for you.

Use the heavy books to keep the sheet seated at both ends.


Step #4. Lay the blanket on the floor

Then, you need to get the green blanket and lay it on the floor.


Step #5. Use a weight to keep the sheet open

You will also need something that will have to keep the sheets open.

Remember, I told you earlier to get a night light?

You can use this as a weight in keeping the sheet open.

It will serve you double purpose since you can also use this to illuminate your tent if you want.


Step #6. Place the things you need inside the tent

It is about time to add a pillow.

Grab your sleeping bag and throw it inside the tent.


Step #7. Have fun

The last and the essential step – ENJOY!


Other Ways Of Creating An Indoor Tent

The steps discussed above are the most basic way of creating a tent.

But there are several ways of doing it depending on your resources and how you intend to use it.

So I have decided to include three other ways of making indoor tents in this post.


Method #1. Creating temporary tents

If you only wanted an indoor tent for temporary use, you can make a classic fort tent. You may choose to take this down after a day or two.

So what you need to is to drag pieces of furniture such as a chair together.

Then drape a large sheet over the top. Use books or pillows at the top of both ends to weigh this down.

You might as well use binder clips in attaching the sheet. This is advisable for bigger tents.

Or you can create a tent out of your table. Just find a tablecloth that can cover the table and run towards the floor.

In getting into the tent, you can just duck from the side of the table. But if you wanted to have a permanent door, you can clip or pin one edge upwards.


Method #2. Making permanent but movable tents

Now, if you want to make a permanent tent that you can move anytime you want, you can create an A-frame tent.

Or you might use a PVC pipe. This kind of tent is cheap and lightweight.

You will only need pipes and connectors in making a cube in the size that you want. Then, throw a sheet over it.

Some people would even create a teepee. For this, you need six dowel rods.

Choose the height according to your preference. Then you have to drill holes where you can thread a string to gather them together.

Next, spread them out into the shape of a teepee. Use the rope in stabilizing the shape by wrapping it around them.

Now in making the fabric, you have to cut it into triangles of the same sizes. But make sure to put an extra inch on all sides. This will be intended for hemming.


Method #3. Making permanent tents at home

If you wanted to have a permanent tent at home, you could create a canopy tent. This usually has an embroidery hoop made of plastic.

Or you can make one with a curtain and PEX pipe. You will need a flexible plastic pipe and a long curtain for this. It also requires tubing or coupling to connect them.

You can also use a nook in making a permanent tent.

If you already have a small nook at home, you can just get a tension rod with a nook’s width.

A flat wood shim that is a bit smaller than the nook is also needed, along with a drill and some screws.



How to make an indoor tent for adults? There are several ways of creating indoor tents for adults.

I have discussed the most basic tent, which only includes seven easy steps.

Much more, I have included three different ways of creating a tent.

With this, you can indeed make a tent the way you like and have a place for yourself – where you can relax, rest, or have fun!

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