How To Make An Air Conditioner Colder? 3 Easy Methods!

Is your room still hot even with the AC on, and you start to wonder, how to make an air conditioner colder? Don’t stress yourself out because we have researched thoroughly and have found ways that we think can be used in these situations.

The methods you could try are spraying some water on your AC unit, change its filter, or turn on your fan to make your environment cooler. It is a bummer to go home and have a good rest after a tiring day, yet your trusty air conditioner isn’t doing its job to give you some cold air that you needed.

You are already tired, and now you’re uncomfortable because of the heat. But, of course, we don’t want that to happen. That’s why this article is made to help you out. Keep on reading.


Methods To Make An Air Conditioner Colder

There are so many methods and ways that we can choose from and can see when searched on the internet, yet we cannot assure if it applies to all situations. Because of that, we’ve picked out the methods that we think can help someone who needs them during problems like this.

Make sure to prepare a reasonable amount of money since, for situations like this, it may require you to spend on some materials that you will need to purchase. But we can assure you that we’ve chosen the cheapest yet effective ways so that it would not cost you a lot while having to make your air conditioner colder.

Not everybody has enough budgets for things like this, too, so we have prepared some alternatives that might be effective without having to spend. Once you are done with this, we promise that you can now enjoy your air conditioning unit once again, but this time, it’s colder than ever. Below are a set of methods that you can follow to carry out and finish the task with ease and have no worries. They aren’t that hard to do too.

That is for your own good too, so make sure that if you are going to do this, always keep safe and be wary so that nobody gets damaged and may cause problems. After this, you can now have the well-deserved rest that you’ve needed. Regardless, here is how to make an air conditioner colder:


Method #1. Spraying down your air conditioning unit

We cannot avoid the build-up of dust or any unwanted particles going into our appliances’ interiors when it comes to air conditioning units, right? So in that way, we’ve found a home remedy that we think can be effective with just using some tools and materials that you can find at your home.

Also, due to the build-up, it limits the unit’s force and may not work at its maximum performance; thus, take a few minutes of your time each week. To check up on your appliance, making sure that everything’s doing alright. The first thing you have to do is gather all of the needed materials, a spray bottle, and water-filled inside the bottle.

Before doing anything else to the unit, make sure that the breaker has been turned off, and all sockets are not used to avoid any problems. Once turned off, you’ll then want to spray the surface of the condenser unit of the appliance, then give it a few minutes for the dampness to evaporate. So that it can be ready for usage right away once it has all dried up. Make sure to turn on the breaker once you are done letting it dry.


Method #2. Changing your air filters

Now for this one, you will have to spend some money, but it’ll cost you just a tiny amount, we can assure you that this step is the most effective among the others. It is easy to do too, so you won’t have any worries while doing this. You want to check your units from time to time, making sure they don’t look dirty.

If they are, then it is time that you change its filters to work the way it was back then and save you more money on energy consumption. All units don’t have the same filter, so if you want to find yours, better check this website to avoid confusion and start seeing the one that fits your appliance.


Method #3 Using fans to make the environment colder

These are just some of the easiest ways to make an air conditioner harder if you opt for a straightforward yet effective way of doing it. It is used along with the air conditioning unit to make air produced by the appliance at least two to three degrees colder and helps in circulating it around. Also, it lets you raise the thermostat of the unit without giving you any discomfort at all.



And that is how to make an air conditioner colder. Again, you could spray water on the AC unit, use an extra fan, or change your air conditioner’s filter to help make your room colder. AC usually stops to give out cold air when the dust it accumulated blocks its airway. So, make sure to clean the unit regularly. And of course, before doing that, make sure that your AC is off and out from its power source.

Or you can try setting the temperature of your AC to its coldest mode. So with that, I hope you’ve gotten a hold of it so you can apply it for future use at your AC. But if all of this does not work, better contact your HVAC technician.

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