How To Make A Wrestling Ring Bed? 6 Easy Steps!

Have you ever wondered how to make a wrestling ring bed?

This task will be straightforward.

how to make a wrestling ring bed

Just be sure to get your kid’s old bed ready for the ultimate transformation.

Children love to watch wrestling shows, especially if he or she gets a “fanboy” friend who is actually his or her dad.

Wait. Why is there a “she”? Some girls also are fond of wrestling, and that is really fine! In fact, that’s cute.

Moreover, this child and father’s moments of watching their favorite wrestling show, cheering for their favorite wrestler are one of a kind.

So, why not make your kid a wrestling ring bed?

Ladies and gentlemen, if you want to learn how to do this job, I invite you to keep scrolling!


Steps To Make A Wrestling Ring Bed For Kids

Hey, moms and dads out there!

The steps on how to make a wrestling bed for your kid are straightforward.

You can finish this in a day.

Maybe you’re a little worried because your child might get some injuries.

Because of this idea but this wrestling ring bed that we’re going to make is sure safe.

However, it should be noted that what we’re going to do here is for aesthetic purposes only.

Though your kid may still be able to jump on their bed the way they did.

Before, but not swerve or wrestle like a professional wrestler inside the ring.

So, how to make a wrestling ring bed?

Let’s start!


Step #1. Prepare your kid’s old bed frame

I don’t know what kind of frame you have, but if you have a wooden bed frame with posts on each corner, that would be ideal.

First, of course, you have to choose a place where you can do the overall job.

You may do it inside your kid’s room but, preferably not. Why?

Because the construction of this wrestling ring bed will utilize the use of screws that have pointed sharp edges, so that may be troublesome.

The kid’s bed usually has a headboard and footboard.

These you have to remove.

If your kid’s bed doesn’t qualify for the ideal bed that was described earlier.

Maybe, you can stick 4 posts to all the corners of the bed.


Step #2. Design the posts for the corners

Purchase PVC pipes that have a diameter that can fit the posts of the bed.

Cut this to four equal lengths.

You also need to purchase four PVC caps of the same size as the pipes.

Lock the cups on one side of the pipes.

Now, they are ready to be inserted through the corner posts to mark and drill the portions of the pipes where the ropes will be located.

Here we will make three.

Make these drill holes with equal distance down all the pipes.

Be sure to make the diameter of drill holes fit with the eyehooks that you have.

Lastly, for this step, paint the pipes with color black – preferably.

But you may also consider another color.

Just trust your instincts.


Step #3. Make the bed frame sturdier

Cut a ½” or ¾” plywood – the thicker, the better – that may fit into the frame of your bed.

Allow it to rest on the slats of the bed, or you can screw it if you want.

Let us accept that kids might get encouraged to jump on these beds, having this design, right?

So, to ensure their safety, do not miss this step.


Step #4. Install the ropes

Insert the eyehooks to all the areas along the pipes where you drilled earlier.

Make sure to screw them down their threads.

Visualizing the design, we can see that we have three stages of “rings” or ropes around the bed.

So we need three ropes, each with a length that is enough to make one cycle around the bed.

Hook a spring of considerable size to 3 eyehooks that are aligned on one corner pipe.

Attach a metal ring on both sides of the 3 ropes that you have cut.

Hook this metal ring to the springs.

Do this one rope at a time.

It is suggested that you prioritize the lower ring first.

Run the first rope around the bed as you let it get through the eyehooks of every corner pipe.

As it finishes a full cycle, hook the metal ring to the eyehook where you started.

Repeat this step for the middle ring and the upper ring.


Step #5. Add coverings for protection

Using pipelining insulation, cover all the ropes and springs.

Then, using duct tape, wrap these insulations carefully.

It is good to have a tape color that matches the posts.

If you have black poles, red-colored rings are the best.


Step #6. Finishing touches

Now that your rings are done, you can now take the mattress back to where it was.

The color and the design of the bed covering and pillows will be of your choice.

You’re done!

Surprise you cute one with their new wrestling ring bed.

Final Words

At the end of this article, I hope you have learned how to make a wrestling ring bed, especially for kids.

Thank you for reading up to this point.

Your time and effort are much appreciated!

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