How To Make A Wedding Slideshow In 3 Easy Steps

You can quickly learn how to make a wedding slideshow in three easy steps! We’ll help you from conceptualizing to even enhancing the montage for the wedding reception.

This guide also includes tips for adding music and PowerPoint for your wedding presentation. And since one of the critical elements with wedding slideshows are videos and images, why not familiarize yourself with how to edit wedding photos as well?

how to make a wedding slideshow


How To Make A Wedding Slideshow For A Wedding Reception


Step 1. Create the wedding slideshow concept 

  • Decide on the theme and concept of the wedding slideshow; a classic concept is a photo or video montage composed of the couple’s best memories and experiences from the beginning of their relationship
  • If you’ve also shot some pictures at the wedding ceremony, you can quickly incorporate them in the wedding slideshow to present the couple’s journey from dating to wedding
  • Gather the pictures and video clips from the other friends and relatives of the couple to have more content
  • Ensure the wedding slideshow has a uniform or cohesive style, whether in terms of the theme, color palette, and vibe; e.g., do you want it to seem cinematic, vintage, or humorous?


Step 2. Ask around for wedding slideshow ideas

  • The key to learning how to create a wedding slideshow is being open to different ideas to make it enjoyable not just for the couple but for everyone else in the reception
  • Consider asking around friends and family if they have a concept in mind for the wedding slideshow
  • Some close people to the couple may even have sentimental ideas for the wedding slideshow that only they’d know; younger people can guide you with using social media platforms where you can find posts, photos, and videos to add to the wedding slides
  • Since you’ll be talking to the other relatives and friends of the couple, interview them as well and include those clips in the video montage
  • A parent, sibling, or best friend can share what they love about the couple and how they witness their relationship
  • Second weddings are incredibly touching if the children of the blended family also share their sentiments, for example


Step 3. Make an awesome wedding slideshow with music

  • Besides editing the wedding slideshow using different colors and actions for each slide, remember that music can make it more entertaining
  • The right music will also help you achieve the vibe you’re going for with the wedding presentation
  • Consider using sentimental songs for the couple or matching the part of the slideshow with the fitting music; sweet moments can use love songs, upbeat music for fun videos, and subtle background music for the montage and interviews from loved ones
  • Besides songs and instrumentals, feel free to use audio clips that would enhance and make the slideshow more immersive; just don’t go overboard as it may look tacky or disorderly


What Should Be Included In A Wedding Slideshow?

To make the perfect wedding slideshow, you must know the best photos and content to include in one. These are entertaining elements that will also feel touching for all the viewers:

  • The photos of the parents of the bride and groom and interviews with their best wishes to the couple
  • Pictures of other relatives and friends that have supported the newlyweds from the beginning; group photos with the bride and groom, or interviews with these people regarding the couple’s love story
  • Posed and candid photos of the newlyweds
  • Funny childhood photos of the bride and groom 
  • Photos and videos that tell the couple’s relationships (e.g., similar hobbies, how they met, where they’ve met)
  • Separate messages of the bride and groom to each other
  • Photos from the wedding ceremony

Do you have a parent who passed away? Why not honor them with a dedication slide in the wedding slideshow?

You can also read how to include the deceased parent in weddings for more ideas. 


How Long Should A Slideshow Be For A Wedding?

There are no rules that require the wedding slideshow to run for a particular duration. However, the sweet number is 10 minutes to include everything charming and entertaining without boring the viewers. 

Remember that you also have other programs to do during the wedding reception. 


How Do I Make A Wedding Slideshow In Powerpoint?

You can manually insert photos and videos on each Powerpoint slide to make a wedding slideshow. Then, apply the same setting for the background color on all slides and use uniform fonts and texts throughout the presentation. 

However, this will be super tasking and time-consuming. The easiest route is to use a Powerpoint wedding presentation template.

Different themes and colors are readily available online. Some are free, but others may require a subscription to the website. 


How Can I Make A Wedding Slideshow With Music For Free?

Use copyright-free music for your wedding slideshow to avoid licensing issues or ensure that you don’t need to pay. Websites that provide royalty-free music include Soundcloud, Youtube Audio Library, and Vimeo Music Store. 



And that’s it! You’ve just learned how to make a wedding slideshow by conceptualizing, gathering suggestions and interviews, and improving the presentation with music.

You can also source free music or use Powerpoint templates for your wedding slideshow. We hope this was helpful; let us know below how your wedding slideshow went.  

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