How To Make A Wedding Garter Belt Yourself

You can know how to make a wedding garter belt in two steps only. This tutorial is perfect even for people who think they aren’t crafty. 

We’ll start with preparing the garter according to the correct size, then share tips on sewing it. And if you need more wedding items and considering going the DIY route, please browse our blog for more tutorials like this. 

how to make a wedding garter belt

An example is this guide on how to make a wedding lasso, which is often a part of the ceremony in some cultures. 


How To Make Wedding Garters


Step 1. Measure

  • Prepare narrow and wide types of lace, along with an elastic strip, measuring tape, and sewing materials; you can choose to hand sew the wedding garter belt or use a sewing machine
  • Measure the thigh of the bride with the tape measure and hold the tape firmly to get the correct dimensions in inches
  • Use the measurement and add one and a half inches to get the total length for the elastic strip; you can add more allowance if you want 
  • Prepare the lace and cut it according to the size of the elastic strip, but add an inch of allowance to the lace’s width, and its length should be twice the measurement of the elastic 


Step 2. Sew

  • Prepare the elastic by sewing its end to ensure that it won’t curl or fold
  • Fold the lace in half and sew the ends to close the garter belt
  • Pin one end of the elastic strip so you can stretch it out, and add one more pin to secure the end you sew
  • Sew the lace onto the elastic and cut any excess material
  • Add decorations and embellishments as needed; to ensure that they’ll be positioned correctly, test the garter on your thigh to know where to place the decors like ribbons, crystals, or pearls
  • Test the belt to see if it’s sewn securely
  • If you’re more experienced with sewing, you can create a button enclosure for the easier wearing of the belt 


How Do You Make A Satin Wedding Garter?

  1. Measure the bride’s thigh by wrapping it with measuring tape snugly
  2. Cut a piece of satin ribbon according to the thigh measurement that is multiplied to one and a half, then add an inch more for the seam allowance
  3. Fold the piece you cut and sew the ends together halfway; do not finish the seam because you will need an opening for the elastic
  4. Lay the satin flat so that the seam is facing up
  5. Finish the raw edges with a straight stitch to keep them from curling and maintain a flat look when wearing the garter belt 
  6. Fold the satin lengthwise and pin it in place to keep it folded
  7. Sew along the folded edge, removing pins as you go
  8. Using the same length of the satin ribbon, cut a piece of lace and pin it along the edge of the ribbon
  9. Make sure that the lace is between the front and back of the ribbon for a neater look 
  10. Sew the materials together by hand or with a sewing machine using a straight stitch
  11. Wrap the garter around your thigh and overlap the ends so that there is half an inch of allowance
  12. Cut the elastic accordingly and work it through the opening you left on the satin ribbon
  13. To maneuver the elastic much easier, attach a safety pin on one end of the elastic and have another one on the other end to secure it to the seam 
  14. Push the safety pin into the satin ribbon and work the elastic through the whole tube
  15. Pull the safety pin out of the ribbon and remove them
  16. Sew the elastic ends and finish the garter by removing any excess threads 


How Do You Measure For A Wedding Garter Belt?

You wrap the measuring tape around your thigh or about 5 inches above the knee. Hold the tape snugly but not too tightly.

You can also stand to check if the tape doesn’t dig too deeply on the skin. But when taking the wedding garter belt’s measurement for sewing, allocate one and a half inches to the total length of the measurement when you’ll cut the elastic. 


How wide should a wedding garter be?

There are no rules on how wide a wedding garter should be. However, a helpful practice to remember is to add an inch more to your thigh measurement all around. 

Are you also curious about the proper size of other wedding items? Read how should a wedding ring fit, for example. 


What Is The Purpose Of A Garter Belt At A Wedding?

The purpose of the wedding garter belt is to secure the bride’s stocking. She can also choose to wear two, so she’ll still have something to keep after the garter toss. 


What does the garter belt symbolize?

Tossing the bride’s garter belt can symbolize many things, such as good luck or even the consummation of marriage. Some weddings also have the groom toss the garter to the bachelors believing that whoever catches it is next to get married. 



And that’s it! We just learned how to make a wedding garter belt, which is as easy as measuring your thigh to know the elastic length, then sewing lace onto the garter. 

We hope our measurement tips were helpful; leave us a question if you still have any. 

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