How To Make A Wedding Broom In 2 Steps

Did you know that you can learn how to make a wedding broom in two easy steps? First, we’ll start with construction and then decorate the wedding broom. 

But what is the use of the wedding broom? It is sometimes part of some ceremonies such as pagan weddings. 

how to make a wedding broom

You can read more about what to wear to a pagan wedding if you find yourself attending one as well. 


How To Make A Wedding Broom Yourself


Step 1. Gathering the materials for the wedding broom

  • Decide on the length of the wedding broom so that there will be enough room for the people jumping over it; the couple will be the ones jumping, so have them side by side and take the length of their shoulders 
  • With the length of the wedding broom jotted down, add a couple more for an allowance so it will still be long enough when you add the broom skirt 
  • Gather and combine enough branches or find a big one that will be sturdy enough to become the wedding broom handle
  • As for the wedding broom skirt, opt for softer and flexible sticks like twigs; cut the gathered twigs so they’ll have the same length 
  • If the twigs aren’t enough for the volume you want for the wedding broom, you can add other things like stems, grasses, and flowers


Step 2. Decorating and building the wedding broom

  • Starting with the wedding broom handle, debark the branch and sand it so it will look better and also feel better when handled
  • After sanding, paint the broom handle with the color you like or leave it natural for a more rustic feel 
  • Work the wedding broom skirt by having the collected twigs together
  • Wrap the gathered twigs with wire securely and insert the broom handle through the skirt 
  • Start from the bottom, then go through the skirting
  • Hold the end of the wedding broom and thump it on the ground to make sure the two pieces are combined well
  • Finish the wedding broom by decorating it or leave it as it is; if you’re leaving it as is, you can wrap the skirt around the handle more with wire then cover it with a strip of ribbon or burlap
  • Some common ways to decorate a wedding glue is by sticking flowers, jewels, and other details on the top with hot glue
  • You can also add some stones or beads on the broom skirting or wrap the handle with fabric


How Do You Decorate A Jumping Broom?

  • Wrap the handle with fabric or ribbon
  • Glue flowers and ribbons to the base of the broom handle
  • Attach flowers, beads, or crystals to the broom skirt
  • Paint or stain the broom handle and skirt
  • Include lace or netted material on the broom skirt


How Long Should A Wedding Broom Be?

The wedding broom should be long enough, so both the groom and bride have a bit of it in front of them. Consider making the broom length three feet long using a sturdy branch for its handle. 

Allocate some allowance as a part of the initial length will be taken when you attach the skirt. Furthermore, the skirt itself will also add length to the wedding broom. 

Let’s see how the wedding broom is jumped over to know why its length is crucial:


How do you do the jumping the broom ceremony?

After the couple exchanges their “I dos,” the officiant will explain the tradition and that jumping the broom is about to start. Then, someone will place the broom on the ground, and newlyweds will jump over it. 

As for the person who’ll place the broom on the ground can be anyone, but it’s usually someone significant to the couple. Furthermore, the couple can also jump over the broom holding hands or be at opposite ends to jump over each other’s broom at the same time or individually. 

What will happen to the wedding broom after the wedding? It’s more common for the wedding broom to be kept in the couple’s house, but it can also be passed down and treated as a family heirloom. 

Besides the broom, another wedding heirloom is the lasso. Read how to make a wedding lasso to know more. 


What Is The Broom Tradition At A Wedding?

The wedding broom tradition is where the newlyweds jump over a broom from the name itself. This wedding tradition is usually conducted after the couple’s vow exchange, but remember that modern weddings control how the ceremony will flow.

The history of jumping the broom can be traced back to the slave populations as it served as an alternative to weddings because of the race-based laws and customs. However, some also mentioned that jumping the broom originated in Wales in the 1700s in Roma communities. 

Nowadays, this tradition has many variations, including paired with a song, prayer, or poem. The bride may also attach the verse to the broom, or the wedding guests can tie ribbons to the broom to symbolize their best wishes to the couple. 



And that’s it! We’ve just discussed how to make a wedding broom, which is as easy as searching a sturdy branch for the handle and twigs for its skirt. 

From there, you only need to gather the twigs and push the handle through the skirt. Finally, you can keep it as is or decorate it with wedding-related designs.  

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