How To Make A Walk In Cooler With An Air Conditioner? 3 Easy Steps!

Do you want to build your walk-in cooler and asked, “How to make a walk in cooler with an air conditioner?” Some of you may think that it’s not possible, but it would take about three steps and a couple of days for this to construct. And you’ll need some sets of hands to make it easier for you.

A walk-in cooler would be essential if you’re planning to start a business such as a restaurant. It could help preserve all the meat and goods so that you’ll sell excellent quality products.

You can also use this for plants that need to be in lower temperatures and other things to store in a cool place. Or you can start an ice business.

You can use a walk-in cooler for a variety of purposes. Now, we’re going to tackle how you can DIY it!


Steps To Make A Walk In Cooler With An Air Conditioner

You can use any air conditioner for this setup. There are some that partner CoolBot to their AC for a better walk-in cooler. Still, there are several aspects to consider before constructing one.

First, determine the ideal site or storage area to utilize and supplies and other factors. But, don’t worry. The article will supply you with the necessary information on how to make a walk in cooler with an air conditioner.

And here they are:


Step #1. Plan and build

We have mentioned that you need to consider several variables before you start constructing it. So, first, you need to place and a sketch of the overall layout of your cooler.

To simplify the overall process, these are the most critical factors you need to take note of:


Factor #1. Location

Some argue that this isn’t required, but you should be aware of the location of the cooler. For example, if you’re planning to start a restaurant, you certainly don’t want to place the walk-in cooler near the front door, do you agree?

It should be near the kitchen staff so that they will have easy access to the produce. And the chefs don’t need to travel long distances to get a single tomato.


Factor #2. Dimensions

The dimensions typically depend on the amount or type of product you’re going to store. Most coolers have shelves on the sides and have ample space in the center to allow you a wide range of movements.

It’s easier to determine the dimensions if it’s placed inside the kitchen or any establishment since you already have the roof and floor. However, in some cases, you need to consider these two things.

An example is when you live on a farm, and you want to build a walk-in cooler to store your crops.


Factor #3. Materials

All walk-in coolers should be composed of insulation materials. It means that heat, electricity, or water could not enter. There are several insulation materials that you can use from such as polystyrene and polyurethane. But you can also use ThermoSteel panels for the roof, walls, and floor.

Ensure that you have done enough research and made up your mind about the materials to make your cooler well-insulated. And you can now buy the materials needed and start building the base.


Step #2. Attach your AC

If you have a window AC unit, cut a hole just big enough to fit. Make sure that the stock won’t prevent the airflow from the unit.

You can ask for help in installing your air conditioner. For your window AC, use aluminum channels and steels to hold it in place and keep it from falling.

Also, the location of your AC should allow it to ventilate. The exterior side of your window air conditioner should be on the outside and not the other room in the building. It’s because the outer side drips water. After all, the unit needs to drain the condensation.

For other types of ACs, make sure that they can ventilate correctly or that you can place them near the outdoor unit. For example, portable ACs need to have a small hole for the exhaust hose to pass through, but you can’t use this unit to cool a walk-in cooler.


Step #3. Add a thermostat or CoolBot

Your AC needs help in cooling the whole room. So, purchase another thermostat another than your AC’s to provide the room with a lower temperature.

A walk-in cooler has an ideal temperature of 35-38 degrees Fahrenheit. And your air conditioner can only give you a temperature of about 60 degrees. So, some invest in CoolBot, which looks and functions as a thermostat for this structure. But it can also be helpful for other purposes.

However, you can use an aquarium controller or heating thermostat as an alternative. But you should ask help from a certified electrician to install the other thermostat.


Wrapping Up!

And we have walked you through the steps on how to make a walk in cooler with an air conditioner.

We hope you’ll find inspiration and enough knowledge to build your cooler for your goods. It could provide you an excellent storage room to maintain the quality of your products.

Best of luck!

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