3 Quick And Easy DIY Methods On How To Make A Tire Chair

In this article, you will know different methods on how to make a tire chair. There is nothing better than knowing how to make a tire chair, especially when you have old tires at home.

Creatively repurposing your tires enables you to create new furniture out of something considered trash. It does not only save money but also lets you design on your own!

how to make a tire chair


How To Make A Chair From Your Old Tire

Before anything else, ensure to clean your old tires thoroughly. Having clean materials is a must; otherwise, you can get bacteria or infections from dirty tires. You can use water and various cleaning agents for this matter.

After cleaning your tire, you can proceed with choosing which method you would prefer to do.


Method #1. Weaving the seat


Step #1. Drill holes

First, mark and drill 16 holes around the tire. The holes should be parallel and straight so that the weaving process will be easy.


Step #2. Paint

Get some paint with colors depending on your preferences. Start painting the base and the body of your tire. Painting your tire with bright colors is better!


Step #3. Weave

Grab your bungee cords, insert one of the ends onto the first hole, and tie the rope. Pull the other end to the other side of the tire and slip it inside the hole. Tug it inside the adjacent hole under the top of the tire and insert it upwards from the hole.

Repeat the process until the seat is covered. Copy the same steps for the horizontal weaving process.

After that, attach the tire to another tire. Drill four holes on both tires and screw them together.


Method #2. Creating a chair cushion


Step #1. Cut wood

Initially, cut a circle on plywood (17 inches or 43 cm diameter). Using heavy-duty glue, glue the wood onto the top of your tire. Let it dry for approximately 8 hours.


Step #2. Cut foam

On the other hand, cut another circle on plywood (15 inches or 38 cm diameter). Trace the measurements for the foam and cut it also. Carefully glue them together.


Step #3. Wrap fabric

Wrap the foam with fabric. You can use heavy-duty staplers for this step. Cut excess fabric from the cushion.

Adding designs and painting them is optional, but they give a better look for your tire chair. You can put some buttons on the seat as a design.


Method #3. Making a round sofa from it


Step #1. Create the lid

For the lid, cut a circle on plywood. The size may vary, depending on the diameter of your tire. Drill four holes on it, one on the top center, one on the bottom center, one on the left-center, and drill one on the right-center.

After that, wrap the lid with foam and fabric. You can use heavy-duty glue, fabric glue, or a heavy-duty stapler.


Step #2. Make the base

In making the base, wrap the tire with foam and fabric. You can use the same method on step one through using the said materials.


Step #3. Create the bottom and the legs

After making the lid and the base, you can make another circle on plywood for the bottom. Wrap the wood with fabric.

For the feet of the tire chair, create four blocks of wood. Attach the parts altogether.


Step #4. Finish with the backrest

Lastly, cut five or six pieces of wood for the backrest. Attach the woods onto the side of the tire chair. Ensure that there are spaces between each wood.

To attach them, drill the bottom of the wood. Drill the tire also and screw them together.

Note that you should check whether the wood moves or not. If the wood moves, you can use heavy-duty glue to keep them together.

Next, cut a block of foam that can cover the woods and glue it in place. Cover the backrest by sewing fabric onto it.


Why Should You Have A Tire Chair?

Making a tire chair can give off various good things for everyone. Having a tire chair gives you a comfortable seat either indoors or outdoors. Moreover, tire chairs are not costly because you are only recycling your old tires!

Tire recycling does not only enable you to have a new seat without spending much, but it also helps everyone to take care of the environment. It reduces pollution and the volume of tires in landfill spaces.

In short, making tire chairs is the best idea because it helps everyone.



Creativity is all you need when you want to know how to make a tire chair. You have different choices on what kind of look you would like to give to your old tire. You can weave to make the seat, create your cushion, or you can completely turn your tire into a comfy round sofa!

Since you have already read this guide, you can now start recycling your old tires and enjoy your new tire chair!

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