How To Make A Tilt Bed Trailer? 10 Easy Step!

Do you want to learn how to make a tilt bed trailer?

Constructing it is a bit challenging, but we’re here to help you out.

how to make a tilt bed trailer

Tilt bed trailers are devices useful in loading and unloading various heavy objects, such as furniture.

You don’t need special ramps because of their tilted feature.

Plus, tilt bed trailers could last for more years than ordinary utility trailers.

So, you can consider purchasing this equipment if you often carry heavy materials or just DIY it!

This article will guide you if you want to make it yourself.

So, read on!


Designing A Tilt Bed Trailer

Instead of just sticking to utility bed trailers or those who only have one purpose.

You should consider tilt bed trailers since they are practical in plenty of ways.

But, be sure of the materials it is made of before trusting it in carrying heavy and valuable objects.

Before constructing a tilt bed trailer, we will first design it and gather its materials.

Follow these steps to know how to make a tilt bed trailer:


Step#1. Draw

The first step in making your tilt bed is to know what you want it to look like and how big you want it to be.

On a piece of paper, sketch the base of your bed trailer.

Measure your preferred dimensions and write them on paper.

In this step, you may also determine what material you are going to use in the base.

It may be wood or metal.

The dimensions will also give you an idea of the estimated amount of materials you need to buy later.


Step#2. Determine the maximum load

Knowing your goal maximum load will help you determine the size of the wheels, axles, and other parts.

These parts will support the overall weight of the base and the material being carried.

The maximum load can also dictate the size and strength of the materials for the base, wood, or metal.

Take note that you can aim for a high maximum load, such as a tilt bed trailer that can carry your car.

It only depends on how sturdy and reliable its material is.


Step#3. Buy the materials needed

Here is a guide for the parts you need to buy:

  • Material (Preferably steel)
  • Wheels
  • Axles
  • Suspension springs
  • U-channel steel
  • Additional steel tubing
  • Bolts and pins
  • Rust-resistant paint

You can buy these materials in any hardware store.

And you can adjust their length yourself or request it in the store.


Construct Your DIY Tilt Bed Trailer

So, we have designed and gathered all the materials needed for our tilt bed trailer.

Now, let’s get started!


Step #1. Cut and weld

Let’s start with the chassis, which is the base frame of the trailer.

Cut all the steel materials needed for the base depending on your initial measured dimensions.

Lay them out to form the framework, then solidly solder them together.

Next, weld the additional chassis cross-member 4 inches ahead of the axle.


Step #2. The trailer tongue

The trailer’s tongue is essential in connecting the tilt bed trailer to your towing vehicle.

This part can be seen on the front side of the trailer.

Lay the tubing depending on how you want the tongue to appear.

Usually, these parts are triangular or square in shape.

Position the tubing into the U-channel so that one end of both pieces of steel is even.


Step #3. Drill

You can now drill a 5/8-inch hole at the end of the steels.

We suggest that you drill the steel tubing and U-channel together so that the holes are lined up perfectly.

In the U-channel, make sure to center the hole halfway from the top to the bottom of the steel.

By inserting a 5/8-inch bolt, ensure that the steels are aligned.


Step#4. Drill again

Drill a second hole with the same size as the previous one.

The hole should be located 2 inches from the opposite end of the U-channel, also centered halfway up and down.

With just one take of drilling, you can align both holes flawlessly.

Then, separate both plates of steel together by removing the bolt.


Step#5. Secure the U-channel

Position the U-channel steel below the chassis cross-member and at the front of the trailer deck.

Ensure that when the trailer is upright, the open end of the U will face the ground.

With this, you can check if you’re doing the right thing.

Secure this steel by welding it to the frame and cross member.


Step#6. Attach the trailer coupler, bolts, and pins

You can insert the trailer coupler to the undrilled end of the trailer tongue.

Add more security to the end of the U-channel under the trailer by using a 5/8-inch bolt.

The bolt will be used as the tilt system pivot joint of your bed trailer.

Lock it in place by using a hitch pin in the holes ahead of the trailer deck.

This pin will serve as the lock-down mechanism.


Step#7. Finishing touches

Attach the suspension springs, axles, and wheels.

You may also wish to add custom features such as side rails and lights.

To prevent the exposed steel from rusting, cover it with rust-resistant paint.

Lastly, attach your deck boards.

And that is how to make a tilt bed trailer.



Whew! That was a lot of work.

Yet, we have learned once again how to make a tilt bed trailer.

This machinery allows you to exert less effort and save time.

And it’s long-lasting and reliable.

You won’t regret having one of these!

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