How To Make A Tent On Your Bed? 3 Best Ways!

Are you interested in staying in a tent and want to know how to make a tent on your bed?

You might be in bed right now and bored. That’s why you are here.

How to make a tent on your bed

Have you ever got the thought of upgrading your bed into something more exciting?

I’ll tell you what to do. But, first, why don’t you make a tent on your very own bed?

You don’t need to go camping to have a tent. You can make it in your bedroom.

Making a tent on your bed can be very fun and exciting to do. It is excellent for both adults and children to have.

Building a bed tent gives a spirit of adventure. It also provides a cozy and relaxing hideaway for you and your family.


Ways To Make A Tent On Your Bed

When we were kids, we usually build tents on our beds and play with our siblings or friends.

It would serve as a fortress or a house, depending on the kid’s imagination.

There is no age limit in creating one. If you want a little camping atmosphere in your room, then why not?

Regardless, there are different types and ways on how to make your bed into a tent.

Here types on how to make a tent on your bed:


#1. Curtain rod

This type of bed tent is elementary to do, and you need to attach a curtain rod to the ceiling of your bed.

Arrange it vertically to your bed in the middle area.

Locate and mark the area on your ceiling where you will attach the rod. Measure how long it will be.

Mark two holes on each end and, using a driller, make holes on the areas marked.

Attach the rod to the ceiling using nails or screws. Screw it tightly and make sure it is safe enough not to fall.

Grab a cloth that is large enough to use as a tent. Hang it through the rod you made.

Adjust the fabric and insert the edges of the material on the sides of your bed.

The result would provide a triangle tent look. You may also personalize it to your wants.


#2. DIY bed tent

For this type of bed tent, it will require a lot of effort.

You will be needing the following:

Wooden boards, screws, bolts, canvas cloths, thread, scissors, measuring tape, and a sewing machine.

Another option is that you may do it traditionally.

The tent frame will be attached to your bed.

Start with two boards forming into a triangle on the top and bottom sides of your bed.

You may adjust it depending on how tall you want the tent to be.

First, cut the edges to angle it with the bed frame and connecting the two.

Use screws to attach them and to secure the boards to the bed frame.

Measure the length of the bed from the top side to the bottom side.

This measurement will be the length used on the board to connect the two triangles on the leading edge.

Could you provide at least two of them? Grab one panel and put it on top of the triangles.

Cut the edges and securely screw them at the top.

Next, grab the other board with the same length and attach it to one side of the triangle.

Place it on the middle of the side, connecting the top and bottom sides of the triangle again.

Cut the edges and screw them into the triangle side.

Now you have the tent frame, use the canvas cloth to make the cover of the tent.

The sewing machine will help you create perfect twitches for the body.

Attach the fabric of the tent around the frame you made.

Keep one side of the tent able to be open.

This side of the tent will act as the entrance of the tent.

You may leave the other side of the cover draping down.

And you can place a Velcro tape on the sides or a knot to tie the cover-up.

Feel free to add more decorations like fairy lights.


#3. Blanket fort

This type is the most typical bed tent for everyone. It is effortless to do, and no woodwork is needed.

Your child can even create this on their own.

You will need a blanket, rope, pillows, clips, and hooks.

Grab your rope and stretch it from one side to another.

Make sure that you will cover the bed area.

Put hooks on both sides where you will be attaching the rope. Ensure that the string is securely tied.

Get your blanket and attach it to the rope. To keep the blanket in place, clip the blanket on the string.

Tuck the sheets to your bed and add the pillows. You may add more decorations and personalize them to what you want.

Making a tent on your bed is easy.

We all experienced as a child building our fort in the bedroom with just chairs and a blanket.

It is fun to do and gives that camping atmosphere when you’re inside it.

If you want your bed to be more attractive, add a classic tent style to your bed.

Most DIY tents are easy to make and do not need professional skills to do. You may also use recycled materials in creating your bed tent.



“How to make a tent on your bed?” is no longer unanswered.

If you love camping, hiking, or have an outdoor activity and miss the feeling of it, try to make these DIY tents in your bedroom.

Enjoy making it with your family and friends. Have fun and have that cozy feeling after.

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