4 Easy Steps On How To Make A Taggies Blanket For Babies 

You need to gather as many random pieces of cloth and ribbon as possible. That is how to make a taggies blanket for babies.


how to make a taggies blanket

This will give the piece variety and texture, which your babies will love.


You probably haven’t heard of a taggies blanket yet, but at least you realize now what a valuable gift it is for your little one!


What Is A Taggies Blanket Used For?

A taggies blanket is a piece of material with different types of ribbon sewn around it.


It serves a two-in-one purpose for your baby; a security blanket when they need to sleep and a sensory stimulator for their early years.


The different textures of the ribbons can keep your baby occupied most of the day while they explore.


It will also develop their motor skills as they will constantly hold and touch the cloth!


The first three years are the most essential for your baby’s development; that is why it is vital to keep them engaged and give them toys that can help them physically and mentally.


How they play early on may affect their intelligence when they are older.


If you play with them, it will benefit them further. Your babies will develop social skills, and your bond with your little one will be stronger. 


When Can Babies Sleep With A Taggies Blanket?

Now that you know the benefits of this blanket, you must be so eager to give one to your baby.


Just remember that the best age to introduce any type of blanket to them is twelve months.


When they are this old, they can grab onto things and control the movement of their hands.


Before they are twelve months, your baby shouldn’t have anything with him in the crib because it could be dangerous. 


What Is The Best Size For This Blanket?

How big should you make your blanket? Will any size do? The usual area of this piece is 16 x 16 inches.


However, you can make it bigger or smaller depending on the baby’s needs.


You can choose any scrap fabric to do your project, but the most popular material for a taggies blanket is Minky fabric.


It’s soft, and it comes in many different colors. It will catch the attention of your little ones.


Cotton is another prevalent material for these blankets. It is gentle on the babies’ skin, and it’s highly absorbent.


Organic cotton won’t give your little one allergies, so your baby will be comfortable, and you won’t have to worry about itchiness!


What Materials Do You Need To Make This Blanket?

Are you ready to start making your own blanket? You need to prepare your materials first! Don’t forget what they are:


  • Some scraps of fabric around 20cm x 20cm. You may choose a smaller or larger size 
  • Assorted ribbons of different colors and textures around 10 cm long 
  • Pins and needles 
  • A sewing machine (optional) because it can make your work so much faster!


Step-By-Step Process On How To Make A Taggies Blanket

This is how you can start making your taggies blanket with the materials you have gathered. When you are done, you will have a unique project that even older kids might love!


Step#1. Get your materials ready 

Gather all the fabric and ribbons you need. You may use some cotton or wool for your project.


Step#2. Put the ribbons in place

Make sure that the ribbons are of varying lengths and thickness when you arrange them on your sheet. This will make the cloth feel more exciting and engaging for your baby.


Keep your main cloth facing up while your ribbons are facing in. Pin them together and repeat as many times as needed for your piece.


Then, put a second fabric on top of your ribbons.


Step#3. Run it through a sewing machine

Using a machine is optional, but it will save you a lot of time and effort than hand sewing. Run your piece through the machine, but leave a portion for turning the cloth inside out.


Step#4. Finishing touches

Sew the ends of your piece shut, and you’re done!


What Is A Crinkle Blanket? 

Imagine your baby is getting more and more curious, he likes holding things too much, and his eyes always have an intelligent look.


What gift can keep them entertained?


This is where a crinkle blanket comes in handy; it is a taggies blanket with plastic or some other stiff material inside to create a “crunch” sound when the baby touches it.


This helps your little one feel engaged.


This blanket is the perfect first toy for your toddler. It’s functional, but it’s also quiet, easy to bring around, and easy to wash, so it’s suitable for the parents too.



Educational toys are always the best for your little ones.


When you learn how to make a taggies blanket, you will be able to give your baby a gift they will love well into their toddler years.


It’s a great way to reuse scrap fabric; since the more varied the materials are, the better.