How To Make A Swivel Chair: Easy 6-Part Step-by-Step Guide

No one can deny that swivel chairs are indeed one of the most popular chair styles. In this article, we will fill your knowledge on how to make a swivel chair!

Matching and mixing styles, fabrics, and woods is a fun way to decorate on a budget while also making a house seem marvelous. Adding a swivel to your chair is a simple way to show your chair some love, and we assure you that you will sit in it a lot more than ever!


Making A DIY Swivel Chair


Step #1. Prepare the chair

Place the chair on a solid or flat work surface. To make the chair more accessible, flip it in front of you. Cut off the black fabric found underneath your chair.

Since we’re going to attach the swivel base and ring, check your chair if it is made out of wood or not because not all chairs are the same anyway. It is important that you know how to work with the material you have since one wrong move may ruin everything.


Step #2. Make a base

If your chair isn’t made of wood, you’ll need to purchase 1×4 plywood cut to the same depth as your chair. Attach the plywood underneath your chair.

You may secure the pieces of wood to the bottom of your chair once you have the screws. Make sure that the screws go firmly into the wood frame so the entire thing will be stable and sturdy enough.


Step #3. Screw-in the plywood

The trickiest part of this project is figuring out where to put the base. You may need to cut away the plastic liner and remove staples with pliers to reveal the wood edge frame if you can’t see it.

Use a 1/8th drill bit to predrill holes in your plywood. Place the wood pieces in the center of your chair, leaving enough space for the swivel base and ring to be attached.

TIP: Before you attach the pieces of wood, make sure you measure the space between them. Your swivel ring will fit onto that wood, so keep that in mind. After you’ve finished pre-drilling your holes, use your no. 10 screws to drill the two pieces of plywood into the bottom of the chairs.


Step #4. Bolt and make your guide holes

The swivel base and ring will then be bolted into the chair. You’ll need 1.5-inch bolts to secure the swivel base to the plywood. You’ll require four of them.

To reveal the four holes where the bolts will go, turn the swivel base into a star shape. With a pen, mark four spots in the center of the base/ring on your plywood.


Step #5. Attach and drill the swivel

Place the swivel on top of the base. Make sure to position the rocker base according to the hole marks you did from the previous step.

Using a 1/8 inch drill bit, pre-drill the bolt holes. Using the nuts and washers, secure your bolts to the swivel base.


Step #6. Finishing

If your chair had legs, you’d need to remove them for the swivel to work. Saw them off with a manual or power saw. Finally, take pleasure in your new swivel chair, as well as the fact that you just saved over $300 by installing it yourself!


Can you convert a recliner to a swivel base?

You can make a recliner rock and swivel. A swivel and rocking chair is handy if there is a new baby in the family. A pleasant chair, such as a Lane recliner, can be made to rock and swivel.


How can I disable the swivel feature of my recliner?

Step #1. Flip the recliner over, so the base is facing up. If necessary, enlist the assistance of a buddy.

Step #2. Rotate the chair’s base so that the holes on the swivel base line up with the holes on the chair’s base.

Step #3. In the gap between the holes, if necessary, place spacer bushings.

Step #4. Tighten the screws that go through the holes in the swivel base, the spacer bushings, and into the recliner base.

Step #5. Raise the chair to its full height. The swivel feature is now disabled.



Everyone knows how simple it is to walk into a furniture store and buy an entire full living room set, but this doesn’t add value nor enhance a home. Furniture made and marketed in sets has excessive markups, and it rarely performs well in the location it is designed.

If you forego the convenience of furniture sets and instead utilize your creativity, you’re likely to end up with furniture that you adore and that exudes quality and class.

That is why we encourage you to personalize your furniture by incorporating new components into the meaningful pieces you’ve inherited and produced over time. With any luck, we hope this article gave you enough knowledge on how to make a swivel chair!

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