How To Make A Swaddling Blanket In 2 Quick Steps

For those who want to learn how to make a swaddling blanket, we have two steps to teach you! While you can always buy a swaddling blanket, it’s a relatively easy and fun project for DIY. You can even customize it more for your little one. 

Like other baby blankets, make sure that you’ll use the ideal materials for the swaddling blanket. Some parents even use one blanket as the receiving and swaddling blanket. Carry on reading to learn more, as well as how to swaddle your baby safely. 

How To Make A Swaddling Blanket


How To Make A Swaddling Blanket At Home


1. Cut your fabric and prepare it for sewing

The first step to make a swaddling blanket is two prepare and cut the material. We will talk more about the best fabric and sizes for swaddling blankets later but aim to use something soft and lightweight. Typically, two and a half yards of material might provide you two blankets. 

If you just bought the fabric, it would help to wash and dry it before cutting since some materials shrink. This way, you’ll get the true dimensions. After you cut the fabric to your desired size, you can also round the corners before sewing the blanket. 


2. Hem and sew the edges of the blankets

Fold the fabric piece’s edges at around half an inch, and then fold them again at the same size to create a crease. Iron them in place to hem the blanket and sew with half an inch of the seam allowance. You can straight stitch by hand or with a sewing machine, whichever you’re more comfortable doing. 

And that’s it! You just quickly made a swaddling blanket using basic sewing skills. If you don’t want to hem the edges, you can also finish the raw edges with serger or zigzag stitches. When making a swaddling blanket, the main idea is to cut a fabric piece and finish the edges simply.


How Much Fabric Do I Need To Make A Swaddle Blanket?

A yard of fabric is enough to make one swaddle blanket measuring 36 by 36 inches. You can also get two more oversized swaddle blankets from 2.5 square yards of material. For this amount, you can have two 44 by 44-inch swaddle blankets.

Because there are different sizes of swaddle blankets, you can always purchase extra fabric. If you find yourself with as many as 3.5 square yards of fabric, you’ll be able to produce a very large 60 by 60-inch swaddle blanket. 


What Is The Best Fabric For A Swaddling Blanket?

The most ideal material for those who want to learn how to make a swaddling blanket is anything lightweight, soft, and has a bit of stretch. More so, the finished blanket should wash and dry quickly without losing its feel. Some best examples are flannel or double gauze cloth, cotton, muslin, and interlock knit

You should easily find different colors and add your personal touch to your baby’s swaddling blanket. However, remember our tip earlier before cutting your fabric. Wash and dry it first so you won’t end up with a smaller finished blanket. 


What Is The Best Size For A Swaddle Blanket?

The most common swaddle blanket dimensions are 36 by 36 inches. However, you can always have something larger to swaddle your baby much more manageably. With extra materials, why not try making a 44 by 44-inch blanket or even 60 by 60-inch swaddle blanket?

Over time, these oversized blankets can have other uses as your baby grows. It can become a handy surface for playtime, diaper changing, or even as a cover for you and your little one. Some children also grow fond of their blanket and look to it as a sense of security. 


How To Use A Swaddling Blanket Correctly

Swaddling is an excellent way to help your baby sleep. However, it still has some risks that you must keep in mind. Here is the safest way to swaddle a baby, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics

  1. Start with the blanket flat with one corner folded, then place your baby face upward on it. 
  2. The baby’s head should be above the folded corner before you straighten his/her left arm and wrap the same blanket corner over his/her body
  3. Tuck the blanket between your baby’s right arm and side
  4. Tuck your baby’s right arm down and fold the same blanket corner over his/her body and under his/her left side
  5. Fold the bottom of the blanket loosely and tuck it under one side of your baby
  6. Check if the blanket is too tight because you’re aiming to fit about two of your fingers between the baby’s chest and the blanket

When to stop swaddling

You should stop swaddling once your baby can roll over, which typically happens around two months of age. Furthermore, always consult your pediatrician for more concerns regarding swaddling. 



Newborns can feel overwhelmed with the new environment, and swaddling can help calm them. You can learn how to make a swaddling blanket in two steps without needing many techniques. You’re only cutting any lightweight and soft fabric according to your desired blanket size and then finish the edges. 

Hopefully, this two-step guide has helped you learned how to make a swaddling blanket in under an hour. Did you try making one today? Let us know below!