How To Make A Sunflower Wedding Bouquet In 2 Steps

Those who want to know how to make a sunflower wedding bouquet can simplify the DIY bouquet into two steps. This sunflower wedding bouquet uses a mixture of real and fake flowers, so it will fit the budget and aesthetics, regardless of your wedding theme. 

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how to make a sunflower wedding bouquet


DIY Sunflower Bouquet Tutorial: How To Make A Sunflower Wedding Bouquet

This sunflower bouquet uses fake sunflowers because they’re easier and cheaper from the source. Some real ones can also look too awkward and oversized for bridal bouquets. 

You should also prepare orchids, succulents, ferns, wildflowers, and other accent florals and greeneries that match the wedding theme because of their colors and textures. And of course, the sunflower wedding bouquet will need floral wire, cutters, and decorative ribbons or fabrics.  


Step 1. Arrange the sunflower wedding bouquet

  • Layout all the sunflowers and other florals and greeneries for the sunflower bouquet to know which will need their stems lengthened and use wrap floral wire pieces to them
  • Start with the sunflowers in the middle of the bridal bouquet arrangement and add around them 
  • There’s no need to be technical in the placements and numbers, but it will look good if the sunflower bouquet has some symmetrical features
  • Experiment with the heights of the greeneries and wildflowers so they accentuate the sunflowers
  • If you’re unsure about how to bundle the flowers, read the basic rules of flower arranging for tips 


Step 2. Finish the sunflower bouquet

  • After making the bouquet, stop for a bit and assess if you’re satisfied with the size and overall look of the arrangement
  • You can consider adding jewelry such as brooches since bridal bouquets nowadays are a way to incorporate heirloom accessories in the wedding attire of the bride
  • Add smaller accents on the empty spaces in the arrangement, typically between the heads of the sunflowers to finish 
  • Wrap the bouquet tightly at the base going up 
  • Trim the stem tips if needed and cover the floral tape with ribbon or burlap, whichever suits the wedding theme
  • You can also glue pearls and stones on the bouquet handle to make the DIY sunflower bouquet more cohesive with the wedding gown of the bride


How Do You Arrange A Sunflower Bouquet?

DIY sunflower bouquets are surprisingly easy to do and they provide a unique look from the typical white rose bouquet that brides hold down the aisle. Here are some tips to apply if this is your chosen flower for your bouquet: 

  • Please know how long before the wedding can you make the bouquet, especially when using fresh flowers
  • Since sunflowers are quite large, do not use other sizable blooms for a more balanced bridal bouquet; however, roses can pair nicely with sunflowers as long as you use lighter greenery
  • Use two to three flowers only then use accents and greenery to make the bouquet bigger
  • June to October is sunflower season, so compare your wedding date if you’re using fresh blooms for your bouquet
  • After having the cut sunflowers delivered or after you gathered them from the garden, make sure to rehydrate them first before arranging
  • Fill a bucket with fresh cold water and flower food and soak the stem tips for an hour or two before arranging the sunflowers into a bouquet


What Filler Flowers Go With Sunflowers?

When making a sunflower wedding bouquet, one of the things that can be tricky for DIY is knowing the best flowers to partner the sunflowers with because of their size. You don’t want the sunflowers to not look like the primary flowers of the wedding bouquet. 

That being said, use these blooms and play with colors when arranging a wedding bouquet with sunflowers as the main focus:

  • Red roses
  • Tulips
  • Marigold
  • Dahlias
  • Zinnias
  • Carnations 
  • Orchids
  • Daisies
  • Chrysanthemums

Be generous with greeneries and succulents when making a sunflower wedding bouquet because green looks best with sunflowers. You can also add berries and jewelry to the bouquet. 


What Do You Put In A Sunflower Bouquet?

If you want a classic-looking wedding bouquet for your traditional wedding, you can pair sunflowers with roses, pansies, poppies, begonias, and a handful of greenery. Those who want a rustic or boho bouquet, on the other hand, can create a sunflower arrangement with dahlias, tulips, anemones, and marigolds, to give you some ideas. 

What greenery goes with sunflowers? You can pretty much experiment with foliage and greenery with sunflowers, but the best ones are large leaves and grasses like bunny tails for texture and variety. 


Are Sunflowers Good For A Wedding Bouquet?

Brides who don’t want the classic white rose wedding bouquet can consider a sunflower bridal bouquet. You don’t even need other primary flowers as greenery and filler flowers will make a gorgeous sunflower bouquet. 

Sunflowers are also ideal for a boho bride or a summer wedding or a wedding theme with greens and yellows. 



Was this tutorial helpful? To recap how to make a sunflower wedding bouquet, you can use fake sunflowers if fresh ones aren’t in season for your wedding. 

Then, there are no rules on how to arrange them since the boho and imperfect look is perfect for a sunflower bouquet. Let us know below how your DIY bouquet turns out!

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