How To Make A Slipcover For A Recliner Chair In 5 Easy Steps

In making slipcovers, you need cloth, sewing materials, and the five steps on how to make a slipcover for a recliner chair. You can buy the materials at a shop near you, and luckily you’ll catch  our procedure in this article.

Slipcovers for recliner chairs is quite messy work, especially for beginners, but here we will provide you the most straightforward ways to DIY your very own recliner chair slipcover.

how to make a slipcover for a recliner chair

For a bit of familiarization, recliner chairs are chairs equipped with moving parts, a backrest that you can tilt backward, and a footrest that extends. Recliner chairs are designed for pure comfort and relief. Everyone can adjust the perfect angle to sit on with its moving mechanisms.


DIY Steps Of A Slipcover For Recliner Chair

There can be DIY steps for beginners and for experts. The ones we’ll give you here can be used no matter which crafter you are.


Step #1. Prepare your materials

This is always true with every work. Preparations reduce the hassle of constantly searching for the materials you need, so it is best to prepare everything you need beforehand.

In this procedure, the most important things you need are: drop cloth or fabric of your choice, sewing materials such as pins and needles, measuring materials, and of course, your very own reclining chair. Make sure to do this in a clear area because you might drop a couple of pins along the way and may cause harm. Working in a clear area also reduces the stress in working.


Step #2. Measure

Now that you have prepared everything that you might need, it’s time to measure the required areas for your pieces. To do this in a way that will reduce the hassle of taking apart the slipcover during laundry day, try to make separate pieces of the back of the chair, the armrest, the seat, and the footrest.

You might have a lot to sew later on, but it’s much easier than sewing a single large piece for your slipcover. Follow the outline of your chair as close as possible to ensure a tight fit later on and add a tiny bit of allowance for you to work your way later on.


Step #3. Cut

Now you have the appropriate measurements for your pieces, cut away the cloth you will be using for the procedure. Be careful when using scissors when cutting the pieces.

After cutting, place the cloth all over the chair. See if the pieces appropriately fit the outlines of the chairs.


Step #4. Pin

Here comes the part of placing your pins. Place your pieces inside out because you will flip them once you’re done sewing.

Pin the pieces together following the outline of the chair as taut as possible to ensure a great fit. These pins will be your guide when sewing the pieces all together later on.


Step #5. Sew and trim

Here comes the last part, and your efforts will be finally paid. Sew the pieces following the pins that you have placed, try to sew little paths of pins, and check if it fits the chair. Doing this would allow you to adjust for errors and misalignments in the process.

Sew every part accordingly and apply the necessary piping and hems appropriately. Once you’re done sewing, trim the excess fabrics, flip your slipcover, and place it on your recliner chair. Congratulations, you have now succeeded in making your very own reclining chair slipcover!


How much material does slipcover for recliners take up?

The materials in making slipcovers mainly depend on the chair itself. There are varying sizes out there, so it’s best to measure your chair’s dimensions to know the area of materials that you need.


How to keep recliner cover in place

Keeping the recliner cover in place is quite simple. You can add zippers or buttons to your slipcover so that they stay in place. Ensuring a tight fit of your covers also helps, as well as using the chair with care.


Can you buy a slipcover for recliner seats?

Yes, you can. There are many slipcovers in the market waiting for you to explore, that is, if you’re feeling a little bit lazy and stay away from the tedious working process.

Many businesses are dabbling in creating seat covers and are making a profit out of it. But then, why not try creating one?

Not only will you accomplish something, you can also save a bit of money for yourself. Just make sure to measure your recliner chair’s dimension before buying one, though, so that you can avoid wasting your money.



Now you know how to make a slipcover for a recliner chair, you now have free reign on creating various designs for your slipcovers. May it be as fabulous as you want or a more simple classical look — it’s up to you. With a little bit of time and practice, you will be creating fantastic slipcovers that could put those commercial ones to shame.

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