How To Make A Slipcover For A Parsons Chair: 9 Easy Steps

In this article, we offer the most accessible techniques if you want to know how to make a slipcover for a parsons chair. We’ll talk about the safest way to create your slipcover, especially if you’re a newbie in upholstery hacks. Also, stay intact in this article because we offer tips on making your slipcover look lovely!


Materials Needed

Before proceeding to the step-by-step procedure, make sure to gather these materials.


Making Your Parsons Chair Slipcover


Step #1. Choose a fabric

You must choose a fabric that’ll be suitable for your chair. Use for about 1.5 yards, but make sure to measure your chair before starting since there’d be instances that chairs have different measurements.

Note: We suggest using an upholstery fabric or a heavier fabric because a lightweight fabric can cause tears.


Step #2. Decide how long do you want your fabric will be around the bottom of the chair

Drape the fabric right over the back of the parsons chair. It would be best if you allow yourself to put some extra inch or two on the back of the chair below where you want the fabric to end for a slipcover hem.

Also, remember that you need to allow for about 2-3 inches where your seat meets the back of the parson chair to connect it well. Make sure to line it up correctly, then cut.


Step #3. Pin each side of the chair

With the fabric right sides in, you’ll need to pin each side of the chair. It’ll be your first line that you’ll sew.


Step #4. Mark connection line from pin to pin 

On either side of the chair, use your ruler and pencil to mark out the connection line from pin to pin, just like connecting the dots. Along the line, you have to sew to make sure that it is a good fit for your parson chair.

Note: It would be best to use a fabric pencil, but using a regular pencil is just fine if you do not have one.


Step #5. Right side in, one side is sewn together

You need to put the fabric back on the chair. Then, adjust the pins where it is needed for the chair’s slipcover.

Note: Repeat the process on the other side of the chair.


Step #6. Pin the corner down to a triangle and mark a pencil line at the end of the chair

On top of your chair, pin down the corner into a triangle. With your pencil, you need to mark a line where the end of the chair is.

If you want to make it a perfect fit, it should be more banana-shaped than straight to your chair. Then sew along the line right after you can cut the excess off if the chair has a bulky fabric.


Step #7. The back meets the seat part, draw with a pencil line

If you pull too tight, the seam will be too high. If you pull too loose, the seam will be too low.

You have to pin along the line and then sit on the chair before you sew the fabric. If you’re not convinced, you can make some adjustments to your seat.

When you think the adjustments are alright, proceed to sew. After sewing, put the cover on the right side out and test it before proceeding to step 6.

Note: Adjust if necessary.


Step #8. Put the cover inside out and on top of the chair

Put the skirt inside-out, pin the skirt in the front center first at the corner of the chair and on the other sides. Suppose the seam is not on the seat itself but the crease, then sew.


Step #9. Put your parson’s chair slipcover right side out and pin the hem

Put your slipcover on the chair right side out, then pin the hem to the bottom. Measure it first before sewing the hem.


Tips to make your slipcover look pleasant to the eyes


Iron any creases

With your clothing iron, to make your slipcover look neat, you have to iron it to straighten the crease of the fabric.


Tuck in your fabric if you think there’s a tiny excess from your chair

Every measurement is not always ‘perfect.’ If you have excess from the slipcover fabric, tuck in the excess to some pockets of your chair to hide the imperfections of the cover’s measurement.


Choose a clean type of fabric

When you choose your fabric, aim for the nicest and cleanest one! It’s also necessary to clean your fabric to make it look pleasant in the eyes. If you choose a lovely fabric but not clean, it’ll ruin the purpose of making the chair look pretty.



Adding a little bit of twist to your furniture is a great choice! We’re glad that you got this far in this article on how to make a slipcover for a parsons chair. You have to follow these steps, and you’ll be able to sit back and relax!

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