How To Make A Shirt Pillow Without Sewing

Did you know that learning how to make a shirt pillow without sewing only takes two steps? Besides pillow protectors from various fabrics, you can use a shirt and make the pillow itself. And best of all, it is even sew-free!

You can make these shirt pillows as memorabilia to commemorate your favorite shirts or as personalized gifts for friends. And if you have no sewing experience, you can use the techniques below without the need for a thread and needle. Continue reading and make a shirt pillow now!

How To Make A Shirt Pillow Without Sewing


How To Make A Shirt Pillow Without Sewing For Beginners

Making a shirt pillow is relatively easy as long as you know the look you want to achieve. If you had made a memory pillow from a shirt before, the steps are somewhat similar, minus the sewing part. Therefore, you can expect that a no-sew shirt pillow will be more simple.


Step #1. Design

If you’re using a t-shirt with a graphic design, you want to cut around it with the two fabric layers aligned. It will be easier to pin the shirt into place first as well. Don’t forget to allocate fabric around the design to suit the pillow size you’re aiming for. 

After taking the graphic design, fold the fabric into four, and cut out a square at the top right corner of all the layers. Unfold the t-shirt, and then cut smaller strips in both layers of fabric. The measurements will depend on how big you want your shirt pillow is, but it’s common for most people to follow decorative pillow dimensions

The square at the corners you cut can be around 2 by 2 inches, and the strips at the sides can be ¾ inches wide and 2 inches long. You should end up with two pillow fabric pieces with fringes on all sides and cut-out top corners. 


Step #2. Tie and stuff

The secret of the no-sew pillow is the fringes you just cut. You’ll tie each pair all around the two fabric pieces to make the pillow liner. Leave some pairs untied as they will serve as the opening for stuffing. 

You can use a filler of your choice or reuse the leftover t-shirt fabric earlier for a mess-free project. Once you’re satisfied with the pillow’s structure, simply tie the remaining fringe pairs to close the shirt pillow. And that’s it!

Your shirt pillow is ready to use without the need for other materials except for the shirt, pins, scissors, and stuffing. 


How To Make A No-Sew Pillow

Besides old t-shirts, you can also make a no-sew pillow from any fabric you like. Just make sure to prepare a pillow form, and the fabric you’re using can wrap it three times. This project’s secret is using a knot to create a pillow without sewing, and it’s an excellent idea for a quick throw pillow. 


Step #1. Placement

Start by positioning your pillow form over the fabric with the latter’s design side down. With the pillow in the middle, fold one side of the fabric towards the center and then fold the opposite side up. Tuck the raw edge and fold it halfway down the pillow. 

At this point, you will fold the fabric on each side into a triangle. You’ll end up with two triangles like you’re wrapping a gift. You should easily get the triangle across to the other side. 


Step #2. Knot

With the amount of fabric you have, you can tie both triangles ends into a knot. If you notice excess raw edges, you can tuck them in to achieve a neater look. You can also make a second knot and adjust as necessary. 

You’ll end up with an attractive no-sew throw pillow, and you don’t even have to commit with the pillow cover. Depending on the current theme, you can always replace the fabric and do similar steps to get a brand new pillow. 


Can You Make A No-Sew Pillow Cover?

Pathogens and allergens can build-up on your pillow, and using a well-fitting cover is a useful solution. But did you know that you can also make a pillowcase without sewing? The concept is similar to making an envelope or overlap closure at the back of the cover.

You just need to measure a fabric according to your pillow and fold seam allowance. Connect both ends of the fabric with a fusible bonding web and place your pillow in the middle. Let the fabric overlap and remove the pillow before bonding the open ends once more.



Put your old t-shirt to good use and make a pillow. You have no excuse to say no because you can quickly learn how to make a shirt pillow without sewing. You read that right; even those who despise handling a needle and a thread can make their own shirt pillow.

You’ll only need to cut through your t-shirt to get two fabric pieces. Keep in mind the graphic design with fabric allowance around it. Fold the fabric into four and cut the top corner, and then unfold it and cut the fringes all around. 

Tie a pair of fringe all around the pillow to create the case and then stuff it. Voila! You just made a shirt pillow with just pins, scissors, stuffing, and a used shirt.