How To Make A Shade Canopy With A Tarp? 7 Easy Steps

Are you wondering how to make a shade canopy with a tarp? Great news! We’ll teach you how; all you need to do is follow simple steps, which you will find out later on.

Without a doubt, having a canopy tent at home is an excellent addition to your space outdoors. It can certainly serve numerous purposes.

how to make a shade canopy with a tarp

And you’ll love it, for sure. You can use it whenever you have a family backyard party or simply camping during weekends.

Not just that, but it can also permit you to host a lot of fun activities, encouraging your children to play outside.

More excitingly, a shade canopy with a tarp can be used as a carport, protecting your vehicle or any other essentials from too much sunlight or rain.

Yes, there are a lot of canopies you can find on sale, but it’s a good idea to have one made from tarp; it’s undoubtedly lightweight, sturdy, and more affordable.

Let’s start!


Things Needed To Make A Canopy With A Tarp

Using a few materials, I’m sure you can build your own canopy.

Here are the things that you need:

  • A high-quality tarpaulin with grommets (size may depend upon the tarp used)
  • A tent pole (8 to 10 feet)
  • 4 pieces tent poles for the corners (7 to 8 feet, depending upon your desired height)
  • Tent stakes
  • Nylon rope or 6mm poly (around 40 feet)


Step By Step Guide On Making A Shade Canopy With A Tarp

I know why you want to know how to make a shade canopy with a tarp.

The steps are straightforward; you can save time and money.

Let’s start!


Step #1. Preparing the area

Where do you want to build the canopy shade? In the backyard? Sure. It all depends on you!

First and foremost, you need to clear the area. Make sure that it’s clean.

Take note that you will be spreading the tarp on the ground, so there should be no sharp objects in the area.

Remember, safety first!

Of course, you also have to be careful; the tarp may get damaged or scratched.


Step #2. Attaching the poles into the corners

Now, it’s time to make the corners of the canopy.

Grab four pieces of poles with a height of 7 to 8 feet (depending upon you).

Then, connect the pole’s end into the tarp’s circular grommet.

Are you wondering how to secure the poles?

Use a rope. As simple as that!


Step #3. Tying the corners

Although the steps are easy, it’s always a good idea to ask for help from someone.

When you tie the corners, do it with a partner (the more, the better).

Gently and carefully lift the poles.

Assign a person to hold one pole at each corner.

Well, this process requires teamwork, which means that everyone can help.


Step #4. Securing the poles

Okay, you need to know how to secure the poles to the ground.

In this process, you are required to learn how to anchor a canopy or concrete or dirt (depending upon the ground where you’ll be placing the canopy).

Anyway, in securing the poles, you need to pull a rope to the ground. Make sure that it’s far from the middle part of the canopy.

Stretch the rope, and once done, attach it to the ground.

This is true if you’ve placed the canopy on dirt.

How can you attach it?

Get the tent stake, hammer it through the ground, then tie the rope to it. Easy, right?

Do the same thing in all corners of the canopy.

Anyway, learn how to hold down a canopy tent on concrete here!


Step #5. Attaching the center pole

If you want to give your canopy optimum support and strength, then you should place a center pole.

It’s time to get the pole, around 8 to 10 feet high.

Now, place the pole at the tarp’s center. Depending upon your desired height, push the pole upward.

Then, of course, you should secure the pole to the ground.


Step #6. Securing the canopy

Make sure to have a smooth surface after you’ve secured the poles to the ground.

It’s a manifestation that the canopy is already tightened.

Through this process, you’re sure that there’s no debris or water stocked on the surface of the tarp.

Take note of this:

Your canopy shade’s strength greatly depends on how the tarps are secured to the poles and how these poles are attached to the ground.


Step #7. Decorating

Who wants a plain and boring tent?

Of course, you can decorate it. But, take note that it’s only optional.

Have more fun, and make the canopy even more attractive.

Think about a specific design or theme.

Well, it’s a great feeling to have an outdoor canopy because it’s easy to decorate.

And you can use it on any occasion, thereby helping you save from the cost of the venue.



Now that you know how to make a shade canopy with a tarp, it’s time to do it yourself.

It takes only a few steps to finish one.

I know you’ll have fun having a canopy at home; you can decorate it whenever you want.

Try to add a little lighting, and make it a place where you and your family can hang out.

Have a happy building!

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