8 DIY on How To Make A Round Swivel Chair Slipcover

I have always wanted to make a round swivel chair slipcover, but I was never sure how. It is an expensive piece of furniture so I really didn’t want to buy one – especially when there are so many tutorials on how to make one!

This article contains everything you need to know about how to make a round swivel chair slipcover.

How To Make A Round Swivel Chair Slipcover

Steps on Making a Round Swivel Chair Slipcover

Step 1. Measure how long the chair needs to be

Step 2. Cut and hem the fabric according to measurements taken of the seat, armrests, backside and height

Step 3. Sew together all the pieces with a straight seam allowance in order to create one large piece that will cover your entire round swivel chair from top down. ( be sure to sew in the armrests)

Step 4. Measure how long you want the fabric at either end of your chair

Step 5. Cut these pieces with a straight seam allowance according to how long you need them, adding about six inches onto each side for hemming. Sew this together on one end and leave it unsewn on the other so that you can get it over the chair

Step 6. Lay that long piece of fabric out on a flat surface and roll up one side so that the other end is laying straight. You will want to do this with both pieces, rolling them in opposite directions to create your hem.

Sew these hems together using a serger or a zig-zag stitch and then lay it over the chair with the right sides of the fabric together

Step 7. Place pins at intervals along to hem so that you can sew them in one spot. Ensure that your pins are placed close enough to where they will be sewn but not closer than a quarter inch from each other, or else your fabric will bunch up.

You want to make sure your fabric is moving smoothly when you sew it together, but you also need to be able to see how the pins are placed so that they

Step 8. Once all of the pins have been sewn into place and secured with a small stitch, take off those pins and unpin each one as you go.


How to Care For Chair Slipcover

A slipcover can be machine washed in cold water on the gentle cycle

Lay it out flat to dry. If you want to speed up the drying process, then place it near a heater or use an iron for extra warmth. This will not damage your chair and can help save time if you’re trying to get everything done fast .

Cold water is generally okay for your slipcovers, but if you’re looking to reduce how much shrinkage there is in the fabric during washing then it’s better to use warm or hot water. You can also try using a little bit of vinegar in the wash cycle as well (a quarter cup should do) and this will help to keep the colors strong.

Machine drying is how you should dry your chair slipcovers, but if you want a faster process then lay it out flat on towels or blankets and allow it to air dry in front of a heater.

Use gentle detergents when washing your coverings so that they are not ruined by how harsh they might be for the fabric.


How to Prevent Damage on a Slipcover

When you have a slipcover for your round swivel chair, it is important to make sure that the covering remains in good condition. This means that there are some things which need to be taken care of when washing and caring for the fabric so how do you prevent damage? Here are some tips:

Use warm or cold water when washing your slipcover

Use gentle detergents when washing your coverings so that they are not ruined by how harsh they might be for the fabric. Do not overload the washer either as this will cause additional wear and tear on how long it lasts you know!

Allow the covering to air dry, but if you want to be in a hurry, use the dryer on low heat.


How to Measure and how to buy for Your Round Swivel chair

– first you need to measure from the top of where your cushion sits all the way down around. This is how wide it will have to be so that it fits nicely over.


How to Measure for how Long it will Need to be

The length of your slipcover should drape down over where you have cushions on.


How do you put on a Barrel Chair Slipcover?

The first thing you need to do is measure how big round your barrel chair will be. Measure from the top of where your cushion sits all the way down around. This width should fit nicely over and allow for a nice drape below.

Next, decide how long you want it to hang – this can depend on personal preference as well as how high the chair is off of the ground. Make sure it’s long enough to drape over and cover where you have cushions on

The last thing to do before putting on your slipcover is make a hem at either side so that when its down, it doesn’t bunch up as easily. This can be achieved by using a sewing machine with a zipper foot – how well the sewing is done on this hem will depend how much it gathers.

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