How To Make A Robe Out Of A Blanket? 3 Easy Steps

You can learn how to make a robe out of a blanket in only three steps! Depending on the blanket material, this three-step tutorial can get you a new bathrobe or a comfortable kimono for sleep and lounging. We will also talk about how you can choose the best material for your robe. 

But what if you don’t like sewing? Here is our easy-to-follow guideline on wrapping a blanket like a robe, and we will also include a tutorial for a no-sew fleece robe below. Nonetheless, we promise that this DIY robe from an old blanket is beginner-friendly and frustration-free. 

How To Make A Robe Out Of A Blanket


How Do You Turn A Blanket Into A Robe?


Step 1. Cut the blanket and make a pattern

  • You can use any old blanket as long as you have enough material for the robe 
  • Have a robe nearby as your pattern to help you with the robe sizes to cut 
  • Produce one rectangular piece from the blanket for the robe’s back piece and two rectangular pieces for the robe’s front piece
  • Place the two rectangular front pieces side by side and cut triangles out to produce the V-shaped middle part of the robe 
  • Cut two rectangular pieces from the blanket and fold each of them in half to create the sleeves of the robe 
  • The folded portion will be on top, and the hemmed edges point outward

Step 2. Sew the cut blanket pieces together

  • Place all the cut blanket pieces to form the robe 
  • Pin the front pieces to the back piece with the right sides together 
  • Sew along the top by hand or with a sewing machine 
  • Pin the sleeves to the robe with the right sides together and sew in place so that there will be holes for the arms to go through 

Step 3. Finish the robe by hemming the edges

  • Cut a long piece from the blanket around 3 inches wide to place and sew around the robe’s neckline downward
  • Fold the bottom of the robe and sew to hem it or use a serger
  • If you have material left, use it to make a belt and loops onto the robe 

What Is The Best Material For A Bathrobe?

Your bathrobe should be quick to dry and easy to clean for hygiene. This makes cotton an ideal material for it, and it’s also breathable and comfortable. On the contrary, avoid using fuzzy materials because they take a long time to dry, and you risk damaging the fibers or developing a musty smell on them. 

Cotton bathrobes are absorbent, and the common ones you see in hotels and spas use cotton waffle or waffle-weave fabric that uses 100% cotton. There is also the cotton terry material that uses Egyptian and Turkish cotton fabric. They are thicker, making them practical for absorbing water and providing a luxurious and cozy robe to use after leaving the shower. 


What is the best material for a robe?

There are many materials to choose from when making a DIY robe. They include wool and satin for the coziest lounging experience. If you have fleece or flannel blankets, they will also make great robes for home use. 

Do note that you should appropriately wash these materials to maintain their texture and appearance. Please read our guide on how to wash a wool blanket to give you an idea of the proper cleaning of this fabric. For synthetic fabrics like fleece, you can also check this article on making fleece blankets soft again


How Do You Make A Robe At Home?

There are many ways to make a robe or kimono at home. The material you’ll choose will only depend, whether you’re making a lounge robe or a bathrobe. But if you hate sewing, here is a no-sew fleece robe tutorial that you can finish in no time:

  1. Cut a rectangular piece from the fleece according to how big you want the robe to be
  2. Fringe the top and bottom of the fabric’s width
  3. Hide the seams by folding the edges of the material to the center
  4. Cut another fabric piece and trim the hems for the robe sleeves
  5. Fold it lengthwise and in the other direction
  6. Mark the center of both folds and cut an arch from one mark to the other to create a circular cut-out in the center
  7. Cut from this circle outward to make the robe’s front opening
  8. Fold the sleeve lengthwise and fringe the long open edge
  9. Mark the center at the back and align it with the center of the robe’s body
  10. Begin tying overhand knots from the center to the side and the materials with their wrong sides together
  11. Tie from the center to the side and tie the sleeve edge to the side to finish


If you have a blanket you no longer use, why not turn it into a robe or kimono? This three-step tutorial on how to make a robe out of a blanket is as easy as sewing together the bathrobe pieces. You’ll have a more relaxing time, especially if you have a robe as a pattern. 

Do note to use the appropriate material for the type of robe you’re making. Lounging robes can be anything cozy and comfortable, like fuzzy fabrics. On the contrary, you must use cotton fabric if you’re making a bathrobe.