Tips on How to Make a Recliner Into a Power Recliner

I’ve been watching TV for a long time now and I can’t seem to find the perfect recliner. You know, one of those that are so comfortable you can just sleep in it? Well, this post is how to make a recliner into a power recliner!


Tips on Turning a Recliner into a Power Recliner

Tip 1. Purchase an electric recliner. These are also sometimes called power recliners or motorized recliners. The difference is that these types of chairs require a plug, while regular ones don’t. You can find them at most furniture stores as well as online retailers like Amazon and Overstock.


Tip 2. Once you have your chosen electric recliner, you’ll need to find an electrician. Electricians are experts in electrical circuits and can help with the installation process.


Tip 3. The typical cost of this project is around $200-$300 for parts plus any labor costs from your chosen electrician (usually a one-hour consultation fee). This will vary depending on how many wires your electrician needs to run and how many plugs they need as well.

The old recliner will be removed, the new one set in place, and then the electric lines connected to a nearby outlet or circuit breaker box. Your chair is now ready for use!


How do I adjust my electric recliner?

Move the lever towards your back to recline and move away from your chair to sit up.


What are some tips for selecting an electric recliner?

Ask how many plugs you’ll need – do you want one plug in a certain area of the room or is it important that there are enough plugs scattered about so there’s a plug near each recliner?

Double-check how far the electrician will need to run wiring as this can greatly affect your ultimate cost. If you’re planning on converting a room in your basement and want an outlet or two close by, it might be wise to plan for that installation.


Should I get a power recliner or manual?

Avoid electric recliners if you have any medical conditions that would make it difficult to use the lever.

Ask yourself how much time do I spend in my chair? If you’re most active or only want a power option for when your back is bothering you, a manual recliner might be better suited.

If there are people who will also sit in the chair, it might be wise to get a manual recliner.

If you don’t want your power option on all of the time, consider how many switches will be needed for other features in the room- or if there are enough plugs scattered about so there’s a plug near each recliner?

You may also need to add an extra switch or two to your circuit breaker for the recliner.


How do I measure my chair?

Measure from the floor up to where you want the seat of a power recliner. You’ll also need to know how far back it should go, and what height is comfortable (usually 18-19 inches off the ground). Make sure to measure how wide your chair is and then add a few inches.


What are the benefits of power recliners?

More comfortable for those who need help sitting down. The easier way to get up from a seated position, especially if you have limited mobility or other health issues that make you unsteady on your feet

Ability to stand up and get out of a chair with a push of a button.

Much easier for those who are pregnant, as it is often difficult to physically hold the weight of your stomach when you need to sit down.


How many plugs do I need?

You may also need an extra switch or two to accommodate all the plugs needed for your power recliner (especially if you have a “smart home” and use many electronics).

I want to make sure that I’m buying my new chair from a reputable dealer. What are some things to look out for?

If they try to sell it as an impulse buy, or tell me that they have a huge sale on right now, be wary.

If the store has been open for less than one year, or if I don’t see any customers in there, that’s another sign to be cautious.

Even without these signs though, it’s always best to do some research before buying anything expensive and big-ticket like this.


Can power recliners rock?

Some power recliners can rock back and forth, others cannot. The type of design on the chair will dictate how much movement you’ll get out of it.

If you need a rocking motion to fall asleep, be sure to check this detail before making your purchase.


Can I leave my power recliner plugged in all day?

Power recliners can be plugged in all day, but you will want to make sure that the cord is not too long so it doesn’t get tangled or pulled out of place.


What types of power recliners are there?

There are four main types: electric, manual, hydraulic, and pneumatic.

Electric chairs use batteries with an electric motor to recline and rock. They are the most expensive type of power chair, but they also last the longest.

Manual chairs use a lever or handle on a spring that you pull down to activate the support mechanism for it to work properly. Manual chairs have fewer features than other types of power recliners so they’re cheaper.

Hydraulic chairs use a hydraulic pump to recline or rock. They also have fewer features like the manual chair and are cheaper as well. Pneumatic power chairs offer more features than other types because they can be customized for specific needs, but it is expensive due to this customization.


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