6 Effective Steps on How To Make A Prayer Blanket

Are you wondering how to make a prayer blanket? It’s always easier to buy one somewhere, but there’s always a notable addition when hand-made. If you’re ready to create your first prayer blanket, we’ve prepared an ultimate guide for you to follow. 


how to make a prayer blanket

How To Make A Prayer Blanket That Can Show Your Thoughtfulness

Before you start making a prayer blanket, you have to think about why you want to create one in the first place. Some people have particular motives about their blankets. Some do it as a gift for someone close to their hearts, while some do it for their usage.


Most blankets have meaningful designs, but you can always use your creativity to make unique shapes and ideas.


Step #1. Prepare your materials

Once you’ve decided the purpose of the blanket, you can now start with the process. Prepare two one and ½ yards of fleece: one in a solid color or patterned, and one with a complimentary color. 


Step #2. Start the process

Line up the two pieces of fleece together and trim the edges to make them of the same shape.


Step #3. Trace your guidelines

Using tailor’s chalk or any removable markers, trace a 7-inch border around the rectangle. Cut out squares from each corner at 7 inches and set them aside. 


Step #4. Sew and section

Sew the trimmed squares on top of the fleece. After, put the two fleeces together, then pin the middle section and hold the blanket. Fringe the edges by cutting an inch in width on all sides up to the mark we made earlier.


Step #5. Knot and design

Once the fringes are all ready, you can now start knotting the edges. There are several styles you can do to weave the edges.


Make sure to twist the fringes from the top fleece to the bottom fleece to keep them from separating. 


Step #6. Finish your gift

After knotting the edges, you’re done! If you are going to give it to someone, pray for that person first. This creates a sense of spiritual bond between you and that person.


Some people even have it blessed first before sending it to the recipient. 


What Is The Purpose Of A Prayer Blanket?

Prayer blankets are often associated with prayer time. Aside from that, these blankets can have other purposes. Some blankets contain mantras, prayers, verses, and other things that can give them more significance. 


Some people gift prayer blankets to newly-wed couples, the elderly, or a friend. It is most common to wish God’s presence into their lives. 


  • Prayer

Some people incorporate prayer blankets into their intimate moments with God. They use it as a reminder, much like a rosary, that God is in their lives. They either hang it inside their prayer rooms or put it in a place where they can wrap it around their body as they pray. 


Some even say that the person wrapped in a prayer blanket is a person covered in prayer.


  • Décor

Another use of prayer blankets is as decorations. Some people do not want to use particular items to preserve their quality, so they display them. 


Most prayer blankets also resemble Persian-designed rugs, making them stunning and exquisite on most walls. 


  • Trade

Prayer blankets are great items for trading, especially hand-made ones, because they have more intricate and detailed designs. These blankets are popular in Europe, and they possess great values. 


What Color Should A Prayer Blanket Be?

Colors also play a significant role in most prayer blankets. People who personally make one of these give personal values and motives in the colors they are incorporating in their works. 


  • Three-colored

The number three acts as a symbolism of the Holy Trinity in Christianity. The system makes this number a significant figure in most religions. There is a belief that the usage of three primary colors reflects the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.


It can also be interpreted in nature as the earth, the sky, and the sea.


  • Color Symbolism

Throughout history, colors are attached to different emotions and symbols as well. They have a substantial effect on a person’s moods and current feelings.


Red is a sign of danger and intimidation, Blue calms the mind and signifies depression, while Black is associated with death. These colors’ symbols are visible in our history, whether in religious matters, royalty, and warfare.


  • Color Meanings

Aside from feelings and emotions, colors are linked with qualities and relationships too. The chosen colors are affected mainly by the person who will receive the blanket.


For example, gold symbolizes enlightenment and masculinity, while silver is femininity and intuition. Pink means friendship and generosity, while Black implies strength and confidence.


Which Religion Uses Prayer Blankets?

Many religions have essential items that they use to communicate with God. For example, Muslims use prayer rugs. This serves as protection from the ground as they pray and worship.


Prayer blankets are a common piece among Christians. The church blesses it before giving it to a person. It can also serve as a tool to comfort individuals when they are experiencing a bad event or in sickness. 



Prayer is one of the most remarkable things you can do for a person, and making a significant object that symbolizes the act makes it more exceptional. Knowing how to make a prayer blanket is essential for some people. Hand-made items will always add a more special meaning, especially if you will give them to someone you love.