How To Make A Polyester Blanket Soft Again? 1 Secret

You can master the skills on how to make a polyester blanket soft again with one secret ingredient. Can you guess it? The answer is in your kitchen!

If you’ve read our guide on how to make a blanket soft again, you might be familiar with vinegar as a bleach alternative. However, this nifty ingredient can also soften your polyester blanket. We also included some care and washing instructions to ensure that your blanket stays soft.  

How To Make A Polyester Blanket Soft Again


How Do You Soften A Polyester Blanket?

The best way to make a polyester blanket soft again is by using white vinegar on a wash cycle. If you notice your polyester blanket feeling stiff, wash it with white vinegar on the typical cycle for a long time. Do this without other additives or laundry products and let the vinegar’s acidic property do the work. 


The secret for making a polyester blanket soft again is vinegar

Why does vinegar soften polyester blankets? Vinegar is a popular fabric softener alternative to store-bought ones because it naturally cuts through the fibers that have clumped up. Not only does vinegar loosens the fibers of the blanket, but it even prevents static when you use it for laundry.

Another reason why you can use vinegar as a fabric softener for polyester blankets and other materials is that it removes soap residues from washing. The acidity is not too harsh on the blanket, but it’s enough to dissolve the residue from alkaline detergents that can change the blanket’s texture.  


How To Keep Polyester Blanket Soft

Proper care and maintenance should keep polyester blankets soft for a long time. You don’t need to wash the blanket frequently unless it is soiled. Additionally, mild detergent and gentle washing are the best practices to maintain the soft texture of a polyester blanket. 

Some blankets like fleece can also use polyester, and the best way to keep your polyester fleece soft is to avoid high temperatures and harsh chemicals. Such blankets are even naturally stain-resistant, so you don’t need to wash them as often. If you want to know more about how to keep fleece blankets soft, we have written about the two best methods you can do and other care tips. 


Can You Use Fabric Softener On Polyester Blankets?

Even though the polyester fabric is synthetic and easier to maintain effortlessly than natural fibers, you should still avoid practices like using fabric softeners to keep it soft. If you want to revive a polyester blanket, wash it as you would typically do but with white vinegar. Fabric softeners and even stain removers like bleach can ruin polyester blankets, so be mindful of the products you’ll use for washing. 

It’s also best to check the tag of the blanket for additional care instructions from the manufacturer. And for the proper way of washing and drying polyester blankets, continue reading below. 


How To Wash Polyester Blanket

Check the tag of your blanket to ensure that you’re doing the recommended practices. It’s common for polyester blankets to be machine-washable as long as you use the gentle cycle, but if you’re unsure, you can always hand-wash the blanket in a tub or sink. The main points to remember when washing polyester blankets are using mild detergent and warm water without bleach or fabric softener. 

It would be best if you didn’t also wash the blanket with other materials and textiles to avoid damaging them. And additionally, never subject the polyester blanket to anything warmer than 120°F because high heat will ruin the fibers. 


How to dry polyester blanket

How do you dry a polyester blanket? Can you use a dryer to dry a polyester blanket? The answer depends on the tag recommendations.

The safest way to dry a polyester blanket is by placing it on a drying rack and then let it air-dry completely. You can also eliminate the excess liquid it soaked by sandwiching it in towels and gently rolling. Never wrong the blanket to maintain its shape. In some cases, you can tumble dry it on the dryer’s lowest heat with tennis balls and nothing else, but take it out while still damp and finish drying outside to prevent wrinkling.


Are Polyester Blankets Soft?

Polyester blankets are soft and make excellent alternatives to the more expensive fuzzy blankets that use natural fibers like wool and down. Polyester is also pretty long-lasting amidst wear, washes, and drying. And if you want to achieve more softness and breathability, find a polyester blanket blended with other materials like cotton. 


Polyester blanket vs acrylic blanket

The battle of synthetic materials for blankets typically ends with polyester and acrylic blankets. To let you know what fabric you must get, remember the main property you can expect on polyester and an acrylic blanket. Polyester blankets are highly breathable due to their moisture wicking-properties, while acrylic wins in heat retention due to the lack of ventilation. 



Did you know that you can restore stiff polyester blankets? A quick recap on this definitive guide on how to make a polyester blanket soft again revealed that white vinegar is the best-kept secret for softening polyester blankets. It’s the safe alternative for fabric softeners, but remember that nothing beats proper care for maintaining the softness of polyester. 

Do you know other safe DIY solutions for making blankets soft again? Share your discoveries in the comments!