How To Make A Pillow Blanket in 5 Quick Steps

If you’re looking for something fun to do for your next home project, you can check out how to make a pillow blanket that you can give to kids and adults in your life.


how to make a pillow blanket

If you’re not familiar with them yet, pillow blankets are just that: pillows that turn into blankets when you unfold them. They are great for playtime or for travel, so there’s no reason not to make one if you can.


Step-By-Step Guide On How To Make A Pillow Blanket


Step #1. Gather your materials

Start with choosing the right fabrics. You can opt for fabrics that match on both sides or mix up patterns if you want.


Some of the fabrics you can use are fleece, flannel, or cotton. Cut up the fabrics to the sizes you desire.


Your top and bottom blanket fabric and batting should be more than twice as large as your pillow squares.


Step #2. Sewing the blanket

When sewing the blanket, arrange the top and bottom fabric with the right sides facing together.


Place the batting material on top of the blanket fabric and then pin all three pieces together.


Stitch around the outside edges with a 5mm seam allowance. Remember to leave a 15 to 20cm opening for turning the blanket.


Turn the blanket right side out, then push the corners and edges. You can use a corner pusher or a pencil for this step.


Finish stitching the rest of the blanket.


Step #3. Making the pillow

Arrange the pillow squares with the right sides facing together. Put the batting on top of the pillow fabric and pin them together.


Follow the same steps as you did with stitching the blanket.


Step #4. Constructing the pillow blanket

Lay the blanket on a table with the bottom side facing up. Mark the center of the blanket as this will serve as your guide to where you will place your pillow.


Pin the pillow on the marked part of the blanket and stitch three sides. Leave the bottom of the pillow unstitched to tuck the blanket into.


Step #5. Folding and finishing

Lay the pillow blanket on a flat surface with the pillow pocket facing down.


Use the edge of the pillow as a guide, and fold the sides of the blanket towards the center, making it the same width as the pillow.


Fold the bottom of the blanket in sections until you get to the last fold, and tuck it into the pillow opening.


What Are Other Tips For Making A Pillow Blanket?

There are many ways to make your pillow blanket unique. Here are some creative ideas that you can use for your pillow blanket:


  • Using a dense polyester batting fabric will hold the pillow blanket better. It will avoid shifting between fabrics.



  • Decorative trimmings can also be used for the pillow blanket, especially if it is made for kids. Stuffed animals, sequins, and glitter are on the table for decorating your pillow blanket.


What are some features of the pillow blanket?

Pillow blankets are helpful for playtime or travel, as they are usually very lightweight and portable. Here are some features of the pillow blanket:


  • Durable

Pillow blankets should be made of high-quality, durable materials so that they can give comfort anywhere, from playgrounds to long flights.


Fleece is an excellent material to use when creating your pillow blankets as they are generally lightweight but warm fabrics.


  • Machine washable

Pillow blankets don’t need to be washed daily because they take time to dry.


You should follow the instructions from the manufacturer because they are the experts when it comes to caring for their products.


  • Comfortable

A good pillow blanket should provide comfort anywhere.


Whether they are used as a pillow or as a blanket, the user should be warm and cozy when using the item.


  • Lightweight

The pillow blanket is very easy to store or carry, so you don’t have to worry about it when traveling.


Depending on the material you used, the pillow blanket could be very warm and comforting during travels.


  • Portable

Heavy blankets are great at home.


However, for individuals who need to babysit children during playtime, or travelers who go back and forth between being warm and comfortable on their next excursion, a multi-use item such as the pillow blanket is essential.



Pillow blankets are luxurious items that are very easy to make as your next crafty project.


If you are new to these crafty projects and don’t know how to make a pillow blanket, you can follow the steps above to make a basic one. It is then up to you to embellish and design them as you see fit. 


Pillow blankets are soft and luxurious pieces that you can use indoors or outdoors. Kids and adults all love them because they are easy to tuck into.


They are also great for travel, whether it’s for a long flight or a long drive. You can quickly transform your pillow into a blanket or vice versa to make sure that you experience comfort wherever you are.