How To Make A Photo Booth Frame For Baby Shower

This three-step guide will help you know how to make a photo booth frame for baby shower at home, even if you’re not an expert with tools and crafts. We’ll also share what items you can use as props to have the most enjoyable baby shower photo booth. 

And besides the DIY frame, we’ve included an easy tutorial for a photo booth. But more than giving photos to the guests, you might also want to give them something to take home to show your gratitude. 

how to make a photo booth frame for baby shower

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How To Make A Photo Booth Frame For Baby Shower


Step 1. Measure for the photo booth frame for the baby shower

  • Prepare something sturdy for the frame, such as a large cardboard piece
  • Mark and cut the cardboard piece to form the DIY photo booth frame; frame props vary in size depending on the number of people you want in the photo
  • Mark and cut the cardboard piece into 36 x 24 for two people or 48 x 32 for three people
  • Note to use a rotary cutter than scissors when cutting cardboard pieces for a cleaner cut 
  • Rub the photo booth frame with sandpaper 
  • Make two pieces of the frame since you’ll put a foam board in between them 


Step 2. Reinforce the frame

  • Add a foam board underneath the cardboard baby shower photo booth frame to strengthen it
  • Measure the foam board according to the frame size and cut
  • Glue the foam board underneath the frame 
  • Add the other cardboard frame, so the foam board is sandwiched between them


Step 3. Decorate the frame

  • Consider the baby shower theme as inspiration for the photo booth frame
  • Paint the frame to hide the cardboard
  • If you also have the DIY photo booth, include the items and elements you used for it so props like the frame are cohesive with it
  • You can also add a sign onto the frame; hashtags are popular nowadays with baby showers
  • Paint the cardboard frame according to the color scheme of the party
  • You can also write over the frame or glue baby items on it 
  • Wrap the frame with a bow, add small stuffed toys, or use stickers that will quickly show on the photo


What Are Some Good Ideas For Baby Shower Photo Booth Props?

If you have a photo booth at the baby shower, make it more fun by providing a sign, props, or something the guests can hold when posing for pictures. The items should follow the party theme but are sizable enough to show in the photos. 

You can DIY these photo booth props for the baby shower, but they can also be bought cheaply at different party shops. You can be creative and incorporate the baby’s name into the designs. 

  • Text bubbles saying “Hello Mommy” “It’s a boy/girl,” or “Congratulations” 
  • Masks inspired by the baby shower (e.g., animal faces for a safari-themed party)
  • Baby stuffed toys and books
  • Oversized baby items like bibs and pacifiers
  • A sign that shows excitement for the baby’s arrival, like “Coming soon,” “Baby on board,” etc.,
  • A sign for specific baby shower guests like “Favorite Aunt,” “Best Grandma,” etc.,
  • Sashes
  • Crowns
  • Oversized picture frame
  • Balloons
  • Flowers
  • Food props

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What Size Should A Photo Frame Prop Be?

The size of the DIY photo booth frame will depend on the number of guests you want to fit inside the frame. Baby showers are very social, so consider props that accommodate more than two people. 

Typically, this is around 48×32 inches. Then, don’t forget the other items used at the photo booth. 

The things should show in the pictures, and if it’s a sign, the wording should be easy to read. Something at least 7 inches big should be ideal for a photo booth prop.  


Where Can I Buy A Photo Booth Frame For A Baby Shower?

If you have no time to make the photo booth frame, try browsing Etsy or Amazon. They offer different party items, including those that would suit a baby shower. 

An example of a baby shower photo booth frame you can buy from Etsy costs $22.49. You can personalize it and pick a size. 

There are also many photo frame props on Amazon for a reasonable price. Something fun you can consider is an inflatable photo frame for only $7.98 as of this writing. 


How Do You Make A Baby Shower Photo Booth?

  1. Designate an area in the baby shower venue where you want to take photos; pick somewhere neat or take advantage of potential natural backdrops and lighting to cut costs
  2. Plan the lighting for the photo booth
  3. Think about the theme of the photo booth
  4. Provide the best quality camera
  5. Plan the props you need according to the baby shower theme
  6. Test the pictures and printer
  7. Have someone work the booth during the party



Was this DIY tutorial easy to follow? To recap how to make a photo booth frame for baby shower, you’ll measure and cut two cardboard pieces and sandwich a foam board between them.

Then, paint and decorate the frame to follow the baby shower theme. Don’t forget to prepare other photo props to make the pictures more memorable and fun. 

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