How To Make A No-Sew Fleece Pillow in 4 Steps

Sewing your own pillow isn’t always an easy feat, so most home decorators are learning how to make a no-sew fleece pillow instead.

How To Make A No-Sew Fleece Pillow

What You Need to Know About Fleece

If you’re like most people, you must have quickly assumed that fleece is the actual sheep coat’s that both warm and fluffy. We’d hate to burst your bubble, but fleece is a man-made material that happens to be derived from plastic. Since fleece it feels fuzzy each time you touch it, this super-soft, breathable wonder product is mostly used to make outerwear or to stuff pillows with.

Before anything else, the polyester fibers are made with the use of a chemical reaction that involves petroleum, as well as several derivatives of petroleum. Heat is applied to these chemical substances in order to form a syrup that has a thick consistency.

When the thick syrup hardens, threads can be formed by spinning it. Thanks to the natural structure that these fibers make, the end product is not only warm, but it’s also breathable.

When it comes to its origins, fleece has already been present since the 1970s. During this time, the polyester fleece was already being developed by Malden Mills.

Your Guide on How to Make a No-Sew Fleece Pillow

No-sew fleece pillows are much simpler to make compared to the other pillow kinds. As the name suggests, you don’t require sewing for this. All you need is an uncomplicated technique to create the cozy and fluffy pillow you want for any area of your space.

The no-sew fleece pillow can be patterned in different colors, shapes, and designs, which gives it a more artistic touch. Check out this step-by-step guide on how you can achieve the no-sew pillow, be it the knotted type, the woven type, or the shaped type.


Step 1: Prepare the necessary materials

You should have the needed materials at hand. First, get yourself a pillow form. This can be bought at any local craft shop. Or you can purchase fiberfill and choose to stuff your pillow with it. Then get some scissors or a rotary cutter, a ruler, and some chalk.

Last but definitely not least, prepare fleece. If you’re planning to create a simple pillow, choose two different solid colors. Or if you want to exercise your creative side, buy one solid color for one type of fleece, and include a matching pattern for the other.

This type of fabric is one of the most go-to choices as it is known for its durability.

Regardless of your chosen pillow size, the typical measurement for your fleece will be about 1 yard (about 0.92 meters) for each type.


Step 2: Cut your fabric

Put your two fleece pieces together and make sure that the right side is facing out (not vice versa). This is important to remember, especially for patterned fleece, since there will be no need to reverse the pillow afterward. You might end up with a blank pattern.

Cut your fabric to 4 inches longer and wider than your pillow. Do this simultaneously so that the two pieces are pretty much the same in dimension. If you’ve got a bigger pillow or you want your fringes hanging longer, make it 8 inches longer and wider for both sides.


Step 3: Work on the fringes

Draw 2-inch squares on the corners of your fleece to make them even, then proceed to cut. Be careful as crooked squares make your fringes less appealing. If you prefer a longer fringe surrounding the pillow on all sides, make your squares 4 inches instead.


Step 4: Create your no-sew pillow

Match the top and bottom pieces of your fleece together, and tie your fringes using a tight double knot. You only need to do this for three sides of your fabric (leave the fourth side untied for now).

Insert your pillow into the untied side. If you chose fiberfill from step 1, you could tie the fourth side along with the others, but make sure to leave at least 4 fringes undone. This is where the stuffing for your pillow goes. Don’t forget to finish tying all the knots after.

How to Make A No-Sew Fleece Pillow – Woven Style

The first three steps are the same as the knotted type, except your fabric should be cut 8 inches more than the intended dimension of your pillow. Also, as in step 3, cut 4-inch squares instead of 2-inch ones. This is where the process deviates a bit.

Cut slits measuring 1.5 inches wide and 4 inches deep into all sides, and do this simultaneously on both fabrics for evenness. Check if the tassels are aligned perfectly.

Then with the slit at the center, cut an inch vertically, where the fringe and pillow meet.

Beginning at the lower-left corner, push the top and bottom tassels into the 1-inch slit. Don’t separate the two pieces, and tug gently. Do this for all three sides and leave the last undone for the pillow to slide through. Then, weave the rest to shut the opening.


Despite the abundance of pillow patterns, knowing how to make a no-sew fleece pillow helps add to the style and theme of your room. The simplicity of this pillow type, plus a guided tutorial, makes it an ideal DIY task for adults and children alike.



What Pillow Does Holiday Inn Express Use

What Pillow Does Holiday Inn Express Use

If you’re wondering what pillow does Holiday Inn Express use, you can check out the manufacturer Hollander. Holiday Inn Express offers firm and soft pillows, and they even have a down pillow from Touch of Down. This brand might sound familiar because it’s also the provider for the types of pillows Hilton use and Marriott pillows

Are you curious what brands Holiday Inn Express trusts with their pillow? This article has it all! And if you want to peek at the preferred mattress of Holiday Inn Express, check out our article about it. 


What Kind Of Pillows Does Holiday Inn Express Use?

The pillows used in Holiday Inn Express hotels are from Restful Nights, and they are the Holiday Inn Express Firm Support and Holiday Inn Express Soft Support pillows. They are exclusive to Holiday Inn Express hotels, and you can select between the two options according to your preferred firmness. You can also find other pillow brands like the Touch of Down, Infinity, Comfort, and White Cord in other Holiday Inn Express hotels


Firm Support Pillow 

The Holiday Inn Express Firm Support pillow is manufactured by Hollander with a tag that says Restful Nights. It’s a polyester fiber pillow with extra loft and firmness to provide the support required by guests without overlooking comfort. It is hypoallergenic with a cotton cover, and you can machine wash and tumble dry it. 


Soft Support Pillow

The Holiday Inn Express Soft Support pillow is also a polyester pillow with a cotton cover. It’s ideal for guests that prefer softer pillows. The Soft Support pillow is also the hotel’s down alternative pillow, and you can machine wash and fluff it for maintenance. 


What Brand Of Pillows Does Holiday Inn Express Use?

Restful Nights from Hollander are not the only Holiday Inn Express pillow brands. There is also the Touch of Down, Infinity from Registry, Comfort from Encompass Group, and White Cord from Hollander for IHG hotels. 


Touch of Down Soft Support Pillow

Down pillows are undoubtedly the most luxurious pillows for hotels. The Holiday Inn Express Touch of Down pillows are excellent examples, and they use down and lyocell on the outer chamber, and feathers in the inner chamber, all covered in cotton fabric. Since this is a soft pillow, it’s ideal for back and stomach sleepers.


Infinity pillow

There is also a polyester pillow that is ideal for guests who need firm to extra firm pillows. The Holiday Inn Express Infinity pillow is a polyester pillow that guarantees the best support thanks to its large gusset. It is manufactured by Registry and uses a 100% cotton fabric cover like all Holiday Inn Express hotel pillows.


Comfort Down pillow

Encompass Group manufactured the Comfort Down Pillow for Holiday Inn Express. It uses a pillow-in-pillow design with down and polyester for guests seeking a hotel pillow with medium support. The Comfort Down pillow comes in standard size. 


White Cord Firm pillow

Another Hollander-produced pillow is the White Cord pillow. It uses polyester fill and cotton cover to give guests medium-firm to firm support. This collection is also manufactured for IHG hotels. 


Restful Nights Supreme Cluster pillow

Restful Nights does not only come in Firm Support and Soft Support pillows. Holiday Inn Express also uses the Supreme Cluster Medium Support pillow, a good middle-ground for firmness. It uses polyester fill and cotton cover as well. 


What Type Of Bedding Does Holiday Inn Express Use?

Besides pillows, the bedding of the hotel bed is also crucial for providing the best sleep quality to guests. Holiday Inn Express trusts Downlite Bedding for its hypoallergenic EnviroLoft comforters, which are machine-washable for ease of maintenance. The company also provides medium density EnviroLoft down alternative pillows in Holiday Inn and Holiday Inn Express hotels in the US. 


Do Hotels Wash Their Pillows?

Hotels follow industry practices and standards to ensure the cleanliness of the bedrooms for their guests. This includes washing the pillows regularly along with other bedding accessories. A typical schedule is to clean the pillowcases, sheets, and towels between each guest’s stay. 

The pillows, mattress pads, blankets, and duvet inserts that do not contact guests directly are laundered either monthly, quarterly, or even biannually.  Since pillows are not washed as often, hotels should use a pillow cover and pillowcase to protect each pillow and keep it sanitized. Some hotels also use antimicrobial covers. 


How Do Hotels Keep Pillows Fluffy?

Most hotel pillows use polyester or down as their filling; however, these are high-quality materials that do not clump or flatten as quickly as most household pillows. They are even machine-washable and dryer-safe without losing their structure. Hotels only need to place them in the dryer, and they will be fluffy without the need for manual kneading or chopping.  


What Is The Most Comfortable Pillow In The World?

Comfort is subjective, which means the most comfortable pillow in the world will vary for every user. Most people would vote for down and memory foam, but you still have to get the right pillow for your needs and personal preferences. Remember to consider your sleeping position to get the proper firmness and pillow size and maintain a good sleeping posture. 



Holiday Inn Express hotels are known for their comfortable rooms. This makes everyone question, “what pillow does Holiday Inn Express use?” We have found out that they use Firm Support and Soft Support pillows from Restful Nights.  

This way, the guest can select the firmness they want. Furthermore, Holiday Inn Express also uses down pillows besides polyester. Which of these materials do you prefer?


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