How To Make A Money Tree For A Baby Shower

Consider these three steps if you want to know how to make a money tree for a baby shower. You can use any indoor tree or small shrub, and we’ll also share creative ways to put the money gifts on the tree. 

Furthermore, we’ll touch on the etiquette of giving cash as a gift to baby showers. But if you want other ideas on what to give to the shower, perhaps you’d be interested in baby shower gift for mom who has everything.

how to make a money tree for a baby shower


How To Make A Money Tree For A Baby Shower


Step 1. Prepare the tree

  • Purchase a tiny shrub or indoor tree
  • Gather the money tree’s branches and wrap them at the base using a piece of twine
  • Transfer the tree into a pot or vase and fill the space and gaps with dirt or stones


Step 2. Attach clothes pins to the tree

  • Since you’ll need something to hold the cash or gift cards for the baby shower money tree, attach clothes pins to the branches 
  • You can use tape and glue to secure the pins in the tree 
  • Alternatively, you can give the clothespins to the guests so they can clip their money gifts at the baby shower
  • Opt for colored clothespins or paperclips that match the baby shower theme


Step 3. Decorate the money tree

  • Tie a ribbon around the tree’s container to make the tree more fitting with the other baby shower decorations 
  • You can also give colored envelopes that match the ribbon to the guests so they have items to put on their money gifts
  • Consider adding other light decorations in the other tree branches like small stuffed toys, pacifiers, and things that suit the baby shower theme
  • Guests might also want to pin greeting cards to the money tree 


What Is A Gift Money Tree?

A gift money tree, from the name itself is a tree with cash gifts pinned into its branches. The guests might also include gift cards and greeting cards in envelopes together with the money. 

Money trees are given at weddings and showers, including baby showers. It’s a thoughtful and helpful gift, especially for new parents that will surely appreciate getting a start for their baby funds. 

The baby shower money tree can also be your party’s centerpiece, or you can place it at the gift table for guests to give cash gifts if they want. And if you don’t want to use a tree, you can always construct one from wire and then decorate it with paperclips and pins for hanging various gift items and baby shower gifts. 


Who Usually Makes The Money Tree For A Baby Shower?

The baby shower host is responsible for all the party decorations and will also organize the gifts for the shower. They can prepare a money tree to give guests the option if they would instead provide the expecting parents some cash gifts. 

Someone close to the mom or dad-to-be might also give them the money tree as a gift. It can be a DIY tree or a living plant that the expecting parents can put in their home after the shower. 


How Much Money To Put On The Tree For A Baby Shower?

There are no rules regarding the amount of cash you must put on the baby shower money tree. You can separate the amount into smaller bills to clip around the branches if it’s a gift.

You can also include gift cards and short letters inside envelopes. If the branches are sturdy, hanging baby items will look cute for the baby shower money tree.

But overall, your relationship with the guest of honor will give you a clue about the money to provide. Close guests can give anywhere from $50 to over $100, and others at a lower amount. 


What Is The Best Way To Attach The Money To The Tree?

You can glue clothes pins to the tree branches or simply give away envelopes with ribbon strings or paper clips to those who want to attach money to the tree. With envelopes, consider pastel colors to match the baby shower theme better. 

You don’t want to damage the tree or use something too heavy that will cause the branches to droop. The money should also be clipped safe, so provide envelopes to the guests. 


How Do You Wrap A Money Tree?

You don’t need to wrap the baby shower money tree, as you risk damaging the branches. It’s also used as a centerpiece, so it can be brought as is to the venue and then set up with the other gifts that guests have brought. 

And when transporting the tree, you can put it inside a box so it won’t shift inside the vehicle. Ensure it’s also stable inside its pot to keep the tree from tilting. 


Do You Give Money To A Baby Shower?

It’s up to the guests if they want to give cash gifts. Giving money as baby shower gifts is acceptable since the new parents can use it to start their funds for their baby. 

But if you prefer to compile items, why not read how to put together a baby shower gift basket?



And that’s it! You just learned how to make a money tree for a baby shower by transferring it to a pot, preparing the branches with clips, then decorating the tree.

You can also hand out envelopes with paperclips to the guest who want to put cash into the baby shower money tree.

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