How To Make A Military Bed? 5 Easy Steps!

How to make a military bed?

You should have the basic knowledge of wielding metal ark.

Since most of the army beds are made of steel, it is necessary to know how to handle metal works.

Aside from the aesthetics, these beds should be sturdy enough to endure the military works while providing comfort while at rest to a military officer.

Well, one of my uncles is military personnel, but he loves it when he’s on vacation.

Although he often has this room where he keeps his equipment.

That includes a military bunk bed.

He must’ve made himself in the zone most of the time.

Who can I blame? Perhaps they are trained that way since I don’t know much about military life.

I know how my uncle did when he has off days and when he created his military bunk bed.

So if you want to make one bedroom for yourself, follow this article to the end and watch the result.


Military Bed

The metal Military bed design, which is available today, is a legendary bed issued back in the day.

These army beds are a unique way of saving space wherein you can stack 2 to 3 beds on top of each other.

Although, the person who gets the uppermost bunk must not be afraid of heights.

This bed is usually made of steel to bring both comfort and durability that can withstand any sleeper weight.

A military bed should have a 39 x 75 inches dimension.

The height of the headboard must be 38″ and a 24″ footboard.

This size should be able to accommodate a twin-size mattress.

Well, most military beds already have a made-to-order standard size, so you won’t have a hard time buying a mattress for its size.


Steps To Make A Military Bed

Now, how to make a military bed?

Well, the following steps will guide you throughout the process of creating a military bed.


Step #1. Prepare

In preparing for your military bed, you will have to consider the following things:


#1. Bed Style

Since you already know that you are making a military bed, you have the basic knowledge of how big the bed should be.

Although you have to choose whether the bed will be a bunk bed or a single bed.

Military dormitories usually have a metal bunk bed.

You can opt for a single bed if it is for home use too.


#2. Material

As I’ve mentioned before, military beds usually are made of metal.

You can make one using wood, but metal bed frames are better when it comes to durability.


Step #2. Measure

After you have decided on the materials that you are going to use.

In this project, we will make use of metal bars to make the bed.

Since we are making one, we’ll go with the simpler bed, the single bed.

Take the measurements for each part of the bed to be assembled afterward.


#1. Legs

The legs of the bed must be at least 3.58 feet high.

The first bed and the top deck must have at least a 7ft allowance.

The mattress will lessen the gap in between; that is why it already has the allowance needed.


#2. Bedframe

Just follow the dimension of a 36 “ x 72” wide bed.

You can add the stairs with 25mm x 28mm steel tubes with a width of 400mm.

Screw the second and third steps to a 10mm thick plywood for support.


#3. Slats

The slats for this bed are usually a window type.

So you must cut at least 2 metal lengths and 4 metal widths.

Wield these together with the bed frame.


Step #3. Assembling

After you have successfully measured and cut the different parts, we’ll take each and assemble each one of them.

Let’s start assembling the slats with the bed frame.

Take the bed frame and wield the slats to it.

The slats must be placed above the bed frame to ensure strength.

Next is to attach the legs.

If you want to make a military bed with headings, take at least a foot-long metal bar for the legs.


Step #4. Polishing

When it comes to polishing metal, use a rotary polisher to do the job neatly.

This equipment includes a frame structure for grinding and polishing purposes.

If you can see the black areas where you joined your metal, you can polish them to look cleaner.

It is also a necessity to know the type of metal that you used for welding so that you won’t have a problem in polishing.


Step #5. Fixing the bed

After you have assembled the bed frame and the bed base, it’s time to make the bed by adding the beddings.

Follow these simple steps in fixing your bed as a soldier does.

The first step is to spread the bottom sheet.

While most people use a fitted bottom sheet.

You can spread the sheet over the mattress and tuck the edges at the bottom.

Spread the sheet evenly.

Then tuck the hospital edges of the sheets starting from the foot of the bed.

Go to the top of your bed.

From there, you should be pulling the sheets.

Now, you have to tuck the same below your bed, just like what you did with the foot.

Spread the top sheet after fixing the bottom sheet.

Add the blankets and the pillows to the formula.



Whether it is for other purposes aside from personal or for your military dormitory.

Now, you know how to make a military bed.

When most people admire beds made by an army member or a nurse, they love how sturdy and amazing this is.

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