How To Make A Milestone Blanket In 5 Easy Steps

Are you wondering how to make a milestone blanket that is so adorable, especially for first-time parents?


Many parents enjoy their babies’ first months the most, and a milestone blanket can add to the fun!


Check out this affordable and quick five-step guide that could help you make the most of your parent journey.


We will talk about the easiest way to design, pin, and iron your milestone blanket.


Continue browsing this article as we teach you how to make a milestone blanket in 5 steps and ideas for decorating it!


how to make a milestone blanket

Step-By-Step Guide On How To Make A Milestone Blanket

In making your milestone blanket, the essential thing you need is creativity and love for your baby to see the best results!


Step #1. Designing

The first step in creating your milestone blanket is to prepare a cotton blanket.


Cotton is the most popular fabric choice because of the softness and gentleness it brings to the baby’s skin.


In designing your blanket, you need to make numbers from one to twelve and add roses or polka dots, depending on your preference.


You can also create words like weeks, months, and years. 


You can paint numbers and letters by using a stencil and let it dry, then purchase vinyl or buy the iron-on number and notes so you can immediately proceed on ironing them.


Step #2. Removal of excess material

Prepare to remove the excess vinyl on your numbers and letters. Make sure also to leave your design on the clear backing.


Step #3. Pinning

Look for a flat surface to spread your blanket out.


Position your numbers and other designs based on how you would like them to appear on the mantle.


Pin them in place and get ready to iron them out. 


You can also measure the spaces in between if you want to be accurate in placing them accordingly. 


Step #4. Ironing

Lay your blanket in your ironing board and start ironing in the top row, going downward.


The clear backing should be facing up, and the vinyl should be touching the blanket. Point your iron in a cotton setting to avoid damaging the fabric.


Place a towel or a piece of paper over the top of what you are planning to iron.


Apply pressure for about 45 seconds, and then let the area cool down before you try to remove and peel out the clear backing.


Iron it again and apply the same procedure if you think that the vinyl did not stick properly. 


Step #5. Finishing

Iron out the rest of the numbers and additional designs with the same method.


Prepare a ribbon or anything that can be a sign of the age of your baby.


Enjoy taking photographs as you finish your milestone blanket!


How do I clean a milestone blanket?

You can use your washing machine to clean your milestone blanket.


The critical part is the type of detergent you will use. You must only use a mild, liquid detergent because it works best for cotton fabrics. 


Set the cycle into gentle only and select settings for cold washing and rinsing to prevent the blanket from shrinking.


After this, you can put them in the dryer. Clean the drier filter and set the machine to a delicate setting.


Remember to not leave it in the drier for too long. 


Remove them while they are still damp and hang them up in the clothesline to let them finish air-drying.


It will also prevent molds from appearing in areas with poor air circulation like closets and prevent wrinkles. 


What can I do with my milestone blanket?

Your milestone blanket can be the perfect design for your upcoming baby parties.


You can just lay or display the blanket anywhere along with the theme of your party.


Moreover, you can have a milestone blanket as a gift to your relatives or friends who expect to be parents.


It is a beautiful present that will surely be useful as they make memories with their baby. 


For your use, you can lay the blanket on a flat surface where your baby can be comfortable too.


Prepare a ribbon or any circle that you can put on the number.


Remember to take the photo near the window for natural light to capture the best image you can.


You can also add books or other toys to pin the blanket’s corners, which adds up as a design. 



Milestone blankets are usually part of the journey as parents and work as bonding for you and your baby. However, do you know how to make a milestone blanket?


You can create this in five simple steps by designing, removing excess, pinning, ironing, and letting the numbers dry!


You can be your baby photographer and use the blanket in every photo shoot session.


Doing this will create a deeper bond between you and your little angel.


To experience the best quality of the blanket, you should also remember the proper ways of cleaning it.

when should you use a fire blanket

When Should You Use A Fire Blanket: 3 Emergency Advantages

Many people are more familiar with using fire extinguishers when dealing with fire, so this leaves the crowd wondering, “When should you use a fire blanket?”


It’s essential to have proper knowledge in terms of confronting a hazardous situation.


After all, fires are one of the deadliest accidents there is. The most painful feeling a person can get is from burning.


It’s better to be knowledgeable in this matter so that in case something unfortunate happens, we’ll be ready.


This article will discuss what a fire blanket is, how it will save you from a blasting fire, and how it works.


What Is A Fire Blanket?

Fire blankets are mainly made from a high-quality flame-resistant fabric that a person can use to extinguish a fire.


The mantle consists of two layers of glass fiber fabric and another layer of fire retardant film in the middle.


The material works by cutting off the fire’s oxygen supply, which will make it stop from further burning.


Why Is It Better To Have A Fire Blanket At Home?

A home is a place where most people find their comfort. It’s a place where the worrying stops and serves as a haven from the world’s dangers.


However, some disasters spare no one, and it can happen at any given time.


It’s great to have several fire extinguishers around the house, especially near the area that might cause the breakout.


In most residential areas, a fire starts in the kitchen primarily due to grease or a short circuit.


In these cases, extinguishers are not the best option because they contain water and will most likely cause sparks and explosions, leaving everywhere else affected.


It’s better to use a fire blanket while dealing with these kinds of breakouts. They can be thrown over the burning area to stop or lessen the blaze.


Fire blankets can also protect individuals by wrapping the fabric all over the body while exiting the affected area.


What Size Of Fire Blanket Is Recommended?

Like a regular blanket, these covers also come in various sizes. The most common dimension is 1.0m x 1.0m across 1.8 x 1.8m.


It’s recommended to pick a size according to the potential size of a fire that might occur in the concerned area.


Besides that, consider the size of the person who might use it if a large fire happens to break out within the home.


When Should You Use A Fire Blanket?

It’s essential to remember that you should only use fire blankets to tackle small fires.


When the scorching begins to grow more prominent than the blanket itself, it’s better to use it as a cover while a person evacuates the affected premises.


Emergency aids should be applied immediately, such as alerting the fire hotlines and ensuring that everybody involved in the scene is safe.


Where Should Fire Blankets Be Stored

It would be great if you always place fire blankets in areas where there is a potential fire hazard — like the kitchen, maintenance area, and such.


If the fire is still controllable, immediately place the blanket over the affected section.


If the fire is more prominent, then don’t try to put it out and leave the place as fast as you could.


Advantages Of Having A Fire Blanket At Home


  • For personal protection

Many fire disaster survivors suffered from severe burns and respiratory obstruction.


While there is no guarantee that fire blankets will prevent a person from acquiring a couple of burn injuries, it’s still excellent protection to minimize the damage.


It’s also suitable to protect people with physical disability, elderly, with sickness, and incapacity will benefit from fire blankets because it keeps them safe from the flames.


  • Containing the early stages of fire

Fires often start small in residential homes, given that it’s not an effect of a large explosion.


Fire blankets are relatively effective in containing small fires before they burst into more giant flames.


Aside from that, they don’t leave an excessive mess, unlike when using fire extinguishers.


It doesn’t trigger disastrous effects like what happens when hot oil comes in contact with water.


  • Easy to use

Fire extinguishers usually weigh heavy, and not everyone can use one, especially in a panicking scenario.


Fire blankets don’t weigh as much, so they’re easier to use to protect you from the fire.


Fire extinguishers can also be confusing and hard to control. Sometimes, it even needs initial training to fully be able to navigate it.


You can use fire blankets as-is without the need for further thinking.



Fire disasters can be fatal, especially if a person doesn’t know the initial actions while dealing with one.


Proper knowledge and training are suitable to acquire because no one knows when a fire will break out.


If your family has younger children, try to have a fire drill education to secure their safety and explain when should you use a fire blanket.


Always keep in mind that the right state of mind is vital in times of a disaster.


Place early precautions around the house and create an evacuation plan to ensure the family’s protection.

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