How To Make A Mattress Firmer Plywood? 9 Helpful Tips!

I’m sure you are wondering how to make a mattress firmer plywood. There are many ways; I’m here to give you nine useful tips, just read along.

Indeed, keeping a comfortable and relaxing sleep is essential to do our task well, starting early in the morning.

how to make a mattress firmer plywood

But having a broken and saggy mattress is not helpful and gives us stress about keeping it firmer and better.

If you can’t stand the madness and stress anymore, I will tell you more about making a sturdier mattress.

Is your mattress being saggy and not that in a good state as before?

Just keep on reading!


9 Helpful Tips On How To Make Your Mattress Firmer Plywood

In this section, I give you nine useful tips that I’m sure, you will need. Follow each tip religiously, okay?


Tip #1. Use plywood or some tough support

Plywood with the same size as your mattress will support your bed, making it firmer.

If your bed is on a box spring or any spring structure, you will need more rigid support to avoid bouncy feelings while sleeping.

How to make a mattress firmer plywood?

The first thing to do is, find plywood with the right thickness for you.

I suggest you have a ⅜ inch plywood.

Measure your mattress; if you want to achieve clean and polished mattress support, you will need approximately two plywood sheets.

Place the mattress on top of the plywood and trace it.

Cut the traced lines and sandboard all the edges to have a smooth and swift edge.


Tip #2. Invest in a firmer mattress

Before buying a mattress, you have to make sure it is not too bouncy or too soft when you sleep on it.

Or if you bought a new mattress and you are not very comfortable with it;

Check if that product has a sleep trial so you can swap it for a firmer mattress.


Tip #3. Check the box spring

Using a box spring for too long tends to lose its purpose and strength.

It might be that it doesn’t give you the support you felt when the bed was still new, and it is too soft to lay on every night.

You can purchase a new box spring to have better sleep, or you can use plywood as a support structure, as mentioned above.


Tip #4. Use the right mattress topper

The right mattress topper can make a mattress firmer and much comfortable.

There are many types of mattress toppers, such as memory foam or some rigid foam.

You can choose whatever you want as long it goes well with your mattress.

Toppers with 2 to 6 inches thick can fit well to a bouncy, soft mattress, or you can use a regular latex topper for a much firmer feeling.


Tip #5. Flip, twist or turn your mattress

Many mattresses became saggy because it is continuously using in the same position since day one you have been using.

Flip your mattress so the bottom surface would be on top and rotate it, so the foot goes to the headboard.

In this, you can help your mattress make it look new and regain its firmness the way it should or close to that.

Sometimes, flipping and turning your mattress can make it firmer and solve your problem.

Click here to learn more about how you can fix a saggy mattress.


Tip #6. Look for damage or worn layers

Check the mattress if it has damaged or worn layers.

Some mattresses have multiple layers on them; they compose a quilted layer, thick middle layer, insulator, and support layer.

Replacing the damaged layer with a sturdier layer will do the trick of having a firm mattress.


Tip #7. Try to adjust your bedroom temperature

Colder room temperature can make your mattress firmer, while higher room temperature condition tends to make the mattress softer.

If it is winter and you feel that your mattress seems to be a little softer, then try to set your air conditioner to a much higher setting.

Vice versa, if it is much more complex or firmer, this is usually true about memory foam type of mattress.


Tip #8. Place your mattress on the floor

If you don’t prefer having plywood on your back, try to get your mattress off and put it on the floor.

This tip can be an excellent remedy for having a saggy mattress.

Also, this look can give your room a minimalist ambiance: simple.


Tip #9. Invest in a good quality bed

Investing in a good quality bed can also help you have a firmer mattress

And if you have an old bed frame, you can invest in a much good quality bed.

It can give you a good sleep, and also, having a new bed can be more refreshing than turning and tossing to the old and not sturdy frame.


How To Choose Right Mattress Firmness?

Here are some explanations when it comes to choosing the right mattress for you.


Option #1. Soft to medium firmness

If you want to have a softer and bouncy mattress, this is the one for you.

This kind of firmness can give you more comfort due to its softness.


Option #2. Medium firmness

This one gives the right softness and medium support to your body while sleeping.

Medium-firm can also give you a softer feeling, but if you want to have full support for your body, this is not right for you.


Option #3. Medium to firm

Having a medium to firm mattress can give you the right full support without feeling too much softness and a bouncy effect.


Option #4. Firm

This one can give you full back support but is not advisable for side sleepers.


Option #5. Extra Firm

You can have as full support and firmness as you can get but too hard for people who sleep on their side.


For Final Words

How to make a mattress firmer plywood?

Choosing the right mattress can flip your sleeping experience to a whole new sleeping routine level and help you make your day start better.

I hope this article about making a mattress for firmer plywood helps you solve your sleeping problems.

Being wise in investing top quality mattresses can save you more money in many years to come.

Thank you for taking your time, so why still wait? Start making your mattress firm today!