How to Make a Loveseat

Have you ever seen those couches that are not too big but still not too small? Those that fit right for two people? Those are what we call loveseats. It is quite easy to make a loveseat because of its size and shape. That is why I will be explaining how to make a loveseat; what materials and equipment to use and the steps on making it.


how to make a loveseat

What is a Loveseat?


A loveseat was originally intended to sit as women wore huge dresses in layers, underskirts, and petticoats that a simple chair cannot hold these dresses together. Loveseats have been around for many years since the 17th century, and over the years have hosted many date nights for couples across the United States of America and even beyond. This is mainly because of the size of a loveseat, which usually only sits comfortably for two people; it provides intimate seating conditions for one individual and their significant other. This is why they called this “loveseat”. 


There are two ways wherein you can make a loveseat. Either you can make it from scratch or you can turn an old sofa or couch into a loveseat. Lucky for you, we will cover both of these methods.


Method #1: Turning your Sofa or Couch into a Loveseat


You can create a loveseat from an old sofa that not only complements your furniture but matches the space you want to put in. Just follow these steps on how to make a loveseat from old furniture.


Materials and Equipment to Use:


staple remover or a flat head screwdriver (optional)

measuring tape

pencil or crayon

reciprocating saw

sandpaper (low- and high-grit)

drill with 2 drill bits (1 larger)


upholstery foam and  fabric

fabric marker

sewing scissors

sewing machine

heavy-duty staple gun


Step #1:Use a staple remover or a flat head screwdriver to cut old staples from the upholstery cloth. Then, you can now remove its old fabric. If it is poorly shaped since you must replenish it, remove the remaining batting and foam. Measure the sofa length you want to turn with your measuring tape into a loveseat and mark the place using a crayon or a pencil.


Step #2: Use a reciprocating saw to trim the sofa into the loveseat length and then remove the sofa arm. Sand the couch edges and the arm. Drill holes using the smaller drill bit to keep the wood from breaking before screwing together. Then, screw the arm into the rest of the couch using the drill.


Step#3: Measure the final size of the loveseat to assess the proper amount of the batting, foam, and fabric. Buy the supplies to get the loveseat back. To fit the piece of furniture, measure and cut the foam and fabric.


Step #4: Set the foam around the loveseat arm, back, and sitting areas. Wrap it and tap it with the staple gun. Cut the textile in a sewing machine and position it over the foam and loveseat.


Step #5: Cover the loveseat’s back. Staple the loveseat on the top and the fabric around the hidden bottom edge. Place the piece on the back of the material, stamp it at the top of the piece, then on the bottom and sides. Put the armrest fabric on top, stacking the uncovered areas on both sides. Put the cloth onto the inner edge of your bench seat, turn over it and staple the loveseat underneath it. Now your loveseat is good to go.


Method #2: Making a Loveseat from Scratch


The second method involves steps on how to make a loveseat from scratch. In this method, we will create our loveseat out of pallets.


Materials and Equipment to Use:


4 sets of pallets

wood for your base



paint (optional)


cushions, blankets, etc. (finishing step)


Step #1: First create a base using wood with the size you want your loveseat to be. Construct these by screwing them together, in a diagonal manner. To secure safe seating, attach two diagonals in the middle opposing each other.


Step #2: Screw your pallets onto your base. Screw it diagonally for more security. Then, vertically attach two pallets at the back to serve as your backrest by drilling them together. Make sure to screw them tightly together to avoid accidents in the future.


Step #3: After setting your pallets, make sure to sand them to avoid a rough and pointy surface. Add varnish to your loveseat to assure a glossy and even smoother finish. Another is to use paint to add color to your loveseat if you want to. It is up to you how you can style it to match your cushions.


Step #4: Last, add your cushions that match your loveseat. Be creative and add pillows, blankets, and even stuffed toys. The choice is yours on how you can add dimension and style to your new furniture.




These are two methods on how to make a loveseat, you can either make one from scratch or recycle old furniture just by using simple materials and equipment you can find at home. You do not have to spend more money on buying new furniture when you can make it yourself.