How to Make a Loveseat Cover

So you’re planning on making your own loveseat cover? That would be easier than most people might think, especially if you’ve already created covers for different types of furniture. Even if this is your first time, we’ll explain just how to make a loveseat cover!


how to make a loveseat cover

It’s pretty straightforward if you think about it. However, there are slight deviations from your typical couch covers, as loveseats are customized projects for the most part. So let’s talk about just how to create your own loveseat cover if, by any chance, you want to change the motif of your beloved furniture.


Choose a Few Colors That You’d Want to Create From Scratch.


Since we’re already talking about creating loveseat covers, why not create multiple just in case you want to wash the ones that for over a month or so? Hygiene is important, especially when it’s about changing covers for your furniture. 


Having fresh cover seats that you could change on the fly would be a great addition to your supplies as you can use them for other things as well, such as self-made hampers or for storage! Regardless, having extra covers would make your living space not be too stuffy when the cleaning comes!


Step 1: Measurements


To begin with, we have to measure the length of the seat covers and always add a few inches more to make sure there are some adjustments that can be made in the future. You wouldn’t want it to be the exact measurements because then everything would be too tight! Let your loveseat breathe!


By giving a few inches of adjustments would make it easier for you to work around your covers and not accidentally tug too tightly and end up ripping the fabric. Once the covers are tightly fastened, make sure that they tie up the extra inches or even create a zipper to be covered properly.


Step 2: Easy DIY loveseat cover ideas


Depending on the size of your loveseat, get fabric that you would think would be too large for your loveseat, found it? That’s good enough! Now cut them in half and prepare to lay one side of it facing up that would cover the entire length of both loveseat arms.


Then tuck it tightly into the crevices and allow enough fabric to cover all the sides. Next would be to use the other half of the fabric and wrap it around the cushions until it’s enveloped by it. Ideally, the printed side should be facing outward for design purposes, of course. 


Step 3: Choose How You Want to Hold The Covers in Place


There are lots of ways to make sure the loveseat covers stay in place. You can fasten it up, use a zipper mechanism, nail them, stitch them, and so much more! Regardless, choose a style that you would find easy to recreate and also easily remove if, in any case, you would want to change the covers from time to time, as we suggested.


We’d recommend T-pins as they are easy to use as well as they can also be removed without any fuss. Easily tuck or untuck the fabric by adjusting the T-pins. They also add the additional benefit that they aren’t going to see as much and blend in the furniture easily!


Step 4: Improve Your Craft


By creating several loveseat covers, you would then be able to explore whe best design for your loveseat asandhat would be the most efficient way to make them by trial and error. This is one ofwayhat you can hone your craft asandave more designs for your loveseat!


The more you practice, the better you will be. Not forgetting to mention that you are able to try out more complicated covers that you would otherwise not try to do when you just started out. Exploring your potential would be great for not just your loveseat but as well as the rest of your furniture. 




Stick to one design first, master the loveseat cover, and when you’re confident enough. Move on to the next one that is slightly harder and repeat the process until you can create works of art! Again this all plays on your living space not being too stuffy with old covers that were stained or worse, have been used for months on end!


Simple designs would be best if you want to have multiple loveseat covers and choices—no need to go for the difficult ones right off the bat. Remember, you improve at your own pace!




Remember creating a loveseat doesn’t need too much thought. You need to think of colors or designs that would blend well with the loveseat and your surroundings. Don’t overthink it, and be happy that you have a much simpler DIY until your next one!